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blunderbuss 03.14.2009 03:11 AM

The Dead C - Live Dead See (1988)


stu666 03.14.2009 05:41 AM

Thanks blunderbuss, i'll get all of these.

atsonicpark 03.29.2009 07:26 AM

^^^ One of the best bands of all time. Highly reccomended.

atsonicpark 03.29.2009 07:29 AM

The Gerogerigegege - Instruments Disorder

The Gerogerigegege - Mother Fellatio

Mars - Complete Studio Recordings: (part 1) (part 2)

Incapacitants Box Set (which is probably OOP or will be really quickly): (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (part 7) (part 8) (part 9) (part 10) (part 11)

Danny Himself 03.29.2009 10:55 AM

For noisereductions..

noisereductions 03.29.2009 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by Danny Himself

thanks, Danny!

noisereductions 03.31.2009 09:03 AM

Can someone upload Nirvana - Outcesticide IV please? There's 2 versions. I'm looking for the "real" one, which is subtitled "Rape Of The Vaults"

StevOK 03.31.2009 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
Can someone upload Nirvana - Outcesticide IV please? There's 2 versions. I'm looking for the "real" one, which is subtitled "Rape Of The Vaults"

I didn't check the links, but someone posted these the other day on another message board I post on:

outcesticide I
Outcesticide II
Outcesticide III
Outcesticide IV
Outcesticide V

noisereductions 03.31.2009 07:07 PM

hmm. See there's a fake series of 1-8 that I knew about. Then there's a real I-V (the Blue Moon releases). They get confusing. Anyway, thanks man!

EDIT: oops. I tried to download IV, but link was down.

vulva 03.31.2009 07:13 PM

nr, this one?

01) Pennyroyal Tea
02) Spank Thru
03) Territorial Pissings
04) Smells Like Teen Spirit
05) Rape Me
06) Stay Away (Pay To Play)
07) Scoff
08) Love Buzz
09) Floyd The Barber
10) Here She Comes Now
11) D-7
12) Drain You
13) About A Girl
14) Lithium
15) Blew
16) All Apologies
17) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter / My Sharona
18) Sappy
19) Bambi Slaughter
20) Clean Up Before She Comes
21) Black And White Blues
22) Montage Of Heck
23) Escalator To Hell

noisereductions 03.31.2009 07:28 PM

that's the one, homes!

vulva 03.31.2009 07:45 PM

gimme an hour or so, I'll down/up it for you

noisereductions 03.31.2009 07:48 PM

thanks, vulv!

vulva 03.31.2009 07:52 PM

192 kbps okay or should I grab the flac?

EDIT: Is it okay if I post it in a few hours? My housemates are also browsing online, and upstream can be troublesome for them when an album's being upp'd.

noisereductions 03.31.2009 08:40 PM

192 is fine. I dnt bother with flac anyway. Thanks. Hours is fine. I'm heading to bed soon anyway. I'll grab it tomorrow. so whenever you can is fine with me. Thanks, again.

vulva 04.02.2009 12:22 PM

sorry this took so long

Derek 04.09.2009 07:01 AM

Some Fall bootlegs from 1981:

atsonicpark 04.09.2009 10:22 AM

I just uploaded these from my collection, a must for any big Captain Beefheart fan! (also relatively difficult to find these, even on soulseek; never seen 'em on blogs or anything):

This is sometimes called "Lick Me Decals Outtakes" tape but that version of the tape is missing some of these and has worse sound quality. This has never been officially released. Features instrumentals that have never been released, as well as 2 early versions of "Semi Multicolored Caucasian" (which didn't get recorded until 10 years later!) and a crazy version of "Best Batch Yet". Sound quality is decent, overall; as good as a direct-to-tape-recorder recording can get, and there's some speeches in between... fascinating stuff.
This is a short but interesting little recording right before Trout Mask was recorded, of Don playing some of the songs (and some unreleased stuff) on piano. Would love to hear a full tape worth of this stuff, since this is so short. Also has some great moments of Don whistling.
This one was part of a super limited book/etching/hand drawing/DVD (the DVD is Anton Corbin's experimental film about Don, "Some Kind of Yo-Yo Stuff" or whatever, which you can watch part of on youtube) set. It's a spoken word of a lot of the Captain's poems and as far as I can know it's the last available document of the Don in any capacity except for a few paintings since then. The set is completely sold out of course and it carried something like a $1500 price. All the spoken pieces are from poems from the Beefheart days except for the last one, which was written around the time this was recorded (10 years ago). The Captain sounds old and sick but these are still some amazing readings of some crazy poems. Fascinating stuff... Also included is a picture of the self-portrait of the Captain, the only self-portrait he has ever made, which was the main reason to buy this set.
This was from another ultra rare book set. I'm not sure of the info on it, but it was some limited thing with a book that had prints of his paintings. Obviously sold out and if I remember correctly it went for like $500. This CD came with it, and it has a few poems of unknown origin (probably were new when they were recorded, back in 1994) but then it has a few old Captain Beefheart songs, like Fallin' Ditch and Skeleton Makes Good. All spoken in the Captain's gravely, old voice.

Also, as a bonus...

This represents a small collection of his paintings/drawings. Amazing stuff.

atsonicpark 04.09.2009 11:36 AM

that 1972 rehersal tape is so fucking awesome.

Hope I can acquire some more stuff like this soon.

Derek 04.09.2009 12:29 PM

ohhhh thanks!

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