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it was very hard to find info about this record (i don't even remember where i got it from). it's considered to be a fluxus compilation, containing 8 takes on the lullaby by: doris hays, annea lockwood, ilhan mimaroglu, daniel goode, tom johnson, pauline oliveros, alison knowles, ann silsbee.

i 'm pasting from the inside cover:
"emotion has an old definition: being moved in cooscillation with another being. caring enough to take the time to soothe, console, urge, comfort, cajole - impulse of the lullaby, and of the love song. singer, sung and sung - to become one in the mind congruent with the urges and surges of the body chatting to oneself and to the world. In the desire for peace, lull music is the nonviolent person's basic song."