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jico. 07.23.2007 12:23 PM


Nurse With Wound - Insect And Individual Silenced

The album was recorded in 1981 with core member Steven Stapleton being joined by drummer Trevor Reidy and J. G. Thirlwell of Foetus. Reidy and Thirlwell worked in the same Virgin store in London at the time and met Stapleton there. The album, however, is best known for Stapleton's outright hatred of its contents. He told David Keenan that the album was "dreadful" and "a pile of shit", stating that "making that record was the worst mistake of my life". Keenan declares the record to be nowhere near as bad as Stapleton suggests but agrees that it is a less disciplined album than those immediately surrounding it. Stapleton also advised Keenan that he had burned the mastertapes. The album was originally pressed in an edition of 1000 with a small overrun of 10 copies coming in handmade sleeves on United Dairies (UD08). A cassette edition (UDT08) was issued at the same time. However, around 1987, the United Dairies catalogue began to describe this as a "remix". Some sources declare that this edition is drastically reworked. If this is the case, then the exact date at which Stapleton destroyed the tapes may be moot. All CD editions are bootlegs.

Tracks :

1. Alvin's Funeral (The Milk Was Delivered In Black Bottles)
2. Absent Old Queen Underfoot
3. Mutilés De Guerre


fuck... amazing blog... go there, i advise you that it might took awhile to leave...

organum, nww, smegma, throbbing gristle, etc. etc. also... some great fucking compilation tapes

sarramkrop 07.23.2007 12:27 PM

That's a good blog, I've known it for some time. They rarely post stuff that isn't interesting at the very least.

jico. 07.23.2007 12:34 PM

yes indeed.

oh man... i was just looking for some jackman's... and started stepping in all these gems...

sarramkrop 07.24.2007 05:30 AM

Naked City bootleg #2


Live in Hamburg 3/5/1992

sarramkrop 07.24.2007 07:12 AM

Love, Peace & Poetry - Japanese Psychedelic, 1968-1971

01. The Happenings Four - Happenings theme
02. Foodbrain - Liver juice vending machine
03. Apryl Fool - Tomorrow's child
04. Speed,Glue & Shinki - Run & Hide
05. Yuya Uchida & The Flowers - HIdariashi No Otoko
06. Blues Creation - Brane Buster
07. Shinki Chen - Freedom of a mad paper lantern
08. Jacks - Gloomy flower
09. Tokedashita Garasubako - Kimi Ha Darenanda
10. Justin Heathcliff - You all should think more
11. Speed,Glue & Shinki - Keep it cool
12. Apryl Fool - The lost mother land
13. Masahiko Sato & Sound Brakers - A white dove in disguise
14. Kuni Kawachi & Friends - Kirikyogen
15. The Mops - Asamade Matenai
16. Beavers - Koishite Aishite
17. The Happenings Four - I want you


[Part 1] [Part 2]

320 kbps


jimbrim 07.24.2007 09:01 AM

^^^ Awesome stuff, thanks a lot.

jico. 07.24.2007 09:28 AM

Urabe / Hasegawa duo


Masayoshi Urabe, Hiroshi Hasegawa
Duo 88
(Siwa Records Siwa 4 – 1999)

Side A (22:25)
Masayoshi Urabe: alto saxophone.
Hiroshi Hasegawa: voice

Side B (16:42)
Masayoshi Urabe: harmonica, percussion, alto saxophone, whistle.
Hiroshi Hasegawa: voice


Credits & thanks:
Rip, scans & notes: Flux’us
Inspiration: Flux’us & the blindfolded

* * *

church music indeed

Here’s another one from the BF test… Although this Flaherty Corsano album was only released (in an edition of 400) about 18 months ago, it was sold out at source within two weeks and most likely it is out of print and unavailable. Somehow these managed to find their way to Flux’us collection. So it is extremely good he’s with us, willing and able to share them.

Flaherty’s discography is not as small as one might think, but it seems as though albums don’t get re-issued once they disappear. Some are still in-print and could be located without much effort. Corsano’s work on the other hand is pretty much available, with this record being an exception.


[color=#29303b]Flaherty Corsano Duo
Full Bottle
(Ultra Eczema 31 - 2005)

1. Snakes & Rattles (16:02)
2. Blanket Bombing (11:26)
3. Church Music (6:49)

Paul Flaherty: tenor & alto sax
Chris Corsano: drums


Credits & thanks
Rip, scans & notes: Flux’us
Inspiration: Flux’us & the blindfolded

* * *

more bf test stuff...


Mochizuki Harutaka
Solo Improvisations
(cnonc 02 – 2004)

CDR, Limited hand numbered edition of 50 copies

1. Song – 25/06/2004
2. Alto Sax – 19/06/2004
3. Song + Piano – 26/06/2004
4. Harmonica – 26/06/2004
5. Song + Piano – 26/06/2004

Mochizuki Harutaka: all instruments and voice


Credits & thanks
Rip, scans & notes: Flux’us
Inspiration: Flux’us & the blindfolded

* * *



Paul Flaherty / Randall Colbourne / Stephen Scholz
(Cadence Jazz Records – CJR 1046 LP)

Side A
1. In The Beginning... (1:42)
2. Naked Minds (4:12)
3. Free Devotion (6:59)*
4. Search (6:36)
5. Strength (5:33)*

Side B
6. The Unrepressed (4:18)*
7. Deep Inside (7:30)
8. Honesty (5:24)
9. Tortured Souls (5:19)*

Paul Flaherty: alto & soprano saxes
Randall Colbourne: drums
Stephen G. Scholz: violin on (*)

Recorded January 21, 1990
All tracks by Flaherty / Colbourne
Except (*) Flaherty / Colbourne / Scholz


Credits & thanks
Rip & inspiration: Flux’us
Flaherty photograph: john rogers
(no permission asked, hope he doesn’t mind)

* * *

Tokolosh 07.24.2007 10:35 AM

Wow! This thread has amazing stuff since yesterday. Again.
Thanks to both of you!

sonicl 07.24.2007 03:03 PM

Tracklist: (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn / King Ink / Zoo Music Girl / Loose / Ho Ho / The Plague / Scatterbrain / The Friend Catcher / Dead Joe / After The Fireworks / After, After The Fireworks.

Recording info: First 4 tracks were recorded live in London @ The Venue on 26-Nov-81. Mixed by Tony Cohen @ AAV Studio II in Melbourne in Jan-82. "Ho Ho" is an alternate take with Nick Cave on vocals from the "Prayers On Fire" sessions, "The Plague" is Tracy Pew's only composition and a left over from the (Boys Next Door) "Hee Haw" 12" sessions, "Scatterbrain" is from a (Boys Next Door) gig give-away 7", "The Friend Catcher" is a demo from the (Boys Next Door) "The Friend Catcher" sessions, "Dead Joe" is the 2nd version (same as Masterbag flexi) from the UK "Junkyard" sessions, "After The Fireworks" & "After,After The Fireworks" were recorded in Feb-82 in Melbourne @ the AAV studios (without Tracy Pew & Phill Calvert, with Grant McLennan, Robert Forster & Lindy Morrison) and originally released as Tuff Monks on Au-Go-Go records in 1982. All engineered by Tony Cohen.

Missing Link records -LINK 29 CD (AU,1994)

jico. 07.24.2007 10:25 PM

sonicl, to asnwer your previous question and for the purpose you were suggesting, i like sharebee, because they distribute your upload to several fileservers and that increases the chances that at least one of them will still work after a long period of time.

sonicl 07.25.2007 03:13 AM


Originally Posted by jico.
sonicl, to asnwer your previous question and for the purpose you were suggesting, i like sharebee, because they distribute your upload to several fileservers and that increases the chances that at least one of them will still work after a long period of time.

Thanks - but too late!

jico. 07.25.2007 04:45 AM


Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, & Han Bennink — The Topography of the Lungs (1970, Incus Records LP; 2006, Psi CD, U.K.)


Here’s some more Bailey & Parker, but w/ the nice addition of percussionist Han Bennink. Different from “Arch Duo” obviously because of the addition of percussion, but also this session has a more rolling feel to it that propels the listener along into each solo & then out again. The music folds & unfolds displaying an astonishing chemistry between these fine players.

ddv 07.25.2007 08:27 AM

Club Moral Stocklist 039 - The Parts
The Parts - Auschwitz war Wunderbar (C-60 cassette)


A-01 - Listing
A-02 - I Don't Like the Girls
A-03 - Let's Go to the Whores
A-04 - Banzai!
A-05 - Listing
A-06 - 4 Safe Walls
A-07 - Listing
A-08 - Nazis of the Night (take 1)
A-09 - Nazis of the Night (take 2)
B-01 - Listing
B-02 - Normalisation
B-03 - Bodies
B-04 - Overfuck
B-05 - Cageman
B-06 - Marry It!
B-07 - Don't Kill the Cops
B-08 - Auschwitz war Wunderbar

The Parts are:
DDV: vocals, synthesizers, rhythmbox, mouth organ
AMVK: vocals, synthesizers, police whistle
Erik Vloeberghs: lyrics, synthesizer on the "listings".

This tape was released as "GBC 015" on Gezonde Boerse Copulaties (Healthy Boorish Copulations) by Erik Vloeberghs. The idea was to make pop music with the united forces of the great songwriter Erik Vloeberghs, the unique frontman and stage animal DDV, and the fingerspitzen keyboard virtuosa AMVK.
Vloeberghs supplied the lyrics and some of the equipment like a drum machine (we don't remember which one) and a tape-delay to add to Club Moral's synthorium of a Wasp, a Korg MS-50 and the unequivocal FBT. All the songs were recorded in single takes on a six channel Traynor mixer/amplifier and a plain cassette-deck. No remixing or additional mastering was done.
The lyrics are based on long and intense correspondence between Erik Vloeberghs and Club Moral, and they also form the basis of his later literary work which continues until today.

The Parts never played live, and apart from one track on "De Heistse Zotten" (GBC 12) nothing has ever been released anywhere else. The only track that eventually did make it as a "hit" was "Nazis of the Night", which also appeared on Club Moral's Lp "To All Who Are Interested" (Cthulhu Records 1989). It is still a classic throughout Germany and France, and when Club Moral played in Berlin at the Ironfest festival in 2003, people came begging at 5.00 in the morning to play that song. The track has also been covered by the German band "Bastards of Love" on their super rare vinyl "Privatvergnügen". "Overfuck" is supposed to be cover of "Overkill" by Motörhead.

A review from "Open System Project" n°6 / mars avril 84.
"Que peut-on attendre d'une association "Erik Vloeberghs + Danny Devos & Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven"..? Tout... bien sûr... si on est bien servi...
humour (?) noir et froid... dans les lyrics d'E.V.... "I don't wanna fight against the system - because the system is allright... Don't kill the cops - they're people too..." rythmbox obsédente... voix aigre-doux d'AMVK... et parfois franchement aigre (!) cynisme sinistre... etc... etc...
encore une "grande" cassette à ne manquer sous aucune excuse...!
"My mouth's my gun - and my action's a lot of fun"... (from "Banzai!). (J.P. Devresse)"

There was a slight attempt last year from Ultra Eczema to re-release The Parts on vinyl, but Dennis the Kid with the Small Weener chickened out.

Wanna see The Parts live? They will play a couple of songs live this friday -27 july 2007- at the "Renovation Part III" event, Oosterweelse Steenweg 3, 2030 Antwerpen. Doors at 21.00hrs.
Other bands: Heavy Indians, Miguel Sosa, Deepsrof, Ludo Mich & The Joyous Cosmology. Dj's: DLN, Roggeblood, Even Plassen Tony & Carl Cryplant.

Club Moral Stocklist

sarramkrop 07.25.2007 08:29 AM

Thank you, and welcome.

jico. 07.26.2007 06:48 AM

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Mr. Ondioline (1960)


Discogs Notes: The text on the sleeve's back explains the basics of overdubbing & multitrack recording, and mentions Georges Jenny as builder of the Ondioline, a "multiple-formant" electronic instrument.

Label: Pacific (France)
Catalog#: 90.338 B
Format: Vinyl, EP, 45 RPM
Pays: France
Année: 1960

Style: Ondioline - Prehistory of electronic music!

01 Parade des soldats de bois
02 Gavotte des vers luisants
03 Le siffleur et son chien
04 Nola


Renaming note : error on track 3... rename it "Le siffleur et son chien"

Publié par Thundard à l'adresse 17:23 1 commentaires
Libellés : 1960


demonrail666 07.26.2007 08:43 AM


Hard to find debut mini album. And yes, that really is Cristina Martinez on the cover!

The songs aren't bad either.

Florya 07.26.2007 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by ddv

Hey DDV!!
Great to see you here, spreading the virus that is Club Moral!

jico. 07.26.2007 06:14 PM

Lemon Kittens - We Buy A Hammer For Daddy


Side A named K
Side B named L

K1 Pain Topics (4:24)
K2 Reversal 2 (2:34)
K3 These Men Of Old England (2:25)
K4 Wrist Job / Once Green And Pleasant Land (2:45)
K5 Lycanthrothene (3:06)
K6 Motet (3:10)
K7 Throat Violence (2:28)
K8 False Alarm (Malicious) (1:58)
L1 P.V.S (1:55)
L2 Small Mercies (2:03)
L3 Coasters (3:48)
L4 Up In Arms (2:34)
L5 The American Cousin (1:50)
L6 Evidence (2:25)
L7 Rome Burning (1:31)
L8 (Afraid Of Being) Bled By Leeches (2:14)


Пятхъдесят Шест 07.26.2007 06:38 PM

Jico, you're like some strange god of obscurity!

Thanks for this last one.

Norma J 07.27.2007 12:38 AM

Ok, wow.

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