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ZEROpumpkins 08.14.2007 07:17 AM

What would you guys think of Perfect Teeth by Unrest? It's out of print.

Florya 08.14.2007 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by ZEROpumpkins
What would you guys think of Perfect Teeth by Unrest? It's out of print.

Post it and we'll tell you! :D

fugazifan 08.14.2007 01:34 PM

an contribute to this thread.
this is a freakin brilliant album, and i searched and it seems that it has not yet been posted...



This transcendent acid-induced genre-blurring masterwork is one of the greatest undiscovered treasures from the French underground, with plangent ethno-tinged Agitation Free cum Alain Markusfeld acid rock, watery improvisations, dreamy bits of Bo Hansson-like sympho prog wistfulness and freeform acid freakouts somewhat like passages of Love Live Life + 1 all not only sharing space but seeming like the most natural of bedfellows in Sonorhc's uncanny universe. A total mindbomb. Their second LP "Outrelande" will follow shortly.

Get it Here

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Florya 08.14.2007 02:33 PM

Hungry Ghosts - Eponymous 4 track EP

My version seems to have a different cover to the one shown elsewhere and is number 284 of an edition of 500.

Hungry Ghosts were 'discovered' by Steve Shelley on SY's 1998 tour of Australia, and he helped them release an album called 'Alone Alone'. This EP pre-dates their 'discovery' by about a year.

Review from

"Hungry Ghosts' eponymous EP starts off with 'Three Sisters.' A violin runs through some Morrocan sounding scales, squeeze box and xylophone adds to the sawing sound until it's like a Tom Waits funeral dirge. The band are Australian, and this is produced by ex-Birthday Party member Roland S. Howard. 'Africa' is a clanging metaphor for disturbing incidents which go unreported amongst the pipes at the backs of factories. 'Fly' adds acoustic guitar to the recipe, which perversely recommends that this hot spicy dish be served cold: Freezing tombstone elegies delivered by people with life and fire in their veins. 'Love Song' lifts the heavy atmosphere at the end with a lovely workout sounding like Simon Jeffes of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra forced to busk with Spanish street musicians for his air fare home."

Everyneurotic 08.14.2007 02:47 PM

thanks so much for the lethal weapons comp, kawabata makoto, fushitsusha, airway and the les rallizes box set.

Florya 08.14.2007 03:07 PM

Andrea Parker - The Dark Ages


Florya 08.14.2007 03:35 PM

Main - Hydra Calm


Hydra-Calm, collecting their two eps on cd, is the sound of rock losing its focus, the point where its physicality finally surrenders itself to corruption and gives way. It's a glorious decomposition, the dissolution of signal into noise, and the collapse of perception into the sourceless quiver of hallucination. Main are at on extremity, the blurred terrain at the very edge of your field of vision. They're a phenomenological anomaly, on untraceable report as if their deep-space probes have become infected via transmission, saturated with fluctuating static. Whatever uncharted location they're beaming from, they always bring their distance with them. There Is Only Light barely holds its centre, its core of rhythmic pulses effusing into whorls of superfluous noise, a parasitic brilliance fading in and out of range like irradiated particles swarming around their host. Remain is no less compelling, trembling across unmodulated frequencies as is withdraws into its own density. This isn't wasted rock, but the wastes of rock, its desolate aftershock.

Savage Clone 08.14.2007 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by ZEROpumpkins
What would you guys think of Perfect Teeth by Unrest? It's out of print.

An old friend of mine engineered that album and played on the wind tube track. It's got a few good songs on it, especially the first one.

hat and beard 08.15.2007 05:10 AM

more from the hat and beard collection

Yoshimi - Ecstatic Peace 7"s

Two 7" records by Yoshimi (of Boredoms fame), released by Ecstatic Peace! in the early 90's. More Boredoms related goodies coming soon.


Yoshimi - Big Toast 7"

Vo. Dr. G. Tp. - Yoshimi
Special Speaker - Julie Cafritz
Vo. Tp. Dr. - Yoshimi
Special Tuna Power & G - Kim Gordon
Recorded Jan. 1993


Yoshimi - Two 7"
"All sounds by Me & P-we"
Dec. 1993

Hanatarash - Total Retardation

The name describes the records perfectly. Released in 1996.

Total Retardation



jimbrim 08.15.2007 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
Wow, thanks so much for this! I wanted to listen to something in this field for some time. What lovely cover art too!

Glad you liked it! you might be interested in this one as well:

Various Artists - Hungarian Electronic Music (1968-'76)

sarramkrop 08.15.2007 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
Glad you liked it! you might be interested in this one as well:

Various Artists - Hungarian Electronic Music (1968-'76)

You're a total star. I soooo love this kind of records, I have a couple of the early Dutch electronic music series ones, and quite a nice little collection of the Italian RAI tv stations' workshop recordings from about the same time of the one you've just posted or earlier. This is fascinating and superb stuff. Many thanks again.

Bicorn Halfelven 08.15.2007 02:44 PM

Thanks for the Yoshimi!


Tokolosh 08.16.2007 10:13 AM

Masato Minami-Kaikisen (The Tropics)

1971 Japan Folk Rock

another japanese Folk Rock Gem with some blues
somewhat related to Happy End and even to Les Rallizes Denudes
because Haruomi Hosono(Happy End) plays Bass Guitar
and Takashi Mizutani(Les Rallizes Denudes) plays some guitar on this album
best track is imho the 7 minute+ Hateshinai Nagare ni Saku Mune Ipai no Ai
wHich also was on the Anthology Of Japanese New Folk compilation

information on this
artist & album is sparse
and never saw this on slsk, so it seems to be quite rare in the western world
but here follows some more i could find:


Born in Tokyo in 1944. In 1964, while studying Spanish at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies he took off to Mexico. For two years he traveled throughout the United States and Europe. He started singing in the late 1960s, and made his debut with Jyan and Aoi Omokage in 1969. In 1971, he released the album, Kaikisen, which reached gold status but did not follow the folk music trend of the times, deciding to develop his own musical actvities. In 1988, he created the Inochi-no-Matsuri (Festival for Life). Thereafter, Inochi-no-Matsuri in Chang Mai, Thailand also took place in 1997 and 2002. Fall in 2003, he recorded his latest songs on themes like Love, Peace, life, Earth, Universe, and a Vision to Unfold the Future...and will continue to travel with his guitar strapped to his back.

Get it here


sarramkrop 08.16.2007 02:18 PM

DEATH SS- Evil Metal 7"EP (Metal Eye, Italy, 1984)

As promised (check the Paul Chain Violet Theatre post), here’s the mysterious and collectible DEATH SS 7″ from 1984.
I’m sure, everybody familiar with the work of italian band GOBLIN and movies such as “Suspiria” or “Profondo Rosso” from Dario Argento or slashers like “Anthropophagus” and the many italian Zombie movies of the late 70s and early 80s will get the vibe from this 7″. Totally morbid and sickly-sweet, walking on the edge between kitsch and glory. Just outstanding and very, very timeless.
The little I know of this 7″: Due to the bad pressing (or rather mastering), it got withdrawn immediately or more likely, never was on sale. Rumor has it, there are only a few dozen around. I used to have a friend (the same guy with coke and jellybear diet and the “Charles Manosn is innocent” writing on his leather jacket, btw), who was so fanaticly into this band that he spent a lot of money in buying off all remaining copies of “Evil Metal” cause he wanted to be the only person in the world who has this, haha. Don’t remember clearly how many he collected, but he had a few of them.
You might ask yourself now, what the hell does the band name mean? Well, I have no idea, but I remember reading Paul Chain in an interview, saying that it didn’t have anything to do with the historical SS (nationalsocialist paramilitary group) and that Chain said of himself to be coming from a left radical background, actually.
Now you know that writing funny things with silver ink on black leather jackets was very hip in the Switzerland underground scene of the early 80s. I used to have the DEATH SS logo on the back of my leather jacket, followed by a huge VENOM “Welcome to Hell” pentagram and DRI, COC, ANTIDOTE, SLAYER etc. (good bad music for life). One day, a nazi skin crossed my way and tapped me on my shoulder. I was scared cause I used to get beat up quite often for my looks back then and had lost 2 denim jackets with stickers already: We called that “getting stripped”, when normally Teds or Rockers would grab your jacket and tear it apart, cause they felt kids shouldn’t walk around like that. So I thought, fuck, now I’m getting my shit from a nazi (he was a huge mofo). To my surprise, he grinned at me like a school girl, asking me if I wanted to go for a beer. No, I said, I’m not homosexual (I was 15 or 16). He stopped grinning and walked off. Just like that. So i walked my way too, questioning myself what the hell just happened here - until I told about it to an older Punk friend of mine, who I met at the local record shop. He just laughed, tears in his eyes and pointed on the DEATH SS-logo on the back of my leather jacket. That’s how I became antifascist.
On Soulseek, you’ll find a rip of this in which somebody has tried to fix the pressing mistake. Unfortunately, the drop outs are still there, though a little less penetrating than on the vinyl. I’m sure that somebody with the necessary experience and software could make this sound much better. Drop me a line if you need wav-files!

And finally - as a bonus I also ripped DEATH SS’ best song, the incredible and never topped “Black and Violet” from the ultra rare “Heavy Metal Eruption” comp LP. That leaves only one more comp song to be digitized and that is the song “Terror” from a promo-only comp LP.
Check the band photo (left) from this comp - crazy bastards.
Chains of Death.mp3
From “Heavy Metal Eruption - The italian Way of Heavy Metal” (1984):
Black and Violet.mp3
PS: On a side note, one must add that this is the ultimate “hearing things out” record. For instance, in the beginning of “inqusitor”, Chain probably sings:
“It’s rusty tea, and it’s sanctus seven, full torn bloath and really hard, humble toes and holy hosses, guess it’s time for roll away (…)”

sarramkrop 08.17.2007 10:53 AM


Kendra Smith 'The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers' 10" (1992)
I often like to worship at the alter of Kendra Smith, this EP being one of my favorite stops. Himilayan bells, colliope, magic mushrooms and Kendra's relaxed delivery. Just stare at the cover for a psychedelic trip. After the sublime Dream Syndicate she moved on to Opal and solo works. She hasn't released a record since 1995. Apparently living in a small cabin with no electricity.


Swell Maps 'Collision Time Revisited' (1989)
A "swell" compilation of 27 tracks culled from the Swell Maps entire recorded output 1977-1984. From punk to post-punk to experimental noise-fests, these Maps deliver!
The first Swell Maps single I bought (Let's Buid A Car) still to this day gives me a soul scorched buzz'n'rush. As soon as Nikki Sudden's gr comes slicing slabbing and all out fuzzifying off that crackling vinyl groove you know yr gonna rock. The Swell Maps had a lot to do with my upbringing... I wish I saw them. - Thurston Moore... Sonic Youth - 1987
RIP Epic Soundtracks and Nikki Sudden.


Angel Dust: Music For Movie Bikers (1988)
A bad-ass compilation put together by UK artist Savage Pencil featuring superfuzzed "biker" tracks from Davie Allan and The Arrows and others recorded between 1966-70. The music is tied together with banter from bikers films (thus making it a gapless album in spots). The packaging is a real beauty, nice gatefold sleeve and picture disc vinyl. Angels die hard!

Florya 08.17.2007 03:15 PM


Pre - Swans Michael Gira

Circus Mort EP (1981)

Savage Clone 08.17.2007 03:18 PM

Thanks, Florya. I always meant to get that album and I have always been curious about it.

I also highly recommend that Kendra Smith 10" porky posted. An alltime favorite. I have covered one of the songs on that record both solo and band-style. Love it.

Florya 08.17.2007 03:27 PM

Thanks SC. I'll give it a listen.

Savage Clone 08.17.2007 03:29 PM

I wish I had a USB turntable or a CD recorder unit so I could pass along some stuff from the stacks here. Soon I will get some gear for this purpose, I think.

Porky, is this weird phasing on the Death SS the way it actually sounds?
I like the songs a lot, but it sounds kinda weird.

Florya 08.18.2007 01:44 AM



from Brainwashed :
1 Tamlin 2 How the Great Satanic Glory Faded
Personnel David Tibet Michael CashmoreNick SalomanSteven Stapleton David KennySleeve Notes"How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" details how Lucifer and Lucifera in their male and female forms appeared to me as they lamented their Fall from Heaven. Current 93 once when they were young oh once when they were so young: David Michael Tibet - vocals; Michael Cashmore - acousitc guitars, bass and whistles; Nicholas Saloman - electric guitar and electric dulcimer; Steven Stapleton - he has the whole wide world and a snakehorn in his hands. Mixed by him too. Engineered by David Kenny. Tibet laughed in the corner. My thanks to Tim for his permission to reproduce this brief extract from our conversation of September 7, 1994. Lyrics by David Tibet.
Cut by Denis and George at Porky's. Front ocver. "Arboreal Cult" by Austin Osman Spare. Inner cover. "How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" by Andrew King (XXXXIV). "Tamlin" traditional/arranged by Current 93. "How The Great Satanic Glory Faded" David Tibet/Current 93 thankyouall.
My thanks redriverrun to: Starspace, John Balance, Paul Cheshire, Shirley Collins, The Venerable C.R. Lama Rinpoche, Richard Dalby, Tiny Tim, Mr. Bucks Burnett, Mr. Martin Sharp, Mr. Gregor Brune, the Ricedogs, and Lynn for her wine: they have all helped me in many and different ways.
This record is limited to 2000 numbered copies, and is released to celebrate Hallowe'en 1994. Terrify not man, or God shall terrify you.
"Love knocks and enters, but knowledge stands without." - The Cloud Of Unknowing
Thus I wash the Stinking Gnoddo, and have become - almost - as pure as snow. David Michael Tibet, October 1994
The CD version has a bit more of the telephone dialogue between Tiny Tim and David Tibet at the beginning and end of "How the Great Satanic Glory Faded".

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