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Here's a an interesting album from Denny his first latin album. Thanks to Tralfaz archives for info and cover scans.

Artist: Martin Denny
Title: Latin Village
Date: 1964
Label: Liberty Records LST-7378
Cover Design and Photography: Studio Five

Notes: This is Denny's first album comprised of solely Latin material. And choose wisely he does. There's a few tunes by Jobim and a Denny original as well. Still exotic by standards of the day it's a nice listen. And you just can't pass up that wonderful front cover photo. So toss this one on the turntable the next time the gang is over for some margaritas and sunshine.

Track Listing
Side 1

On Green Dolphin Street
Without You
Something Latin

Side 2

Manha De Carnival
Latin Village
The Girl From Ipanema
Sugar Cane
Flying Down to Rio

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