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sarramkrop 05.15.2007 07:00 AM

Phaidia-In The Dark[85 Japan Punk/Death Rock]


this band has Yoshida (Ruins,YBO2) on drums
they make dark post punk/death rock
the drumming is great
some info:
Phaidia was a Japanese deathrock band, formed in the early 80's.
Cutting voice, powerful drums and guitars... They've been labeled "the Japanese Christian Death".

+SANATORIUM '81 (Collaboration with the band Gilles de Rais)
+'81 and '82 VV.AA. albums
+R.B.F.1984 (Label bands compilation)
+IN THE DARK(LP)'85 city locker

They also appeared in a Tatsuya Yoshida compilation called "Devil from the East", where he reunited quite a few projects he had been involved in, as Malinconia, Ruins, Naked City or Phaidia.

They started in ‘82 or ‘83. I would describe the music as hard-edged, energetic goth rock with some leftover punk touches.
The drummer was Yoshida, who would go on to do better, noisier things w/YBO2 and later found Ruins and a million other bands of varying quality. Phaidia’s guitarist was Kawamoto, who also played in YBO2 and in the original Ruins lineup

go get it!


sarramkrop 05.16.2007 10:38 AM

Headhunters - 12"s & 7"




As promised, here's the rest of the Headhunters' output.
The 'Wipe Out The Funk' 12" is the band's first release. Title track is sounding like Killing Joke mixed with dub reggae. Very similar to Red Beat.
Next is the 'Impossible' 7". Title track differs somewhat from the other songs. B side taken from the 'Industrial Warfare' LP.
The 'Way Of The South' 12" is the final release. A bit more polished but still containing the same anger. Note on the backsleeve states 'Vote against the mad woman at # 10'. Now we all know who that was back in the 80's, don't we ?

Wipe Out The Funk 12"
(Shout Records-XW 1201-1982)
1. Wipe Out The Funk
2. Decline
3. Landlord

Impossible 7" (Shout Records-XS 005-1983)
1. Impossible
2. Straitjacket

Way Of The South 12" (Quiet Records-QST 009-1986)
1. Way Of The South
2. Infidel (War On The Nazi)
3. Disorder


sarramkrop 05.16.2007 10:44 AM


отлично составленный зэ бест от королей американского авангарда и пожалуй самых великих стебщиков на этой планете )) на мой взгляд эта пластинка очень способствует возникновению хорошего весеннего настроения, так что кому этого не хватает дерзайте ;)


mp3/192Kbps/rapidshare ## ifolder

Compilation LP of early Residents material licensed from Ralph Records to the then recently fledged Virgin Records. The LP was called "Please Do Not Steal It!" when released on Ralph. It was made available in Europe and Australia with a different cover and title. The track listing is the same. Produced by The Residents.

ZEROpumpkins 05.17.2007 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by king_buzzo
Okay, I'll upload the 2 tomorow I think...

I'm waiting impatiently

sarramkrop 05.17.2007 03:59 AM

7th Temple - Under The Burning Sun (US Psych Rock 1978)

Size: 35.5 MB Bitrade: 256
Ripped By: ChrisGoesRock
Printable Artwork Included

Over the last 18 months we at Radioactive have reissued some of the rarest private pressings in existence. Albums by Summer Sounds (500), Fraction (200) and Totty (50) were all extremely limited, but these are huge numbers when compared with our latest release, Under The Burning Sun by Canadian prog rockers VIIth Temple. If obscure albums were steak, they couldn’t come any rarer than this!

A copy of Under The Burning Sun recently sold on ebay, and the vendor’s comments really sum it up:
“This is the last of seven known copies!!! I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing this as I don’t want to be the one to break the seal. This is the second copy I’ve had as I know the person who found all seven and that copy went on ebay for $600” To the best of our knowledge, 15 copies of this 1978 private pressing were actually produced which suggests that fewer than 50 people have ever heard this album.

A select group indeed. And more remarkably, this is a great recording, full of prog keyboards, synths and guitars. The lyrics are dark and mystical, and there’s a brooding, ethereal feel to proceedings. At only just over 18 minutes the album’s a tad on the short side, but what we do get to hear leaves the listener yearning for more. An obscure rarity and a musical gem rolled into one. Highly recommended.

Track Listing: (Notice; Only 3 Songs On This Album)
1. Under The Burning Sun
2. See The Light
3. The Sky Is My Friend


sarramkrop 05.17.2007 04:07 AM

Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope (Superb Fuzzed Out Mexican Heavy Psych 1969)

Size:63.3 MB
Bitrade: 256
Ripped By: ChrisGoesRock
Artwork Included

Incredible Mexican mind expander from the late '60s that could have easily been on an 'Endless Journey' comp. Mind frying fuzz guitars, electronic psychedelic effects, swirling keyboards and drugged lyrics/vocals in English. A major find for fans of the genuine article.

01 - Hang Out - 2.20
02 - P.S. Come Back - 2.10
03 - A Hole In My Life - 2.33
04 - Let Me Try - 3.27
05 - I Think It's All Right - 2.59
06 - Colours - 2.36
07 - Once Upon A Time There Was A World - 8.09
08 - A New Man - 2.38
09 - I'm Crazy - 3.33
10 - I'm Here, He's Gone, She's Crying - 2.27


sarramkrop 05.17.2007 04:24 AM

3/3 (Sanbun No San) - 3/3 (Japan 1975)


(Many thanks to Mr. Attic for this gem!)

3/3 are Reck (guitar, vocals), Higo Hiroshi (bass) and Chiko Hige (drums). The name was inspired by a Japanese comic (4/4). In February 1975, 3/3 (Sanbun No San) released this album in a tiny pressing of 15 copies only to get a record deal. The cover was homemade and the recording sounds live but without audience. The music is ultra heavy guitar-dominated psychedelic rock like a mixture of Blue Cheer / Randy Holden/MC5 and early punk/new wave bands. The sound quality is mediocre but the music is a blaster. 3/3 has never released another recording. Both Reck and Hige then moved to New York where they stayed for over a year and played with James Chance & the Contortions, Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus & The Jerks) and others (No New York movement). They returned to Japan in 1978 to start a new group which became very famous: Friction. In 1979 Friction appeared on a compilation and in 1980 they recorded their first album. Friction released more than 10 albums in Japan. Friction has certainly had a heavy influence on the late 1970s Japanese punk and new wave scene. Reck is again active on the Tokyo scene and has teamed up with Haino Keiji and hardcore drummer Pill, with whom he performs under the name Head Rush. This album of 3/3 is the rarest underground album ever released in Japan. (Shadoks)

An absolute monster from Shadoks, unearthing live 1975 recordings from a wild proto-punk trio led by Reck of Friction/Head Rush (w/Keiji Haino) et al. Sanbun No San was originally released in a mind-bending run of only 15 copies in February 1975 in order to secure a record deal but soon afterwards Reck and guitarist Higo Hiroshi split for NY and dropped head-first into the No Wave scene, playing with James Chance & The Contortions and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks before fully infecting the Japanese underground with alla the moves they had so convincingly osmosed by forming the legendary Friction on their return. As well as being possibly the rarest Japanese underground release of all time, Sanbun No San works as a vital missing link in the whole Japanese underground saga - indeed, it could well be the blueprint for Nanjo Asahito’s later experiments with High Rise. The sonics are totally thrilling, with the A-side dominated by moves that are somewhere between Peter Laughner’s post Velvets amphetamine garage and blistering power trio moves ala Blue Cheer, Hendrix and Human Instinct that could’ve just as easily dropped offa the Spectator label roster circa 1970. It’s punk, but there’s a whole lot more string-flash than Slaughter And The Dogs. B-side is more straight ahead narcotic punk, albeit cut with a beautiful ballad that seems to combine themes from “Oh Sweet Nothing” and “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp” (two songs that I have always somehow associated in my head).


alt. link

king_buzzo 05.17.2007 04:33 AM

My Bloody Valentine-Feed Me With Your Kiss


Feed Me With Your Kiss-

I Believe-

Emptiness Inside-

I Need No Trust-

Okay, see if that works

Norma J 05.17.2007 04:36 AM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

I really like this sleave artwork.

sarramkrop 05.17.2007 05:14 AM

Don Bajema, Lydia Lunch, Hubert Selby Jr. & Henry Rollins - Our Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven (1990)

Out of print compilation of spoken word bits from Don Bajema, Lydia Lunch, Hubert Selby Jr. and Henry Rollins. Released on Lydia Lunch's Widowspeak label back in 1990.
The two main Henry Rollins bits can be found on the album Human Butt, the other two appear in written form in his books. But the combination of Rollins, Bajema, Lunch and the great Hubert Selby Jr. makes this a compilation well worth downloading - and/or buying from eBay or Gemm.

All artwork included.

Download, Pt. 1 - Rapidshare
Download, Pt. 2 - Rapidshare
Download - MegaUpload

SYRFox 05.17.2007 05:56 AM

Plus Instruments - Plus Instruments (1982)
Lee Ranaldo, Dave Linton, Truss De Groot

01. Big Man
02. Things
03. Freundschaft
04. Rush Hour
05. Cannot
06. Vom Ertrunkenen Msdchen
07. Between The Wars
08. Manhattan

sonicl 05.17.2007 06:00 AM

Thank you, SYRFox! I've wanted to hear that for ages, but I've always been outbid at the last minute when I've tried to buy it on ebay.

sarramkrop 05.17.2007 06:01 AM

Click on the sleeve to download.

A Handjob From The Laughing Policeman


Nurse With Wound.
Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter on this one. Limited to 300 and packaged with initial pressing of Soundpooling. Glad to have a copy. The sounds herein are culled from all over Nurseland, with some specifics given in the writing below. Good stuffs! 320.

"The Bonus disc cleverly entitled A Handjob from the Laughing Policeman is a remix extravaganza. A wicked 1 track re-work of Free Death / African Mosquito / Two Golden Microphones / Shipwreck Radio and probably many more obscure ones buried within. Wandering close into Coil territory the first half got me moving around the room like an unhinged pixie - a crooked disco classic for sure… where as the second half was more, chilled... a dub workout with some lovely grating freight train metal and spacey washes. The latter end is a slight return to the first disc with ‘Indernacht…’ on infinite loop, a whispering apparition in wharfside fog, accompanied by short wave flutterings. Stapleton’s voice can be heard through the murk repeating the syrupy words... it’s coming out of the void echoing itself doubling itself over and over ... all to a mellow ring modulation with the words – ‘Well there you are’ bringing the disc into a silent conclusion."
rottenmeats / Cloudboy June 06, 2006

From Brainwashed :
2006 June CD UK ICR Distribution ICR55 300 In wrap-around-sleeve in plastic wallet
Track Listing
1. A Handjob From The Laughing Policeman (44:04)
Sleeve Notes : Conceived by Nurse With WoundMixed by Colin Potter
Note:Only available with initial copies of Soundpooling

sarramkrop 05.17.2007 06:14 AM

Flying Testicle - Space Desia (1993)


Early 90s experimental/noise trio which included Masami Akita (Merzbow), Maso Yamazaki (Masonna) and Zev Asher (Roughage).

Style: Noise, Experimental, Industrial
Credits: Electronics, Performer [Samples, Beats], Drums, Guitar, Bass - Masami Akita

Voice [Screams], Guitar, Violin, Synthesizer [Casio], Percussion - Maso Yamazaki

Voice, Vocals, Bass, Tape, Performer [Toy] - Zev Asher

Notes: Limited Edition CD with full-color miniposter


1. Johnny Guitar

2. Arturos Island

3. Romance

4. The Red Lanterns

5. Dark Eyes

6. Hit Kit Party

7. Night Falls

8. Open Squeeze

9. Horizontal Bop

10. Beautiful Dreamer

ZEROpumpkins 05.17.2007 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by king_buzzo
My Bloody Valentine-Feed Me With Your Kiss


Feed Me With Your Kiss-

I Believe-

Emptiness Inside-

I Need No Trust-

Okay, see if that works

Thankyou!! Can't you upload a zip file with all the mp3s in it? Also now I have Glider (I downloaded the remainding two songs from Shareaza and used the Loveless version of Soon) so do you have any other MBV Eps? Also is the Loveless version of Soon the same as the Glider version? Thanks

sarramkrop 05.17.2007 07:29 AM

BBC Sound Effects

Vol13 - Death & Horror
(1977) (vinyl rip)

A1. Execution and Torture
A2. Monsters and Animals
A3. Creaking Doors and Grave Digging
A4. Musical Effects and Footsteps
B1. Vocal Effects and Heartbeats
B2. Weather, Atmospheres and Bells


skiesfalling 05.17.2007 12:43 PM

Hanadensha - Narcotic Guitar - super awesome japanese psyche way out of print and super super zuper look at the blogs for the link

krastian 05.18.2007 12:02 AM

Again, some great stuff, krop!!!

king_buzzo 05.18.2007 02:55 AM


Originally Posted by ZEROpumpkins
Thankyou!! Can't you upload a zip file with all the mp3s in it? Also now I have Glider (I downloaded the remainding two songs from Shareaza and used the Loveless version of Soon) so do you have any other MBV Eps? Also is the Loveless version of Soon the same as the Glider version? Thanks

Yeah, Soon is the same only the intro is longer in Loveless, not the actually intro, but the beggining, theres a thing i think from the previous song.

Anyways, Heres :

My Bloody Valentine-You Made Me Realize EP

You Made Me Realize-



Cigarette In Your Bed-

Drive It All Over Me-

Tell me if it works!

ZEROpumpkins 05.18.2007 07:05 AM

It's actually Realise, according to Wikipedia. And thanks, man.

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