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king_buzzo 09.03.2007 04:00 PM

Angels in Pigtails


Released: 1990 Label: Pathological Format/CAT#: (12")--Path LP3 (CD)--Path CD3 . . . [Click on image for larger version]
[Click here for alternate artwork]
Track Listing: 1. Chrome 2. Unhealing Wound 3. Pony Girl [part 1] 4. Blow Hound 5. Turkish Glass 6. Pony Girl [part 2] 7. Hello Skinny 8. Inbred 73 9. Track 9; [i] N.F. Kennedy, [II] Elephant Man, [III] Head of Angel 10. Stinky Beads 11. Pony Boy


Florya 09.03.2007 04:04 PM

I hate this album.
At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was going to be along the lines of 'Three Minute Symphony' or maybe 'The Elephant Table' with such luminaries as 23 Skidoo, 400 Blows and Nocturnal Emissions in attendance.

Sadly no.

It's just a pile of electro bollocks. All the tracks, with the exception of 'October' could have been written and played by the same band by the sound of them.

The only people who come out of this with any credibility intact are Chris & Cosey.

Funky Alternatives Vol 1

I can't even be arsed to post any cover artwork - that's how tedious it is.

krastian 09.03.2007 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by jico.
Sunburned Hand of the Man - Jaybird (2001)

Wonderful long freeform psychedelic/space-rock jams. Every track remains consistently musical and engaging, reminding me in parts of Friendsound, Arica (also HERE), Dr. John, etc. etc. Proof that psychedelic music is still alive and remains a fresh and productive genre. Another hard-to-find Julian Cope Album of the Month. One just popped up on eBay and instantly sold for $100. Here's the consolation prize for all of us who lack that kind of cash.
Get it (@256).

(and yes, the tracks tend to end rather abruptly... it's not a problem with the rip!)

Jaybird is either my first or second favorite Sunburned.......some of those grooves on there are just rediculous.

jico. 09.05.2007 12:11 AM

Fish & Sheep - Double Banana


good local guys, some of you might have heard about them. they toured with
mv & ee with the bummer road and on a sy related note, they were on bull tongue top 80 of 2006...

anyway, it's just something i wanted to share.
the album had a small edition of 100 copies.

Torn Curtain 09.05.2007 08:36 AM

On dime, for Jeff Buckley fans:

"Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk" Outtakes
4-Track Demo's from Memphis, TN
spring 1997

01 Let's Bomb The Moonlight [6:21]
02 Moodswing Whiskey [4:02]
03 Witches' Rave [3:42]
04 Peace Offering [4:29]
05 You & I [4:10]
06 Your Flesh Is So Nice [3:32]

Jeff Buckley - 03-xx-1997 - Memphis 4 track Demo's

sonicl 09.05.2007 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by Florya
Still to come:

You Bet We've Got Something Against You (Current 93, Sonic Youth, The Anti Group etc)

Bring it on! That album introduced me to so much great stuff.

hat and beard 09.05.2007 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by jico.
Fish & Sheep - Double Banana


good local guys, some of you might have heard about them. they toured with
mv & ee with the bummer road and on a sy related note, they were on bull tongue top 80 of 2006...

anyway, it's just something i wanted to share.
the album had a small edition of 100 copies.

Hadn't heard of them before. Enjoyed much. Thanks!

jico. 09.05.2007 11:05 AM

glad you liked it. feel free to ask for more.

hat and beard 09.06.2007 02:44 AM

If you've got it I'd love to hear more.
The guitar playing kind of reminds me of Rudolph Grey's approach to the instrument a bit. Which got me to thinking maybe I should upload a Rudolph Grey album. So... from my blog:

Rudolph Grey - Mask of Light


Rudolph Grey, Ed Wood biographer/guitar noise genius, released this Thurston Moore produced album on New Alliance Records in 1991 ("Executive production" credited to Ecstatic Peace!). Definitely something fans of Borbetomagus should drool over - and not just because Jim Sauter plays on 2 of 3 tracks.

1) Mask of Light (recorded at the Musique Action '90 festival, Vandoeuvre, France, May 26, 1990). Rudolph Grey - Guitar, Jim Sauter - Saxophones, Rashied Ali - Drums

2)Implosion - 73 (second version). Rudolph Grey - Guitar, Rashied Ali - Drums

3) Flaming Angels (Variation) - Rudolph Grey - Guitar, Rashied Ali - Drums, Jim Sauter - Saxophones, Alan Licht - Guitar

get it here

p.s. For whatever reason you can buy this OOP CD from market place for 1 penny. Yep, just $0.01. I opted for the pricey $0.60 shrink wrapped copy. You can also buy the Blue Humans' Clear To Higher Times for the same price (Blue Humans were an improv group revolving around Rudolph Grey, often in collaboration with Alan Licht, Tom Surgal and Arthur Doyle).

Everyneurotic 09.06.2007 10:23 AM

anybody interested in ssd's the kids will have their say? it's out of print and i have a vinyl rip, i would also offer the get it away 12" but that's not such a good quality rip.

anybody for boston hardcore?

jico. 09.07.2007 01:19 PM

[quote=hat and beard]If you've got it I'd love to hear more.

there's not much more, but i'll try.

Florya 09.07.2007 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by sonicl
Bring it on! That album introduced me to so much great stuff.

Ripping it now.

In the meantime, here's a cassette rip of a comp. called Rythm and Noise that came free with Underground Magazine in October 1987. Tracks from Cabaret Voltaire, SY, Depeche Mode, Throwing Muses, Lowlife, The Normal, Clock DVA and The Shamen.

The qualitiy's not great, but hey, it's free!

Florya 09.07.2007 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by sonicl
Bring it on! That album introduced me to so much great stuff.

OK. Here it is.

You Bet We've Got Something Against You (Cathexis Records 1985)

Princess Tinymeat, Current 93, The Anti Group, Band of Holy Joy, Mark Stewart and The Maffia etc.

There a couple of glitches during the Jackhammer 5 track, but it's vinyl, it's old, and it's always sounded like that.

The Dave Howard Singers rule!

sarramkrop 09.12.2007 04:33 AM



Hiroshi Watanabe's Star Dust Orchestra Mood in Japan 10" (Nivico, 1964)

It is probably no surprise that when I am out looking for records I am buying them blind. Often I have no idea what the hell I am picking up, other than what the record cover betrays to me. In the case of Mood in Japan, I knew two things: It was Japanese and it was a 10" record. It was also cheap enough to take a chance.

I brought it home and was treated to some very cool sounds, what I thought was Japanese noir. Good enough for me and the songs exceptional enough to post here. Then I started doing some research. Hiroshi Watanabe's name was pretty much a no go. Seems that he was just one of many orchestra leaders in Japan during the 1950s & 60s, not remarkable enough for anyone to post something about him in English. There was one more name associated with this record, the arranger Tak Shindo. So I do a search for Tak Shindo and I find a great article called "Representing the Authentic: Tak Shindo's "Exotic Sound" and Japanese American History". Now I don't know about you, but when I come across an article like that about a record I am curious about my heart starts to flutter.

I am not going to run through the details of Tak Shindo's career but I will point out a few things: Shindo's music is not Japanese noir, in that it is jazz influenced big band music with noir overtones made by Japanese composers. For that to be so, Shindo would have had to have been Japanese. He wasn't he was Japanese American, born in the United States in the 1920s (in my hometown of Sacramento!) and raised in Los Angeles and Manzanar Relocation Camp. After a brief stint in the US Army, he started working as a film composer, scoring music for Tokyo Joe, Sayonara, and Escapade in Japan, as well as TV shows like Gunsmoke. He backed Rod McKuen on the classic album The Yellow Unicorn and made a series of exotica records. He taught at UCLA and made a documentary on his experience in Manzanar (Encounter with the Past), as well as composed music for the Okinawa Peace Memorial. And he worked in Vegas composing for Siegfried & Roy.

But all that would be just a nice story if not for his music, a very cool noir jazz sound with Japanese rhythmic parts. Recorded in 1964 and released only in Japan, Mood in Japan is ten songs of greatness. There is a nice dark tone to the songs that does not sacrifice the swing. Enjoy.

Tokyo Ondo
Tokyo Koshinkyuko
Ohyakudo Koisan
Trade Wind

sarramkrop 09.13.2007 06:33 AM

Sponge - Relation Between A Production Of Images And The Flesh In A State Of Consciousness


this is one of those incredibly little-known japanoise collaborations. the particulars listed as being "Sponge" are:

Yoshifumi Okuyama
Yutaka Hayami
Hisashi Tanaka
Katsuji Yamauchi

but all four of those are the names of prominent japanese businessmen/doctors. i have it on good faith that the members actually are:

Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokaidan)
Junko Hiroshige (Hijokaidan)
Masami Akita (Merzbow)
Yamazaki Takushi (Masonna)

how could it not be good? anyway, this is the only release they ever did as far as i know. it's super limited by itself, but there is an even rarer version spattered with blood and with a scalpel blade inlaid in the cover.

01: Consideration 1
02: Consideration 2

mutilated schoolgirls

sarramkrop 09.13.2007 06:43 AM

All Dolled Up:




Here's another rare and unique record originally released in 1970. It features acclaimed Japanese actress Kumiko Akiyoshi on vocals and the legendary Yonin Bayashi as her backup band. The music they create together has a nice mellow feeling, with an emphasis on childlike melodies and a few influences of traditional Japanese folk songs. Much of this record is quite beautiful. Towards the second side of the record, it gets a little stranger with a few tracks dedicated to Akiyoshi's telephone conversations with people. In a few calls, she is friendly and is making conversation concerning a date or appointment with friend/lover. In other conversations, she is heard dealing with a stalker of some sort. Strange stuff...but it makes the album as a whole all the more an intriguing listen.

Fans of Morita Douji, Yonin Bayashi, Ike Reiko (and other selection from the fascinating Pinky Violence re-issue series) should find much to enjoy here. And isn't that a great cover?

Find it HERE

sarramkrop 09.13.2007 09:04 AM

Philip Jeck~Tokyo Live:


By request, here's some more Philip Jeck. This is a live recording that took place on February 20th, 2000 at the ICC in Tokyo, Japan and was issued in a super limited edition on Cd-r from Touch Records. Jeck seems to be playing many of the same records that he used in the Vinyl Coda IV album that i posted last month and it's kind of fun to try and pick out his sources here.

Philip Jeck works with the precious sounds of crackling of vinyl and sampling bits and pieces of music that he layers into some impressive sound sculptures. The result is quite lovely and sometimes eerie. Probably best if played loudly in a dark room while watching Twin Peaks on the television.


floatingslowly 09.13.2007 09:39 PM

The Jackofficers


The Jackofficers was a side project started by Gibby Haynes and Jeff Pinkus of the Butthole Surfers. They released their only album, Digital Dump, in 1990 and disbanded the same year following a brief club tour that found them simply hitting play on a walkman and standing there while it played. The music consisted entirely of samples manipulated and mixed on early computer software and f/x. Samples range from Jimi Hendrix spoken words to The Texax Chainsaw Massacre.

1. Love-O-Maniac
2. Time Machines Pt.1
3. Time Machines Pt.2
4. L.A. Mama Peanut Butter
5. Do It
6. Swingers Club
7. Ventricular Refibulation
8. #6
9. Don't Touch That
10. An Hawaiian Christmas Song
11. Flush

(I'm really starting to wonder if I posted this before, but the search function sucks here, so if I have, deal with it)

sonicl 09.18.2007 03:37 PM



"1985 - 86. Yet more dross and drivel from the corporate claw...the song remains inane, or, more appropriately, the formula remains profitable. They're laughing themselves stupid in those boardrooms...this must be a capital wetdream; all profit and no risk. Why stick your multinational neck into the murky world of product development when obscure little labels will charge around quite happily developing those noisy little bands with their strange cultural references and, as often as not, peculiar political allegiances.

And then...every now and then, up pops a new sound which we, the flacid consumer, is only too happy to spend our spare pennies on. Hey Presto! A discreet moulding of image here, pop star glad rags there and watch those gold discs roll in. Handshakes all around; except in the basement off course.

Anyway, we at HITS $ CORRUPTION, in an attempt to enter into the spirit of the thing, have had our A. & R. people touring the country in search of that prospective SMASH...the next big thing. From the twisting path of the M-62 as it wends its way twixt lofty Pennine peaks, down to the switchback snarl of Birmingham bound M-5 terror and even further south to that concrete calamity the M-25 orbital. Why, we've done all we can. Now jolly consumer, it's up to you. Tell us who we should pour our investment capital into...which band's name will our accountants misspell? Only you can tell us! Why, here the consumer is king (in a gilded cage naturally)."

Nice compilation of indie artists. Most of them from the UK except The Ex and Eton Crop (Netherlands), and Sonic Youth and Ut (USA).
Cover art by Jon Langford.

Hits $ Corruption LP (HAC 1-1986)
1. Blurt - Poppycock
2. The Ex - Choise
3. A.C. Temple - Cold Recipe
4. Tools You Can Trust - Can Of Worms
5. Carlton B. Morgan And The Supernormals - Einstein For A Walk
6. Muslimgauze - Unwelcome Visitors
7. The Noseflutes - Holidaytime
8. Sonic Youth - World Looks Red
9. Pigbros - What Counts
10. Eton Crop - Red Handled Cutlery
11. Bogshed - Packed Lunch To School
12. Ut - Ampheta Speak
13. Fishwives - Thunderbird Knuckle

sarramkrop 09.25.2007 07:42 AM


RLW, faust, bequeen, merzbow, nurse with wound, satori, konstruktivists, lee ranaldo: four years in 30 seconds.

four years in 30 seconds:

a collection of music from around the world

in 1997 the british label dirter promotions delighted and enlighted the world (or at least 1200 inhabitants) with a 10-inch-vinyl-album featuring an interesting cross section of 25 rather familiar avantgarde artists with some exclusively commissioned works, all clocking in at about (you guess:) 30 seconds. regathered on this compilation were the likes of ralf wehowsky (aka RLW aka eaRLyW, more of his music can be found in the KLÄNG part of this blog), merzbow (a 1982 track reappeared on a very private tape compilation and might be found here within the next few years), nurse with wound (more paratopic information in an earlier post) and 22 other as follows. in 1998 the album was released on cd with all 25 tracks played backwards as bonus tracks. this cd release was a limited edition of 1000 copies and is what you are going to listen to right here and now.

01. faust spot

02. band of pain acid

03. rlw kitnabudja kid

04. stefan jaworzyn i am the king of goth! look upon my works, ye assholes, and despair!

05. satori tongue cracked dry

06. beequeen edie's second sun

07. idea fire company none but the first rate workmen will meet with encouragement

08. dual drimon drmn

09. merzbow hummingbird

10. pessary abort

11. paul gommersall mmmm...strange

12. contrastate poodles in practice dress at the battersea dogs opera

13. lee ranaldo first computer piece

14. splintered perihelion

15. incapacitants mutual fund explosion

16. pestrepeller maximum yak satisfaction

17. inversion 1:1 safety

18. business machines latex

19. the pickle factory update

20. east of the sun torcross

21. the shadow ring the way of the world (part 2)

22. headbutt terrible noise bringer

23. illusion of safety center

24. konstruktivist black mass

25. nurse with wound transcribe and dictate (heavy trad)

plus 25 bonus tracks

all 50 tracks are converted to mp3 with 224 kbps and zipped as a 46 mb win.rar-file including scans of cover, art work (done by babs santini, by the way) and the tracklist, of course. please enjoy.


and the bonus track can be found in my wunschmaschinenklang podcast: faust backwards and back to forward again in one seamless and still very short track plus a summary in german.

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