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stu666 10.22.2008 01:15 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
Merzbow & Christoph Heemann - Sleeper Awakes On The Edge Of The Abyss

Raw sound material (1987) provided by Masami Akita (Merzbow).
Processing, added sounds and mix by Christoph Heemann. (1988-93)
Ambient noise.


thanks! :)

stu666 10.22.2008 10:28 AM

Labradford's Second Festival of Drifting 1999.




sarramkrop 11.02.2008 02:54 PM

An appropriately titled, thoroughly obscure item to kick off the blog. Released on Alan Jenkins' Cordelia Records from Leicester, home of the kings of obscure classics, The Deep Freeze Mice, and related bands Chrysanthemums, Ruth's Refrigerator, The Creams, Yukio Yung a.k.a. Terry Burrows, and others. This release pretty much summarizes Alan's understanding of the concept humour, and that's not a typo but a hint that this is of the British variety, not the sophomoric, American style ala Ween or The Rudy Schwartz Project. Highlights of the album include Yukio's title track, the dreamy Kennedy says, and one of my all-time favorites, Modern Girls by The Wimps. If anyone has their EP please contact me, as I'm dying to hear it.

sarramkrop 11.02.2008 04:22 PM

Glice 11.08.2008 11:15 AM

All 10 of the 10 CDs of that delightful Improvised music from Japan box set that I entirely failed to buy when I had the chance like the muppet I am.

fugazifan 11.10.2008 09:46 AM

harry smiths collection of american folk music

ruinedbyharps 11.15.2008 10:43 PM

Don't know if this site has already been mentioned, but anyone looking to bolster their collection of 80s (primarily British) indie pop, or who simply wants to relive the sadness of their youth via a Microdisney album, could do a lot worse than checking out

al shabbray 11.16.2008 04:33 AM


Originally Posted by Glice

All 10 of the 10 CDs of that delightful Improvised music from Japan box set that I entirely failed to buy when I had the chance like the muppet I am.

I downloaded this monster, and i am really enjoying it

sarramkrop 11.20.2008 06:18 AM

Thanks for the stuff posted above. Pavement are lame, but this 7'' single might be of some interest to the fans.

Singles Going Single # 75 - Pavement "Black Out"/"Extradition" promo 7'' (2006)

These days, record companies have to pull out all these high-falootin stops to woo folks into stores, or at any rate, Amazon. Nowhere is this notion more prevalent than with deluxe reissues. Pavement's continuing double-disk reissue campaign is a model for other vintage acts with healthy back catalogs to follow. Pavement's exhaustive redos of Slanted and Enchanted, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, Wowee Zowee, and soon to come in late November, Brighten the Corners, are chockablock with contemporary b-sides, Peel Sessions, outtakes, and live tracks, not to mention exquisite packaging.

As if 2006's Wowee Zowee (Sordid Sentinels) reissue, bustling with 50 tracks wasn't enough to seal the deal, those who pre-ordered the album were also treated to an exclusive 7" with alternate versions of a couple of the album's sleepier numbers, "Black Out," and "Extradition." Both songs are included in this post, of course, and here's a little background info I dug up:

According to Stephen (Malkmus), this version of "Black Out" (which is not the album recording) was recorded around the time Crooked Rain came out. It was originally intended for a compilation curated by Thurston Moore, but that never materialized. Matador's vault plunderers found it on a reel of final mixes from the Random Falls sessions in NYC from early 1994. "Extradition" is a version with different vocals and a slightly different mix from the album version.

So there you go. Now all you slacker Pavement completists who missed out on this deal the first time around can go to bed with a little more satisfaction tonight. Sorry, no picture sleeve. Move along, there's nothing to see here.

A. Black Out
B. Extradition

greedrex 11.20.2008 06:40 AM

^^^ha ha the redemption; Porky posting some Pavement. Hilarious; Thanks!

Everyneurotic 11.20.2008 01:44 PM

i can't rep nefeli or stu or glice, but your contributions are well appreciated.

sarramkrop 11.21.2008 05:55 AM


BBC 1970s radio jingles
I’m a total sucker for this stuff.
I first fell in love with listening to ethereal, long-forgotten radio jingles after hearing Negativland for the first time, when I was somewhere in the early part of high school. My introduction to them was a cassette of “Helter Stupid” (1989) that I picked up from the Beverly Hills Public Library, and on side 2, the album contains a side-long suite called “Moribund Music of the ’70s”, made up of samples containing strange radio moments, dull ’70s music and a slew of old station IDs and jingles.
I just love hearing those ten-second-long drum-fill-and-horn-section-leading-up-to-the-climactic-burst-of-harmonized-singing-choruses!!!! Also included in this download is a 10-minute BBC radio documentary on the history of the radio jingle!
Various Artists - BBC 1970s radio jingles (ZIP file)

sarramkrop 11.21.2008 05:58 AM



SKAFISH - self-titled LP (1980)
I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, and I finally located it last week. Fans of “Urgh! A Music War” will undoubtedly remember Skafish’s bizarre, lurching performance of the awesome “Sign of the Cross”, which comes at the tail end of the film; this album features ten equally strange, compelling tracks.

Sounding like a mixture of Human Sexual Response, Athletico Spizz 80 and fellow IRS labelmate Wazmo Nariz, this one’s highly recommended. Trouser Press sez:
Indiana’s Jim Skafish is one of the oddest eggs ever to wander into the shopping mall of rock music. Visually androgynous and, well, unattractive, Skafish builds his songs on neurotic angles of romance, suicide and growing up different that are most pessimistic. Yet, by couching them in sprightly tunes delivered with great geniality, he creates an unnerving dynamic. His band is skilled and supple; his first album, despite all its personality flaws, is clear and fascinating rather than grim or depressing.
Skafish - s/t LP (ZIP file)

hat and bread 11.22.2008 03:18 AM

I've posted this before in the world music thread, but I'm going to post it again because it's just that awesome.



Here's some Sinawi music from Korea, an interesting improvised traditional form, used to accompany Shaman rites, that I don't know that much about. Something very fascinating about it, is the sonic resemblance, at times, to free-jazz and western improvisational styles. The strident timbres and large pitch-bends are always a treat, as in other Korean styles like sanjo.

There are other goodies at the root site, but there's a lot, without very much accompanying information. Look for Daegum and Kayagum sanjo pieces! (English spellings may vary)

If you like that there are a few recordings of sinawi music that I've found still in print. "The Folkloric Instrumental Traditions I & II" (from JVC's world music label) is pretty good.

PAULYBEE2656 11.22.2008 07:32 AM

pavement are lame... funniest post ever

stu666 11.22.2008 08:58 AM

Free download for 4 Terracid albums ^

blunderbuss 11.23.2008 05:09 AM

Various - Waiting To Be Old

Country:New Zealand
Released:Aug 1997
Compiled By - Nick Cain
Mastered By - Bruce Russell
Notes:All material is exclusive to this compilation.

1 Musica Transonic - Damp Squid (4:20)
2 Bardo Pond - Chillam Full (5:56)
3 Mikami Kan / Toshiaki Ishitsuka* - Live At Aketa No Mise, Tokyo, June 1st 1997 (4:53)
4 Gate - The Vulture (5:02)
5 Flaherty / Colbourne Duo - For Edge (4:21)
6 Thurston Moore - April's Shower (7:08)
7 Richard Youngs - Oh Father Soil (6:11)
8 The Dead C - There Is Something To Be Gained (6:58)
9 Alan Licht / NNCK - Polarity (Excerpt) (5:58)
10 The Shadow Ring - Prawnography (4:55)
11 Toho Sara - Kyojinen (7:04)
12 Flying Saucer Attack - Gone (5:30)
13 Alastair Galbraith - Ludd (2:39)

sarramkrop 11.23.2008 06:31 AM

Thanks for that. I always feel happy when I see Alastair Galbraith's name mentioned on this board.

sarramkrop 11.23.2008 06:56 AM

Various - The Sound of Hate Vol. 4

Track Listing;

Powerpulse - The Grey Wolves
Deutschland 1920 - AnenzephaliaA3
Heaven's Light -New Mind
Cacultocophony (Extract) - 33
#1. I - Taint
Factory Floor - Another Headache
Extracts From Dog Love - Sonic Sadist
Gas Chamber Music - AnenzephaliaB2
A Piece Of Wendy - Another Headache
#2. II - Taint
Sense Net - New Mind
Sympathy Is Weakness - The Grey Wolves
Konsumterror - Baader-Meinhof Wagon
Get it HERE

sarramkrop 11.23.2008 07:10 AM

Joy Division - Remains


Label: Not On Label (Joy Division Bootlegs)
Catalog#: JD7780CD
Format: CD, Unofficial Release, Compilation
Released: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: New Wave, Indie Rock
Notes: Bootleg issue subtitled 'A collection of rare material not found on the 'Heart And Soul' box set'.

Tracks 1-5: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 18/7/1977 (Warsaw demos)
Track 6: Live Manchester, Electric Circus 2/10/1977 (from Virgin 'Short Circuit' compilation)
Tracks 7-10: Arrow Studios, Manchester 3/5/1978 (RCA album sessions)
Tracks 11-14: Arrow Studios, Manchester 4/5/1978 (RCA album sessions)
Track 15: Granada Studio 2, "Granada Reports", Granada TV 20/9/1978
Track 16: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 4/6/1979 (Piccadilly Radio session)
Tracks 17-18: Central Sound Studios, Manchester 7/1979 (First 'Transmission' session)
Tracks 19-20: BBC TV Studios, Manchester, "Something Else" BBC 2 TV 15/9/1979
Tracks 21-22: Live Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, 11/1/1980
Track 23: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 1/1980 (original single B-side version)

1 Inside The Line
2 Gutz
3 At A Later Date
4 The Kill
5 You're No Good For Me
6 At A Later Date
7 Leaders Of Men
8 Walked In Line
9 Failures
10 Novelty
11 No Love Lost
12 Transmission
13 Ice Age
14 Warsaw
15 Shadowplay
16 Atrocity
17 Something Must Break
18 Transmission
19 She's Lost Control
20 Transmission
21 Passover
22 New Dawn Fades
23 Love Will Tear Us Apart

Download [98.1MB WinRAR. MP3's @ 192kBit/s]

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