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jico. 05.04.2007 07:01 AM


jico. 05.04.2007 07:18 AM

Family Fodder - Monkey Banana Kitchen


01 Darling
02 Symbols
03 Savoir Faire
04 Cold Wars
05 Monkey
06 Wrong
07 Der Leiermann
08 Love Song
09 Bass Adds Bass
10 Philosophy
11 Cerf Volant
12 Banana

sarramkrop 05.04.2007 07:31 AM

BIKINI KILL - Peel Sessions (no label, 1993)


The most historic punk band from Washington State's capital visit the Radio 1 master. As per usual, you feel the true feminist menace in Kathleen's shrieks, but you hear something far more frightening, and perhaps more exciting in Tobi's voice on the last previously unreleased track. Is she not the kind of girl who's going to make you choose? Make you teas? Discuss in comments.

Side A

1. Star-Bellied Boy
2. Demirep

Side B

1. New Radio
2. Not Right Now


sarramkrop 05.04.2007 07:44 AM

Maureen Tucker: Playin’ Possum

Audio, Garage Rock
Maureen “Moe” Tucker, the Velvet Underground’s drummer, was notable in that even people who don’t pay a lot of attention to drummer styles can immediately pick her out. Her style — mallets, not sticks; no snares on the drums; very few cymbals; all to a Bo Diddley–influenced beat — was even more vital to the VU’s sound than John Cale’s viola, and it’s no coincidence that the only VU album she wasn’t on, 1970’s Loaded, was also by far their worst.
After the Velvets broke up, she moved to Texas and got a job at Wal-Mart, and concentrated on raising her large family. She finally went back to music in 1981, when she recorded her first album, Playin’ Possum. She recorded it in her living room (“between diaper changes”, she says) over a period of six months, overdubbing every instrument, and the result was quite odd; it doesn’t really sound like anything else. It’s one of my favorite albums (although I think her more conventional I Spent a Week There the Other Night is even better).
This is a difficult LP to find, and unlike the rest of her catalog it hasn’t been issued on CD. It was released on “Trash Records”, which I think was just Tucker’s own label. I managed to find a copy at a used-record store back in the late 1980s; I put it in storage with all my other records in a rural farmhouse I won in a bet and left it there for years. I went back a couple years ago and the roof had sprung a leak. Just one. In a giant house. And where else but directly above the one box that had most of my hard-to-find records like this one and a mono copy of the Velvet Underground’s first album with an unpeeled banana and Eric Emerson on the back (basically the equivalent of the Beatles’ “Butcher Cover”). The covers were destroyed by the water and mold was growing in the grooves. Sigh.
I managed to find another copy, finally, and it’s pretty clean, so here it is. Unfortunately, the cover has stickers all over it, so I can’t get a scan of it. I’m using the only image I can find on Google, which is much lower resolution than I would normally use. Sorry about that. I’m pretty happy with how the MP3s came out, though, so I guess that’s the important thing.
  1. Bo Diddley
  2. Heroin
  3. Slippin’ and Slidin’
  4. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
  5. Louie Louie
  6. Slippin’ and Slidin’
  7. Vivaldi’s Concerto in D Major
  8. Around and Around
  9. Ellas

Cardinal Rob 05.04.2007 11:10 AM

Thank-you everyone! You've made this a great day (presuming my webtranet will allow these albums to download).

Florya 05.04.2007 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
The Danse Society - Womans Own (1982, UK, new wave/electronic)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 09:38 PM - Music, - UK, English
This is the first record I bought from The Danse Society, and it was the reason why I purchased a lot of their other stuff. But the Womans Own 12" still is the best. Continent deserves a 6 on the White Noise Scale.


1 Womans Own [3:24]
2 Continent [4:39]
3 We're so happy [5:05]
4 Belief [4:29]

[Listen low quality fragments]
[Download high quality at mediafire]
[Download high quality at easy share]

Thanks for this. You don't by any chance have their version of 'In Heaven' - The Lady in the Radiator song from the Eraserhead soundtrack do you?

jimbrim 05.04.2007 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
BIKINI KILL - Peel Sessions (no label, 1993)


The most historic punk band from Washington State's capital visit the Radio 1 master. As per usual, you feel the true feminist menace in Kathleen's shrieks, but you hear something far more frightening, and perhaps more exciting in Tobi's voice on the last previously unreleased track. Is she not the kind of girl who's going to make you choose? Make you teas? Discuss in comments.

Side A

1. Star-Bellied Boy
2. Demirep

Side B

1. New Radio
2. Not Right Now


thanks so much for this!

pantophobia 05.05.2007 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by jennthebenn


Minna Tanoshiku (Everyone Happy)
i wrote about this band, and this cassette, at my blog at

beyond excellent, awesoma power

Florya 05.06.2007 01:07 AM

Another slice of 80's cassette culture.

This one's called - Beyond Entertainment, and includes contributions from UV Pop and O Yuki Conjugate amongst others.

It was released in 1985 along with a little magazine containing info about the bands.


Iain 05.06.2007 05:36 AM

Les Rallizes Denudes - Flightless Bird

Listen to 'Flightless Bird'

Alas, this is only a stream but there's some ace stuff on this Les Rallizes comp. Came out last year on a label that usually puts out 60's garage stuff and went straight into the hands of collectors.

The link is from Head Heritage and you can read about it there:

sarramkrop 05.11.2007 04:54 AM

Thank you guys. Here's some more:

My Cat Is An Alien — Introducing The Cosmic Blues (2006, Important Records, Italy)


This is a rare, limited to only 300 copies 7-inch. Each copy came w/ an individual Polaroid taken by one half of MCIAA, Roberto Opalio, whose visual art graces many MCIAA releases. This 7-inch was the Opalio brothers first release for the always-impressive Important Records & in my mind works well as a prelude for the subsequently released “Cosmic Light Of The Third Millennium.”


sarramkrop 05.11.2007 05:08 AM

SST - The Blasting Concept vol.1 & vol.2

Ok, these are the first two SST compilations that crossed my way back in the days. "Listen to this artifact. Check out this turntable education away from media outlets, and let these thinkers and performers bring you another alternative to monitor. This isn't a vanity pressing. Black Flag, Saccharine Trust, Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Overkill, Wurm, Stains and Husker Du have carved and trampled into territory on the edge of human existing social conditions." - from the vol.1 liner-notes.

Well, vol.1 is still pretty much punk-inspired and combines some classics like Minutemen's "Paranoid Chant", Saccharine Trust's "A Human Certainty" or Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown" - among 11 other tunes. Vol.2 is a bit different. But the versions of Minutemen's uncensored cover of "Ain't Talking About Love" (Van Halen) or DC3's "Theme From An Imaginary Western" (Jack Bruce) together with Gone's "Watch That Tractor" and Overkill's "Over The Edge" are really worth it !
Get them here:
SST - The Blasting Concept vol.1 (1983)
SST - The Blasting Concept vol.2 (1990)

sarramkrop 05.11.2007 05:11 AM

None More Black:


ANIMAMIMA is a live recording of Keiji Haino accompanied by Sitaar Tah! which is a 20 piece sitar group. Haino handles electric hurdy gurdy, electric sruthi box, electric tanbur, rhythm box, flute and voice while the sitar group backs him up with a steady warm psyche drone that swells and rises with the given moment. The results are very much like a tribute to the warm, organic drone of groups like the Taj Mahal Travlellers. Beautiful sounds that draw you deep into this web.

This was a one-time performance given at Uplink Factory in Shibuya, Tokyo on June 24th, 2004; and was released on the Archive/Important record label in a limited edition of 1000 copies.


sarramkrop 05.11.2007 06:18 AM

Les Rallizes Denudes - High Or Die, Blind Baby Has Its Mothers Eyes, Heavier Than A Death In The Family, Sunset Glow Festival (1975) (request)





Click on images

sarramkrop 05.11.2007 06:27 AM

Third Door From The Left - Face The Firing Squad


TDFTL is a duo comprising of Raymond Georgeson & Kevin Thorne, who met at a Throbbing Gristle gig.

Kevin Thorne about TDFTL :

Third Door From the Left was born out of frustration and thirst.
Let me start at the beginning. I was walking up Tottenham Court Road one Saturday with Jim Ross, a friend from school when we saw Cosey, Chris, Gen & Sleazy (Throbbing Gristle) walking toward us. We asked for their autographs – they were really nice and told us about a concert they had the next week (at Centro Iberico). We decided to go. We then listened to DOA at a market stall in Soho, and were absolutely awestruck by this new totally different sound. We went to the concert and although Jim found them a little too eerie, I was changed forever. Everything about the sounds, the atmosphere, the video, impressed me. I wanted to be a part of this. Jim and I went to see TG again, this time they were playing with Cabaret Voltaire and rema rema. Here we met Ray. We got to chatting and realized we lived near to each other. Raye & Jim later decided to start a band - Scenario three. This band never got off the drawing board, but from this, Raye & I did eventually form Third Door From The Left. I can't recall exactly the first instruments we bought, but it may have been a WASP synthesiser and violin-bass for me and a Korg 770s for Ray. I do remember buying an echo machine from Mark Perry, which we used a lot! I bought a Dr. Rhythm drum machine - a little marvel! Later (around 1978?) I spent most of my college grant on a Roland chorus echo bought from Chris Carter. Raye & I recorded most weekends, generally with no planned "sound", meandering (if that could be used to describe our sound!) around a basic drum rhythm. We found that we got better results recording "on the fly" like this and taping everything, then editing out the crap to reveal...something! When we had a backing track done, we would play that tape, and add to it. All very basic, all very poor quality, but there was no other way for us back then; and to an extent recording this way was a part of the overall atmospherics, a part of the "punk" ideal that was still lingering. Occasionally we would write some lyrics down first, and work from there. when working with the speech tapes (recorded from TV, radio etc) the "on the spot" technique turned out to be the best with things clicking into place nicely the first time, and never repeatable! After TDFTL Kevin Thorne formed We Be Echo. An absolute must for Cabaret Voltaire en Throbbing Gristle fans. Face The Firing Squad was original released on tape by Cause For Concern (CFC 017) in ? The tape posted here is the re-release on Cthulhu Records (CR 01) in 1981. All tracks are recorded between October 1980 and August 1981. Third Door From The Left are now dismantled.

Tracks :

1. Under Attack
2. Pause
3. Ritual
4. Tear My Heart Out
5. In The Room
6. The Party
7. Jack / Mission To Kill
8. Endorphin
9. Erik Dorf's Diary
10. It's Not Us
11. People Like You

FROM THE ARTIST: This album is to be re-released in 2008 on vinyl and later on CD, and therefore we cannot have it freely available for download. (Thanks for respecting requests like this.)

sarramkrop 05.11.2007 06:33 AM

Kan Mikami - 19 Years 2 Months 16th Night (Live 1970)

By webclectic

Artist: Kan Mikami
Album: 19 Years 2 Months 16th Night (Live 1970)
: Japanese Folk

Disc 1

01. Yonaka no 2-ji
02. Kinshinsoukan no Uta
03. Odo
04. Okasaretara Nakebaii
05. Yume wa Yoru Hiraku
06. Okappa Atama no Shoujo no Mensu ga Akai
07. Shouben darake no Mizuumi
08. Shojo Hikou
09. Shouwa no Daikikin Yokokuhen
10. Mashitabushi
11. Juzu no Tama Kireru Hini
12. Kichigai
13. Karasu

Disc 2
01. Imoutobaika
02. Kinshinsoukan no Uta
03. Jigoku
04. Aomori-ken Kitatsugaru-gun Tokyo-mura
05. Yume wa Yoru Hiraku
06. Shouwa no Daikikin Yokokuhen
07. Goshogawara no Hibi
08. Oyamasa
09. Okappa Atama no Shoujo no Mensu ga Akai
10. Odo
11. Shouben darake no Mizuumi
12. Kichigai
13. Juzu no Tama Kireru Hini

Πρόκειται για το πιο σπάνιο δίσκο του Γιαπωνέζου θρύλου Kan Mikami. Κυκλοφόρησε σε 100 μόλις αντίτυπα και περιέχει μοναδικά κομμάτια από ζωντανές ηχογραφήσεις (σε κασέτα τότε) στο ιστορικό underground club Shinuya. Ένα club που φιλοξενούσε μεγάλα ονόματα της Ιαπωνικής free jazz σκηνής όπως ο Motoharu Yoshizawa και ο Kaoru Abe (ίσως παρουσιάσουμε κάποια albums τους στο μέλλον). Εκπληκτική φωνή και λιτή μουσική συνοδεία. Αν έχετε υπομονή να ακούσετε κάτι τελείως διαφορετικό δεν θα το μετανιώσετε.

This album is the rarest item in Mikami's discography, a DLP released in an edition of 100. These are the very earliest recordings by surrealist folk legend Mikami, captured on tape in 1970 at the legendary Shibuya underground club. The club used to host regular sessions by free-jazz heroes like Motoharu Yoshizawa and Kaoru Abe (we may present some of their work on the future). Amazing voice followed by minimal musical accompaniment. Suggested to everyone, patient enough to discover something completely new.


sarramkrop 05.11.2007 06:54 AM

Merzbow - Electroploitation 7''

sarramkrop 05.11.2007 07:25 AM

Fall Apart


DISCriminate ('81 ~ '97)

This collection of tracks, "a compilation of personal choice", was put together by Douglas P. to be sold during the 1997 Death In June U.S. tour. However, the CDs were lost in transit and never made it to most of the shows. Consequently, the CD was then sent to a few select distributors for regular sale. The original edition in a green cardboard wallet was limited to 1000 copies. 500 more in a sky blue sleeve were pressed up afterwards for sale only on the 1998 European tour and by mail order. This collection contains many alternate and hard-to-find versions of songs.

jon boy 05.11.2007 07:27 AM

wow so much amazing stuff! thanks.

sarramkrop 05.11.2007 07:38 AM

Flipper - Gone Fishin'


Flipper's 2nd LP from 1982.

I'm not quite sure but I've heard that the whole backcatalogue will be re-released this year

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