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stu666 10.24.2012 04:53 PM

It works for me but it is a bit confusing as to which download button to click on...

Genteel Death 10.24.2012 04:57 PM

It worked for me early this morning but now it seems to re-direct me to a dead page. Weird.

Genteel Death 10.24.2012 07:34 PM


Published in 1990, the Feedback #001 anthology blends post-punk and anarcho-punk bands like K4 Quadrado Azul, C.I.A. neto or Censurados, avant-rock acts like Ocaso Épico or Neon Hippies with experimental tracks by the likes of Microbio Cosmico, Hesskhé Yadalanah, VSS200 RX21, or Psicotrão. These bands were part of a burst of creativity in the Portuguese independent music scene circa 1988-91, when Telectu were at the peak of their international career, and with the releases of Nuno Canavarro’s Plux Quba (1988), Nuno Rebelo’s Sagração Do Mês De Maio (1989), Osso Exótico’s debut LP (1990), Vítor Rua’s Vidya compilation LP (1991) or Miguel Santos’ legendary Johnny Blue compilations in 1991, to name but a few major acts in the field of experimental music. Apparently, at that time, Portuguese record labels weren’t strictly genre-bound – i.e. punk band Censurados’s 1st LP was scheduled on Ama Romanta, the label which had just released the Nuno Canavarro LP – the disc eventually appeared on El Armadillo. This kind of open-mindedness is palpable on Feedback #001, with, for intance, Ocaso Épico’s tape loops+spoken words on #5 and rock song ala Reynaldo and the Loaf on #6, or the bass-driven post rock ala Rothko/Tortoise of Neon Hippies. Feedback #001 celebrates a certain Portuguese D.I.Y. and Anarchist ethos ca.1990 with a hand-made cover artwork, a zine-like, xeroxed booklet and the absence of a record label – indeed, the rarity of this disc testifies to the limited circulation and distribution it had at the time of its release.
01 K4 Quadrado AzulJardineiro (4:45)
02 C.I.A. netoHomem Moderno (1:46)
03 C.I.A. netoAjude a Policia (1:38)
04 Microbio CosmicoZippy e a Electricidade na Terra dos Sonhos programados (4:03)
05 Ocaso ÉpicoEntre Barreiras (1:33)
06 Ocaso ÉpicoD. Suzette (3:36)
07 Neon HippiesMetalic Rattle of the Tender
+ Song for Helicopteres on Sunset (3:32)
08 The New Hard Noise Heavy Rock Cyber Speed
Sonic Metal Punk Acid Sound
– s/t (2:27)
09 CensuradosSenhores Politicos (3:41)
10 CensuradosNão Vale Nada (2:50)
11 K4 Quadrado AzulTudo é Meu (3:14)
12 Hesskhé YadalanahLeukôstomé (4:48)
13 VSS200 RX21Interferências em Sub-Etha (2:39)
14 PsicotrãoFeedback (2:22)
Total time 42:50
Self-released LP, Portugal, 1990

Crimson_Pain 10.25.2012 06:42 AM

Not sure if i am posting this in the right section.
Anyway, i'm from Holland and sadly there aren't many SY fans over here. I tried to sell this on a dutch auction site but nobody seems to know what it is worth.

Here it is
Sonic Youth_Tv Shit 12" Vinyl
Limited to 5000 copies


Not sure how it works when you're from Holland trying to sell something on Ebay (America) so i thought maybe one of you guys is interested in this.

rappard 10.25.2012 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by Crimson_Pain
Not sure if i am posting this in the right section.
Anyway, i'm from Holland and sadly there aren't many SY fans over here.

Sad but true.


Originally Posted by Crimson_Pain
I tried to sell this on a dutch auction site but nobody seems to know what it is worth.

Better try Discogs instead of Marktplaats.


Originally Posted by Crimson_Pain
Not sure how it works when you're from Holland trying to sell something on Ebay (America) so i thought maybe one of you guys is interested in this.

Re PostNL's parcel rates will kill you - 10 euros for Western Europe, 17(!) euros for the rest of the world.

But hey, go for it: 0
Good luck!

Crimson_Pain 10.25.2012 10:02 AM

Thanks Rappard!
I'll have a look at Discogs. Marktplaats is apparently not the place for selling this vinyl. The rates for shipping stuff to America are insane indeed. Too bad because most fans who are wiling to pay for this vinyl are in the U.S. (not as much as i thought though, thanks for clearing that up haha)

hipster_bebop_junkie 12.14.2012 01:49 PM



This was originally at their Bandcamp, but it has been removed. An 11 minutes fragment of a live performance, but it can bend metal despite its brevity.

Download link (expires on December 28th, 2012):


rappard 12.14.2012 04:06 PM

Fred Frith - Cheap At Half The Price (original vinyl release)

Mempile 08.03.2013 07:04 PM

hbj, do you happen to have this guy in your trove ? Not getting a single seed to pop.

hipster_bebop_junkie 08.03.2013 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by Mempile
hbj, do you happen to have this guy in your trove ? Not getting a single seed to pop.

Sorry, I don't think I have this one. :(

Hopefully someone will seed properly soon.

Mempile 08.04.2013 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
Sorry, I don't think I have this one. :(

Hopefully someone will seed properly soon.

Both AGP181 and AGP182 are popping well now. Hop on in (again)!

Update 3:09 PM, Saturday, August 4: got 'em! Glad to have helped and been helped.

Mempile 08.08.2013 02:32 PM

AGP181, AGP182 on the Archive
AGP181 and AGP182 are now available on the Internet Archive.

Genteel Death 01.05.2014 11:34 AM


(v/a) - I HEAR THE DEVIL CALLING ME 7" (Drag City, 1991)

Back in the early '90s, when New Zealand's long-gestating underground music scene was beginning to emerge internationally from it's secluded Aotearoan pupa, & before the Internet was seen as anything more than a faddish dial-up distraction, the only opportunity that non-Kiwis had of actually hearing any of the country's elusive paraphernalia was via a handful of enlightened N.Z.-friendly d.i.y. distributors (Fisheye's long-suffering Paul Wild, for instance).

What struck me at the time - other than how remote & hermetic this motley cluster of artists seemed, & how unconcerned they appeared to be in trying to (gasp) sound American - was their stubborn adherence to the already semi-obsolete 7" single / cassette set-up, a strategy of necessity that seemed "charmingly" parochial in an era when, elsewhere, the compact disc had achieved sovereignty & vinyl was approaching it's lowest commercial ebb. Tapes, I should add, had already been dismissed as ridiculous charity shop fodder.

One of the earliest & most prominent artefacts from The Year The World Turned Kiwi was Drag City's pocket-sized compendium I Hear The Devil Calling Me. Released in August 1991, just as the label was just becoming financially solvent as a result of Pavement's early & prodigious success, it brought together a dozen N.Z. acts, each of whom handed-over an illustrative 1 minute long track. Compiled by The Dead C's Bruce Russell, & employing his milieu-defining Xpressway label as it's catalyst, most of it's Dunedin & Christchurch-based noise-smiths contributed bespoke compositions, though a couple appeared to be extracted from longer, pre-existing recordings. Inevitably, this enforced brevity worked in some acts' favour more than others - you'd be hard pressed to get the gist of The Renderers' objectives from a 70 second piece like their titular track here, but Gate & A Handful of Dust's prudent hor d'oeuvres made a (dare I say it) refreshing change from the customarily exhausting attack-intensity of their own records. Throughout, accents were conspicuously "regional", maltreated guitars buzzed & purred, crepitating vintage synths spluttered, drum-kits emulated collapsing wet cardboard, fracturing melodies with dissonance while the production values remained defiantly frugal... a vivid snapshot of that scene's tangled synthesis of boldly amateurist music & art. Remarkably, many of the contributors herein are still making music, much of it better than anything that's been released by any European act in the intervening 20 years, & all of it habitually ignored by our music press... never mind.

Issued in a once-only edition of a thousand or so copies, the I Hear The Devil Calling Me 7" has never been repressed & is not available to download from the Drag City website.

Uneasy trail

Genteel Death 01.05.2014 04:14 PM

Various – LA Mantra II


Barry Craig (1952-2011), also known as ambient music composer A Produce, launched Trance Port Tapes in 1983 when he was still a member of Afterimage, a new wave band from Los Angeles. During its 4 years of activity, the nine volumes of the Trance Port cassette series documented the growing ambient, avantgarde, synth-based music projects of L.A. in the distinctive fold-out packaging designed for the series by Independent Project Press, aka Bruce Licher of Savage Republic. The monumental LA Mantra II compilation was actually Trance Port Tapes’ swan song, as it ceased activities soon after its release. But Craig actually succeeded helping what he called the “trance music” scene emerge at a time when Los Angeles was burgeoning with as many “scenes” as suburbs – to name a few: the synth-punk movement (Nervous Gender, If Then Else, Screamers) ; the “art punk” scene of Wall of Voodoo, Oingo Boingo or the Fibbonacis ; the Urinals and the Happy Squid Records stable ; the Anticlub venue ; Al’s Bar live venue ; the LAFMS compilations ; or the Savage Republic stable.

Along its 4 sides, the compilation covers different music genres, with each side devoted to a particular style. A fine collection of cold- and new-wave bands, the first side features powerful songs by the likes of Psi-Com, with Rich Evac and Perry Farrel, the latter of Jane’s Addiction, or Abecedarians, who will release a 12in on Factory Records in 1985. Starting with a neo-classical, post-punk instrumental by 17 Pygmies, the mood changes on side 2, tuning into guitar-based, sumptuous, atmospheric tracks that tend to carry your mind away. The third side indulges into more ambient experimentalism with radical sound artists like Chas Smith, Carl Stone (who contributes a plunderphonic track of 1960s radio hits), Tom Recchion, of LAFMS fame, or pure mavericks like John Trubee. Sound effects and repetition take over on side 4, a series of surreal, rhythm-less sound experiments. While guitars were still recognizable on side 3, they are now channeled through sound filters, studio manipulation and unconventional playing technique, like in Brent Wilcox‘s mystical Secret of Cargo, for prepared guitar sounding like a psalterion, backward-running guitar and tape manipulation – Wilcox released a 7in single on Happy Squid Records in 1981. I find it hard to listen to this compilation in one run, because when I’m in the mood for side 1, I’m usually not in the mood to appreciate side 4 and vice versa. Otherwise, this is an exceptionally solid collection of musics.
Side 1:
01 Marina La PalmaMi Ni Parolas (2:51)
02 Randall KennedyNever Ending Night (2:58)
03 John J. LafiaQueen of the Nile (3:49)
04 AbecedariansThey Said Tomorrow (5:14)
05 Psi-ComPsi-Com (Theme) (5:38)
Side 2:
06 17 PygmiesMoment In Ceylon (3:19)
07 Rick CoxS P (3:54)
08 Anthony TetiWinter Arriving (4:22)
09 Bay Of PigsChild’s Lament (2:02)
10 Repetition RepetitionOver & Over, Pt. 8 (8:16)
Side 3:
11 Chas SmithBeatrix (4:17)
12 Scott FraserAn Act of Control (3:23)
13 Apes Of GodThe Discovery of Fire (4:35)
14 John TrubeeCrawling Down The Corridor (3:49)
15 Carl StoneWave Heat (3:29)
16 A ProduceDorian Imagination (5:19)
17 Tom RecchionMetallic Bowl (5:26)
Side 4:
18 Brad LanerN-Counter (3:29)
19 Brent WilcoxSecret of Cargo (3:54)
20 Points Of FrictionMidnight Globe (5:25)
21 Peter CathamNot a Congo Line (2:05)
22 An BeneMarch to Miramol (4:35)
23 D.D. DobsonAgua Y Tia (4:55)
24 Fluxus ApplianceAccidents in the Home (4:00)
25 Bruce Licher/Chez VozBridge (2:21)
Total time 1h 43mn
2xk7 set released by Trance Port Tapes, ref. trance 8, Los Angeles, CA, 1984
Download (250Mb)
[alternate link]
. . . . . . . .
Trance Port Tapes cassetography:
1983 Various “L.A. Mantra”, trance 1 >
1983 Randall Kennedy “Scenes From Redemption (Pts. 1 & 2)”, trance 2
1983 An Bene / Pierre Lambow “Sustained Space”, trance 3 >
1984 John J. Lafia “Prayers”, trance 4 >
1984 Various “Live At The Trance Port”, trance 5 >
1984 Afterimage “Anthology”, trance 6
1984 Timothy Leary “The Final Taboo”, trance 7 >
1984 Various “L.A. Mantra II”, trance 8
1984 Various “Phantom Takes”

_tunic_ 01.11.2014 03:09 PM

Grace Cathedral Park – In The Evenings of Regret


Formed in 2002, Myrtle Beach, SC, United States – Grace Cathedral Park keeps you floating in dreamland on a Sunday morning. Their songs are epic no matter what the length is, and in some cases the song can actually last for 20 minutes.
In a sense, they are a pop orchestra. They have similarity to a regular orchestra, such as no lyrics, ups and downs of a symphony, and music that sounds like it was meant for a serious romantic film. But they also carry a lot of pop music characteristics. Their latest album “In The Evenings of Regret” is extraordinary to say the least.
Members are:
Michael Brent Graham,
Kirwin Charles Bell,
Christopher Michael Tucker,
Kenneth Nicholas McNeill,
Michael Shane Smith,
Kerrine Elizabeth Gifford,
Mark Steven McGooan,
Lauren Carol Brown,
Auldman John Schofield Rownd
————– ( Apparently this is not an easy find. Everyone should get this. Musics that definitely burns off the heat and to bring all tension down. BRILLIANT SOUND ). ————–

Artist – Grace Cathedral Park
Album – In The Evenings of Regret
Release Date – 2004
Genre – Instrumental, Lo /Medio-core, Post-rock
1 Play Delicate, Desire Quiet 4:42
2 It’s All Well Above Wonder Anyway 15:27
3 Is It the Hurt You’re Drowning In 7:34
4 Settling for the Broken in the Things Never Forgotten 17:09
5 Hey Pretty, Could You Stay Awhile 9:50
6 Latter Day Love Affairs and Everything Else You Would Hope to Forget 21:28

get it here:

guest 01.19.2014 06:13 AM


Here's a split cassette from This Heat with Mario Boyer Diekuuroh and Albert Marcoeur. Bought this many, many years ago, somebody borrowed the booklet that came with it and after quiet a few years I still haven't got it back:( Pretty rare this one, only 1500 copies were made, great, great music....

Bit of extra information I got off the net:

Line-up / Musicians

Side A:

Acoustic Guitar - Bernard Morain
Bass Guitar - Jacques Garret
Cello - Claudine Lasserre
Clarinet [B Flat, E Flat] - Pierre Vermeire
Drums - Claude Marcour
Electric Guitar, Guitar [Other] - François Ovide
Guitar - Stéphane Bonnet
Percussion, Keyboards - Gérard Marcour
Saxophone [Alto, Tenor, Soprano], Clarinet [B Flat, Bass, Contrabass], Percussion, Voice - Albert Marcour
Saxophone [Tenor], Bassoon - Denis Brély
Strings - Quatuor Margand
Viola - Annick Trehen
Violin [First] - Michèle Margand
Violin [Second] - Marie-Christine Desmonts

Side B:

Bass, Keyboards, Tape - Gareth Williams
Guitar, Clarinet, Viola, Flute - Charles Bullen
Percussion, Harmonica, Keyboards [Maestrovox], Keyboards - Charles Hayward
Xylophone [Gylli], Flute, Percussion, Voice - Mario Boyer Diekuuroh
Releases information

Cassette C35 Tago Mago Tago Mago 4753 (France)

Tape ,released by the French experimental rock magazine Tago Mago

Albert Marcoeur Side:
"Deux Lions Au Soleil" Extraits de la musique du film de Claude Faraldo, enregistrée à Hérouville (novembre et décembre 1979) par Laurent Thibault. (Mono recordings)

This Heat with Mario Boyer Diekuuroh Side:
Various cassette recordings, 1977-78.
Camberwell, Cold Storage, and live.
(Stereo recordings)

Limited edition of 1500 numbered copies.
Cassette with booklet in plastic bag

The Soup Nazi 01.19.2014 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by guest

Here's a split cassette from This Heat with Mario Boyer Diekuuroh and Albert Marcoeur.

Many thanks!

Cunt 01.24.2014 01:28 PM

Keiji Haino - 魂の純愛 (Soul's True Love)


Massive 4xCD boxset of early howl by Keiji Haino, released on his own Purple Trap label in 1995. Disc 1 is a live recording of his band Lost Aaraaf from 1971. The 2nd disc is Haino on his own, collecting solo home recordings from 1969 to 1971. Disc 3 was the soundtrack to a dance piece, recorded in 1973. Finally, disc 4 is a monstrous untitled black hole by Fushitsusha.

1 - Lost Aaraaff - Concert from the Genyasai Festival 1971
2 - Keiji Haino - Suite Reverberation: The Third Heart 1969-1971
3 - Keiji Haino - Suite Reverberation: Forest of Spirits 1973
4 - Fushitsusha -Untitled

Cunt 01.24.2014 01:47 PM

Takehisa Kosugi, Michael Ranta, Toshi Ichiyanagi - Improvisation Sep. 1975


One of the heaviest, and to these ears most exciting, post-Taj Mahal Travelers/Group Ongaku recordings by the legendary Takehisa Kosugi, the equally heavy composer Toshi Ichiyanagi, and percussionist Michael Ranta. This slab unquestionably sounds like the era in which it was created, but who cares. It's the Platonic ideal of mid-70's psychedelic bliss/drone/improv. Beautiful in every way.

Takehisa Kosugi, Michael Ranta, Toshi Ichiyanagi - Improvisation Sep. 1975

Genteel Death 01.25.2014 11:21 PM

Volcanic Tongue is overjoyed to present a career-spanning slew of exclusive unreleased tracks, out-takes and oddities from Richard Youngs, compiled by Neil Campbell from his legendary ‘suitcase’ archive. Featuring tracks specifically re-worked for VT by Richard, Neil’s Picks present a jaw-dropping overview of the breadth of the Youngs project. Particular moments of note include the appearance of his long-rumoured British Telecom commission for their Openline launch, 1979 (!) group recordings that vision The Shadow Ring play Public Image, an extract from his unreleased solo treated violin album, the beautiful “Harpenden Idyll”, appearances by Edward Youngs, Madeleine Hynes and Basque avantist Ricardo Ibarruri and a ton more. So dig in! Big thanks to both Neil and Richard for their realisation of what has been a long-term Volcanic Tongue dream.

1. BT Openline Theme (1991)
2. Roog is Dead (version) (original tapes 1987-90, RY Casio remix 2013)
3. Harpenden Idyll (1997)
3. Jasmine (1996)
4. Living (1979) - Duncan Slater: vocal, Richard Youngs: guitar, Stephen Platt: bass, Simon Day: drums
5. Xylem 4 (excerpt) (1991-94)
6. Gnash Bottom Shanty (1989)
7. Coagulation No. 3 (1990) - Ricardo Ibarruri
8. Save the Happy People (2011)
9. Ring Modulation Mix 3 (1996)
10. Troon, Dusk (1992)
11. Rubbish (Parts 1-3) - Edward Youngs
12. Cosmic Music (1991) - Richard Youngs + Madeleine Hynes
13. Dirge for Tsar Kolokol (1999)
14. World Session Musician (Piano) (excerpt) (1993)
15. Sometimes for him (version) (original recording 1987, RY Casio remix 2013)
16. You are always youngs when you have inertia (original tape 1989, extra sounds 2013)
All tracks by Richard Youngs, except where stated.

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