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Florya 03.30.2007 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

Yer tis.

Katy 03.30.2007 05:30 PM

Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela

Katy 03.30.2007 06:25 PM

The Wozard Of Iz

Florya 03.31.2007 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by Katy
Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela

High Weirdness!!:eek:

More please!

Florya 03.31.2007 01:55 AM


Originally Posted by Katy

"Everybody has sunburned teeth."


PAULYBEE2656 03.31.2007 03:21 AM

man exxcellent thread. i have missed this one for some reason!!!!

sarramkrop 04.03.2007 03:42 AM

One of the most frequent email, etc. requests I get is for the reactivation of the tracks associated with the Husker Du rarities post from July 2005. So, with nothing pressing at the moment and the stack of “to-be-blogged” material rapidly dwindling to nil I give you about an hour and 20 minutes of little heard Husker material. A couple of tracks (”Erase Today” and “It’s Not Fair”) were officially released on comps (Blasting Concept Volume 2 and Kitten), but most of the material here is from the Savage Young Du and Up in the Air boots and live tapes/CD-R’s. Best bet is the great sounding ‘80/’81 live material, but the Metal Circus and New Day Rising outtakes are pretty good as well. Broken down chronologically, with a huge debt of gratitude to Paul Hilcoff’s Husker Du discography (flyer courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society)
studio 1979 & 1980
Husker Du - Sore Eyes.mp3
Husker Du - All I’ve Got To Lose is You.mp3
Husker Du - Writer’s Cramp.mp3
live May 1980
Husker Du - Pictures of You.mp3
Husker Du - What Went Wrong.mp3
Husker Du - You’re Too Obtuse/Put Your Past Away.mp3
Husker Du - Sexual Economics.mp3
Husker Du - Industrial Grocery Store.mp3
Husker Du - Instrumental.mp3
Husker Du - Uncle Ron.mp3
live July 1981
Husker Du - Private Hell.mp3
Husker Du - Travel in the Opposite Car.mp3
Husker Du - Call on Me.mp3
Husker Du - Won’t Say a Word.mp3
Husker Du - Don’t Try It.mp3
Husker Du - Termination.mp3
studio 1982 (Metal Circus outtakes)
Husker Du - Today’s The Day.mp3
Husker Du - You Think I’m Scared.mp3
Husker Du - Won’t Change.mp3
live 1982 (included on Kitten compilation)
Husker Du - It’s Not Fair.mp3
studio 1983 (Zen Arcade outtakes)
Husker Du - Some Kind of Fun.mp3
Husker Du - Dozen Beats Eleven.mp3
live 1983
Husker Du - Drug Party.mp3
studio 1984 (New Day Rising outtakes)
Husker Du - Erase Today.mp3
Husker Du - Listen.mp3
studio 1986 (Candy Apple Grey outtakes, all instrumental)
Husker Du - All Work and No Play.mp3
Husker Du - Misty Modern Days.mp3
Husker Du - Just Be.mp3
live 1987
Husker Du - Never Talking To You Again.mp3
Husker Du - Get Along With Me.mp3

Richard Pryor on Fire 04.03.2007 10:07 AM

Great Thread guys, I'm downloading loads of this stuff, most of which I've never heard of before.

Richard Pryor on Fire 04.03.2007 10:09 AM

Goddamnit, I keep entering the codes wrong, how do you tell between 0's and O's

Richard Pryor on Fire 04.03.2007 10:10 AM

Bullshit, now it says I've entered to many wrong codes. goddamnit...fuck...It's a mixed up crazy wyrld.

sarramkrop 04.03.2007 10:17 AM

You have to enter the codes in capital letters.

jico. 04.03.2007 12:07 PM

here cunts,

no record
the nihilist spasm band

destroy the nations
when in london sleep at the york hotel
the byron bog
dog face man
oh brian dibb
destroy the nations again


Jt 04.03.2007 12:38 PM

Not massively rare but certainly OOP, I used to get loads of requests for Positraction by Live Skull. If anyone's interested I'll upload it here.

I also have a number of power pop rarities. One of the best is Plimsouls... Plus by the Plimsouls, which has been OOP since it was pressed it seems.

The Sonic Death tape/CD probably isn't going to get a reissue any time soon either, but... last time I posted that along with Walls Have Ears on the old board I found myself under a skyful of shit, so I won't bother with those.

SonicSam 04.03.2007 07:13 PM

gotta love this album

Florya 04.10.2007 04:14 AM

Greater Than One, (also known as GTO, John + Julie, Tricky Disco and Technohead) - Lay Your Penis Down.

This was their first release and came in a small cardboard box, tied with string and sealed with wax.
Inside the box, apart from the cassette, were all manner of strange articles inside envelopes entitled 'Secrets', 'Faith', 'Motherfucker', 'Blood', 'Energy', and 'Genital' amongst others. You'll get the idea from the photo I've enclosed with the audio.

A strange composition - if you like Coil and C93 you'll probably like it.

Even stranger to think that 10 years later they were also to be responsible for the awful, happy hardcore floor filler 'I Want to be a Hippy'

something 04.10.2007 05:13 AM

all my rare vinyl is now in the possesion of a heroin junkie

Florya 04.13.2007 10:08 AM

Going to try and get Cabaret Voltaire's 2x45 up tonight.
Keep 'em peeled!

!@#$%! 04.13.2007 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by something
all my rare vinyl is now in the possesion of a heroin junkie

not for long, i presume?

Florya 04.13.2007 03:44 PM

As promised - 2 x 45 by Cabaret Voltaire.

Florya 04.15.2007 05:14 AM

OK Next up - A cassette that I rediscovered recently. It's pretty rare - might even be unique. First some background:

Back in the 80's Coil's John Balance and I had a brief correspondence about music in general and the themes behind the music we were both producing. We exchanged cassettes of past and present work. I sent him a tape of an 'Organs of Battle' album and he sent me this.

The first two tracks I have never heard anywhere else apart from on this cassette - if any of you guys know different please let me know. The third is a pretty widely available interview with John on VPRO Radio in Holland.

The first track - 'Maquela 8/4/83 Red Weather' sounds like a live version of 'Red Weather'. It doesn't have the drum track that appears on the 'Bethel' version, and uses alot of the wolf noises that John and Jordi Valli recorded for another project.

The second track is a demo version of 'The Tenderness of Wolves'. It differs from any other demo version of this track that I've heard in that it includes Gavin Friday's voice. It's pretty close to the (Scatology) album version but the mix is slightly different and Gavin kinda messes up the last 'You now the living, me now the dead.'

The quality's not fantastic but that's the thing with 20 year old cassettes.

Hope you enjoy it and if any of you have heard these tracks somewhere else please let me know.

Jhonn's Tape -

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