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Florya 01.28.2009 01:21 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic

Fantastic! I have the cassette of the Lawrence gig, but this is much better quality.
Thanks again!

fugazifan 02.02.2009 04:02 PM

this looks cool
anthology of japanese folk music-1960-1976
Anthology of Japanese Folk Music 1960-1976


Text by our friend Dirk (Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll):
Fans of unusual folk music, Japan and songs of pig slaughter, rejoice! *grin*Your ship has come in. Here is Anthology Of Japanese New Folk 1960-1976. A compilation of japanese singer/songwriters from the 60's and 70's - includes everything from sultry chanteuses and film vamps to orchestral pop auteurs and underground folk with electric guitar
Excelent compilation!

01. Akira Kobayashi -Akiras Coal Mine Song
02. Go Takao-The Morning That Sunset Cicadas Sing
03. RC Succession-Sea of Mud(live)
04. Kazuhiko Kato-Arthers Boutique
05. Hako Yamazaki-White Flower
06. Morio Agata -Television
07. Maki Asakawa-Since I Was Little
08. Yoshiko Sai-Did The Camelias Fall
09. Zunou Keisatsu-Wrapped In Sadness
10. Kenji Endo-Youre Always With Me
11. Kan Mikami-Its Good That I Dream
12. Yoshio Hayakawa-Morning Glory You May Not Know
13. Masato Minami-Heartful of Love Which Blooms In An Endless Stream
14. Hiroshi Kamayatsu-Lonley Man
15. Out Cast-Futari no Himitsu
16. Doji Morita-Our Failure


and so does this
ASP will like it

Contemporary Guitar - Spring '67


Text by our friend EJG (grown so ugly):
This incredibly hard to find, influential and fantastic collection of tracks by fingerpicking masters was released by John Fahey's Takoma Records in 1967. Contemporary Guitar is one of the absolute best collections of solo acoustic guitar and has sadly never been reissued.

There are two tracks by Max Ochs, cousin of the folk singer Phil Ochs. These two pieces and an obscure side for Fonotone were the only recordings of Ochs until he was featured on the Tompkins Square labels Imaginational Anthem compilation. Ochs has been doing some touring lately and hopefully some recordings will surface.

The John Fahey piece is called The Fahey Sampler and is a long piece which contains the second part of "When the Springtime Comes Again" (which was en route to "Mark 1:15" (1971) and again in "When the Fire and the Rose are One" (1973). Also includes a phrase from "The Transcendental Waterfall". This piece has not been reissued.

JF 1969: "Denson's idea was to call the record a sampler of contemporary guitarists. So I put together parts from some of my other works either previously recorded or not. Now I usually play this piece as my first song in a public performance." the fahey files

Harry Taussig has two songs as well. Taussig is better known for his instructional books. He also appeared on a few "How To Play Folk Guitar" records in the 1960's.

His only solo recording Fate is Only Once was a private pressing that was limited to 500 copies. It has recently been reissued by Tompkins Square Records and it lives up to the hype.

Country blues legend Bukka White has one track here, perhaps to illustrate where this kind of paying comes from. No matter the reason, the Bukka track is outstanding.

The albums closer is a thirteen minute exploration by Robbie Basho and is my favorite recording by him.


PAULYBEE2656 02.02.2009 04:12 PM

god this thread is so good!

Everyneurotic 02.02.2009 07:16 PM

hey, i'll be resuming my ups of the spk box this week.

sorry for delaying it.

jimbrim 02.03.2009 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by fugazifan


atsonicpark 02.03.2009 01:25 PM

Hey thanks fugazifan, I had contemporary guitar before though; I thought I linked to it a few pages back actually.

fugazifan 02.03.2009 05:23 PM

oh really?
theres so many things posted here that its hard to keep track

blunderbuss 02.13.2009 07:46 AM

Head Of David was an experimental industrial stoner band similar to early Godflesh, and is best-known for having among its members a pre-Godflesh Justin Broadrick. To me, Head Of David is like putting together Godflesh, Big Black, Sonic Youth, Suicide, Blue Cheer, and Swans.

Год: 1989
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Blast First

☼ Head Of David - The Saveana Mixes 12''EP / White Elephant LP

〜 The Saveana Mixes 〜
01. Bugged (2:38)
02. 108 (5:25)
03. Adrenicide (3:25)
04. Bad Times (4:05)
〜 White Elephant: The Peel Sessions 〜
01. Jack Nicholson (4:17)
02. Pierced All Over (4:44)
03. Metal Texas Psych-Out (5:52)
04. Tequila (2:24)
05. Snake Domain (2:45)
06. Skindrill (3:01)
07. Bugged (2:34)

Скачать: BOTH HERE

H.O.D.I.C.A. - The Shit Hits The Fans LP
(Blunderbuss sez: The fans of peculiar post-early industrial noise will like this one)

01. Untitled (19:12)
02. Untitled (5:09)

Скачать: H.O.D.I.C.A. HERE

blunderbuss 02.13.2009 08:05 AM

By the way, if anyone EVER happens across any Head of David live recordings (other than H.O.D.I.C.A.), I desperately want copies, please.

pokkeherrie 02.13.2009 08:09 AM

Head of David are rumoured to be playing Supersonic this year.

blunderbuss 02.13.2009 08:14 AM

I want that to be true, but I can't help feeling that you're just teasing me.

pokkeherrie 02.13.2009 08:21 AM

i'm not.... some people on the foreverdoomed forum are claiming to know about this for a fact:
it's supposedly going to be a promotion for re-issues coming up.

MellySingsDoom 02.13.2009 08:39 AM

Re HOD - I do hope it's not the line-up I saw in 1992, who were atrocious....

....and thank you so much blunderbuss for the HOD uploads - good work, sir :)

blunderbuss 02.13.2009 09:28 AM

I've been trying to work out when I saw them - it was supporting Motorhead at Hammersmith Odeon, and it was not too long after Dustbowl was released. The Motorheadbangers didn't like them very much on account of their using a drum machine instead of a sweating gurning loony.

pokkeherrie 02.13.2009 12:06 PM

Looks like that happened in 1988, grandpa. :D

Regarding the line-up, Wikipedia says it's going to be the original 1986 one that's coming back together, but it doesn't provide any sources... ah well, it's not something I care much about anyway.

blunderbuss 02.17.2009 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by pokkeherrie
i'm not.... some people on the foreverdoomed forum are claiming to know about this for a fact:
it's supposedly going to be a promotion for re-issues coming up.

I apologise massively. I've just had an email from Rock-A-Rolla confirming what you said.

pokkeherrie 02.17.2009 11:49 AM

there's a video from a recent rehearsal on their myspace:

Tokolosh 02.19.2009 07:01 AM


Traditional Music of Swaziland

01. Inkomo Emnyama - Sagila Matse
02. Lutsandvo Luphelile - Khokhiwe Mphila
03. Tikhiya - Sigubhu Sebalozi
04. Umfati Lomdzala - Ndumiso Tsela
05. Intfombi - Gogo Mavuso
06. Khala Gogogo - Elias Matsenjwa
07. Logoduka - Sagila Matse
08. Dinane - Khokhiwe Mphila
09. Etincenceni Kamalindane - Khokhiwe Mphila
10. Longatalanga - Sigubhu Sebalozi
11. Mnikeni Sidvwaba Uyabaleka - Sagila Matse
12. Masango - Gogo Mavuso
13. Dolofiya - Khokhiwe Mphila
14. Mbilibhi - Khokhiwe Mphila
15. Ematjotjombela - Ndumiso Tsela
16. Nyosi Matsatsela - Sagila Matse


Savage Clone 02.23.2009 01:08 PM

For those few who share my tolerance and/or enthusiasm for a certain age of Overblown Progressive Rock from the Continent, I give you..

Museo Rosenbach - Zarathustra


(I found a copy of this at work, and it is currently going at auction for nearly 500 bucks, with over 40 people watching and several hours to go. Holy moley. I like it and everything, but I am not at that level of Kollektordom, so after enjoying the original a couple of times, the download will have to suffice)

MUSEO ROSENBACH are maybe the best example out of so many legendary italian bands,that released only one album in their career and then suddenly disappeared.Formed around 1971/72 in Bordighera,in the region of Liguria,the band came out of the ashes of two fusion acts from San Remo,Il Sistema and La Quinta Strada.In 1973 MUSEO ROSENBACH released their first and only album called Zarathustra under ''Ricordi'' label...and this is a pure masterpiece of progressive rock!Not accidentaly this album is considered by many specialists as the best prog album ever to come out from Italy and one of the best outside UK!The album is dominated by the A-side self-titled 20 min.suite,which is characterized by the harsh voice and stunning performance of Stefano Califi,the classical influences of the band through Pit Corradi's keyboards (Hammond organ and mellotron),the jazzy rhythm section consisted of Alberto Moreno (bass,piano) and Giancarlo Golzi (drums),the hard guitars of Enzo Moreno and the endless changing themes,rhythms and moods!An absolute dark yet beautiful masterwork!Side-B contains also three shorter tracks that follow the same vein,hard rock pieces of music filled with symphonic keyboards,aggresive vocals and jazz/fusion interplays!However,''Zarathustra'' didn't earn much attention at the time of its release,mainly due to the frightful cover,the lyrics of the album coming from Nietzsche's ''Superman theory'' and the image of Mussolini in the LP collage...As for my personal recommendations...I have no words to recommend this album highly enough!...A unbelievable music experience and a progressive rock classic!

Savage Clone 02.23.2009 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by The guy who wishes he actually owned the LPs he puts up for auction on a daily basis
(I found a copy of this at work, and it is currently going at auction for nearly 500 bucks, with over 40 people watching and several hours to go. Holy moley. I like it and everything, but I am not at that level of Kollektordom, so after enjoying the original a couple of times, the download will have to suffice)

So this auction just ended. The thing went for $1009.00. Whoa.
I thought $550-600 would be about it for this one. Don't mess with the Japanese! I've only ever sold four LPs that went into four figures, and sadly none of them were from my personal collection. Still, it was fun to see the numbers go crazy in the last few seconds.

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