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Mempile 09.08.2011 04:52 PM

A Few Notes on Torrent Speed
A few notes on speeding up torrent downloading:

There's a nifty little tool called BEncode Editor (by uTorrent developer Ultima) available at, which you simply unzip, open the BEncode Editor.exe file, then drag and drop your torrent file into the GUI. In the expanded list of elements, you will see "announce," "announce-list," "created by," etc., and sometimes you will see "url-list." This last one is your webseed paydirt, in other words, someone has made the effort to upload your favorite Freddie Mercury boot to one or more storage sites.

An example of a webseeded torrent is Jacob Druckman's "ANIMUS III" "(flac.torrent" file) in the "FAST" column at

Download, drag and drop that torrent file into the GUI of BEncode Editor and have a look at the "url-list" element. In it, you will see a list of webseeds (URLs to various storage sites). Note for each site there is a corresponding "" prefix. This prefix engages the Large File Transfer Service at Princeton, further enhancing speed.

A final and perhaps most important note: activate encryption in your bittorrent client's settings, or the crybaby ISP will throttle your speed. (They might anyway, but in this case, you should seriously seek another provider). Lastly, uTorrent and BitComet are pretty damn good clients. The rest? Meh.

Mempile 09.08.2011 04:54 PM

Thanks for the tips, rappard!

Mempile 09.10.2011 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
I used Winrar this time, I think i had problems with files zipped with it in the recent past besides this one. I'll be using 7zip from now on.

Here's track 9 of the AGP111:

Info text file:


.PDF file:

hbj, I downloaded (and generated an ffp from) your Sendspace "Astray" and it checks out correctly against both your Sendspace ffp and the ffp I generated from my torrent download of the track. If you want a double-check on "Clepsydra" as well, let me know.

hipster_bebop_junkie 09.11.2011 12:22 AM

Thanks for checking and letting me know, I don't think another re-check would be necessary. As I said before I suspect the failure had to do with Winrar, or something else. I deleted that defective .rar file, good to know that the files on Sendspace are flawless. Nobody should have any problems if they download those now. I appreciate your offer very much, though.

stu666 09.27.2011 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by afonso




"The three VAULT volumes were issued in a limited run of 50 signed and numbered copies and are now long gone. They included a number of older pieces that were just lying around, looking for somewhere to go. A few of the songs eventually ended up on later official releases in updated form. Others remain obscure and of various fidelities." SRB

Sir Richard Bishop was a founder member of Sun City Girls along with his brother Alan and the deeply missed Charles Gocher. Whilst Rick plays in The Brothers Unconnected with Alan as well as with Messenger Girls Trio, and Rangda, he is best known for his solo work.

He is, quite simply, the greatest living guitarist.

Check Rick here and pass by the mighty Sublime Frequencies label that Alan runs with Hisham Mayet.


stu666 11.20.2011 07:42 AM

NNCK - The Circle Broken

C60 released in 1996 on Sound@One.


No Neck Blues Band - Piss/Oil

No Neck Blues Band - Ink/Sweat

No-Neck Blues Band - A Tabu Two

No Neck Blues Band - Blood/Vapour

No Neck Blues Band - Cum/Thinner

stu666 11.23.2011 12:35 PM

Free Zebu! albums only available for one day...

the ikara cult 12.26.2011 08:35 PM

John Fahey (The last of 78rpm Blues)

Got this from a blog someone linked to in this thread about 5 years ago that ive only just discovered. Its so weird to hear john fahey sounding so tentative and unsure.

John Fahey
"Double 78-RPM record"
(Perfect, 1996)

Some of the first recording made by Fahey upon his return to music in the mid-90s.

"It was while he was at Harvard, with vague plans of finding a career of music law and returning to Austin, that Dean Blackwood made the fateful Fahey connection.

A dedicated and passionate music fan with a penchant for eclectic esoterica, Blackwood was struck by a "where are they now?" feature on Fahey in a 1994 issue of Spin. Written by Byron Coley, the expansive profile said that the influential guitarist was living in an Oregon flophouse and scrounging through used record bins for discoveries he could sell to collectors, after succumbing to an alcoholism that had put his performing career on the rocks.

Blackwood was then working part-time at the Boston office of Sub Pop Records (in the midst of its Nirvana windfall), while devoting some of his side energies to the production of 78 r.p.m, records. Though CDs were threatening to make turntables obsolete, and the 78 had long been eclipsed by 45 and 33 as turntable options, Blackwood was fascinated by this anachronistic art object that had all but disappeared in the '50s.

"I'm not an anti-CD person; I think they're wonderfully convenient and a great storage medium," he said. "But as far as having a nice, dense slab, a physical object to hold in your hands, there's nothing like 78s."

Blackwood got Fahey's phone number from Coley, in order to ask if the guitarist might be interested in recording a 78 for Blackwood's Perfect label, one that could pass as a relic from the medium's heyday. Fahey felt an affinity for the commercial absurdity of the project. "He was always up for something that has a little prankster element to it," said Blackwood.

Scott Colburn:
"So I get a call from Fahey's soon-to-be manager Dean Blackwood. He asks me if I would go to Salem, Oregon, and record John Fahey in his hotel room. My first question is "Who is John Fahey?" After I get the low down, I decided that he was a legend and it would be in my best interest to do it. Besides, I always dreamed about those Folkways recordings that were done in hotel rooms. Now was my chance. I rent a car and travel down there to record for about 2 hours. Damn, this guy is good and he doesn't mind that I want to record experimentally, by moving one of the mics around the room hand held. From this session, the disc was born. Sorry, the hand held recordings are in the archive."

A Morning pt.1
B Morning pt.2
C Evening, Not Night pt.1
D Evening, Not Night pt.2

Very Rare.

Download here


hipster_bebop_junkie 01.24.2012 09:35 PM

Bang On A Can All-Stars' "Big Beautiful Dark And Scary" album, is available at their website as a free download in exchange for a story or a word of gratitude:

rappard 02.02.2012 02:48 PM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
Looking for an MP3 of: The Daggers - Kiss The Girl

If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it!

Don't have the MP3s, but there's a copy available at:

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.12.2012 06:35 PM

I've uploaded installment 18 of The Avantgarde Project, "John Cage", to, was trying to contribute to Dupenhagen Moonbat's Internet Archive Avantgarde Project. I thought I'd share what I have and that seems a potentially permanent home to it now that Megaupload's dead; but I'm too stupid and the whole damn thing ended up as part of the Community Texts collection (Currently trying to find some faq that would let me know what the hell I did wrong):


The lot of .flac files, .ffp, and .txt info files are all located here, in case anyone would like to download:

I guess I'll ask them to delete the files, and should re-try to put them up again right where they should belong, but for now I thought it would be worthy to leave them over there, just so they can be downloaded by some of you if you care. rappard, I didn't see this one on your list so if you would get it from there, please let me know that you have downloaded so I can then proceed to ask to delete the files. I thought I had figured this crap out.


rappard 02.13.2012 05:17 AM

Thanks for the direct download link, grabbing them now. Will post here again once the download is complete and the flac's are tested.

Did some Bit Che-ing over the weekend, and AGP 100 and up are still well-seeded - so I'm probably good there. Currently going over hard drives and backup DVD-Rs to see what I'm missing sub 100.

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.13.2012 01:59 PM

Thanks, rappard. Hope you enjoy. So sorry I messed it up. Forgive my sloppiness. I'll try to sort things out and do it better next time, though. My situation is pretty similar to yours, I have a hard-drive with a lot of stuff but most of my AGP collection is still scattered around in data DVD-Rs, or at least I hope so, it would be a shame if I had lost it. Anyway, once I figure out how to do it okay, I will upload what I have to

rappard 02.13.2012 03:43 PM

No worries about the mixup. Checksums verified, flac's tested - thanks again!

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.13.2012 05:30 PM

Cool, you are in for treat. That's a fine installment of the Avantgarde Project (which of them is not, right?). I'll e-mail to request deletion or that they move it to Dupenhagen Moonbat's AGP archive and see what happens. All info I found in the FAQs so far indicates that archive would decide where collection automatically dump the files to, which I think kind of sucks. I don't really want to go through the hassle of being e-mailing constantly to ask someone to move shit I upload to the collection I intend to add it to. If I'm likely to run into the same inconvenience every time, I might just clean up my Dropbox and share there sporadically.

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.13.2012 05:53 PM

AGP 18-John Cage has now been moved to the Community Audio collection. I've been told I can't add squat to Dupenhagen Moonbat's Archive Avantgarde Project, because no one can add any item to other people's collection. At least it didn't got deleted:

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.14.2012 08:25 PM


AGP 13 is the first of two from the rare and legendary Electronic Panorama 4-LP boxed set in the Philips Prospective 21st Siecle series, published in 1970. Copies of the set sell for hundreds of dollars on ebay. Each LP features music from en electronic studio in a different country. The first two LPs comprise this torrent, offering a selection of music from the Groupe de Recherches Musicales de L'O.R.T.F., and the Studio Voor Elektronische Muziek Utrecht. Two tracks from the first LP and one from the second have been cut because they are currently available on CD (from and in the Acousmatrix series from Bvhaast). What remains just fits on one CD. The included text file contains the notes from the boxed set, including a biographical sketch of each composer and a brief description of each work. Information on the excluded tracks is given in square brackets.

Equipment used for A/D conversion: Lyra Helikon phono cartridge, Linn LP12/Lingo turntable, Linn Ittok tonearm, Audioquest LeoPard tonearm cable, PS Audio PS2 preamplifier, Kimber PBJ interconnect, M-Audio Audiophile USB A/D converter.

01 - Ivo Malec, Spot [1:36]
02 - Guy Reibel, 2 Variations en Etoile [6:27]
03 - Bernard Parmegiani, Ponomatopees [6:18]
04 - Bernard Parmegiani, Generique [2:23]
05 - Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, Bidule en Ut [2:11]
06 - Ivo Malec, Dahovi II [7:23]
07 - Francois Bayle, Solitioude [7:05]
08 - Jaap Vink, Screen [7:39]
09 - Milan Stibilj, Rainbow [7:07]
10 - Frits Weiland, Textuur [7:00]
11 - Jacob Cats, Lux [6:51]
12 - Alireza Maschayeki, Shur [6:33]
13 - Luctor Ponse, Radiophonie [5:18]
14 - Jos Kunst, Expulsion [4:09]

NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, these recordings are currently out of print. If you know otherwise, please let me know ASAP, as I do not wish to deprive any artists of their much-deserved royalties (however small).

Genteel Death 10.23.2012 09:03 PM


Double LP released on their own Agaric Records in 1985. I don't think that this was re-released in any format.

They are legends so would assume they are known to you. If not, for the sake of brevity, I've lifted this from Discogs: "Borbetomagus is a trio of Don Dietrich (reeds) Jim Sauter (reeds) and Donald Miller (guitar) and additionally Brian Doherty (electronics) that has existed since the mid-seventies. This is free-improv "jazz" of the most extreme nature and its not for the faint hearted, since Borbetomagus create a heavy bone crushing wall of noise."

The trio is the core but they have also included in their time (a very young) Adam Nodelman of Sunburned Hand Of The Man.

The Soup Nazi 10.24.2012 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by Genteel Death

Double LP released on their own Agaric Records in 1985. I don't think that this was re-released in any format.

They are legends so would assume they are known to you. If not, for the sake of brevity, I've lifted this from Discogs: "Borbetomagus is a trio of Don Dietrich (reeds) Jim Sauter (reeds) and Donald Miller (guitar) and additionally Brian Doherty (electronics) that has existed since the mid-seventies. This is free-improv "jazz" of the most extreme nature and its not for the faint hearted, since Borbetomagus create a heavy bone crushing wall of noise."

The trio is the core but they have also included in their time (a very young) Adam Nodelman of Sunburned Hand Of The Man.

The download link isn't flying for me, unfortunately... I'm trying with Firefox and ReGet Deluxe.

ilduclo 10.24.2012 04:41 PM

I went thru all the links and it doesn't work for me either.

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