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atsonicpark 12.01.2008 08:29 AM

fugazifan for the win as usual!

Florya 12.01.2008 10:15 AM

Anyone have the FM3 'Mortes aux Vaches' CD?

noisereductions 12.02.2008 09:38 AM

Matthew Shipp String Trio bootleg here:

The show is back from 2000 and concludes with a take on "Summertime." If you don't know Shipp, he's an incredible piano player. Highly recommended is the disc that his Quartet made with DJ Spooky for Thirsty Ear. That record is called OPTOMETRY and comes very, very, very highly recommended by yrs truly.

fugazifan 12.06.2008 01:21 PM

they added three more cds from this collection on the blog

sarramkrop 12.07.2008 05:10 AM


Trojan Records was founded in 1967 by Jamaican-English producer Lee Gopthal as something of a sister label to Chris Blackwell’s Island Records. It became one of the best-known and successful reggae labels, but it also bought out several independent Jamaican labels and ended up with a pretty good ska and rock-steady back catalog. In 1972, it went through these archives and put out a fantastic (if somewhat inaccurately-named) compilation, The Trojan Story.
Although the liner notes were somewhat sparse and the sound rough, you couldn’t want a better overview of 1960s Jamaican music. The first tracks, from 1961, are embryonic ska in which you can hear the R & B influence; it takes us through the height of ska to its migration to rock-steady, and then winding up with early reggae (it even includes what could be called the “original” rock-steady and reggae songs: Alton Ellis’s “Rock Steady” and The Maytals’ “Do the Reggay”, respectively).
The three-disk box was only in print for a short time, and was reissued briefly in 1980 (in 1976, Trojan released a different compilation and also called it The Trojan Story, ensuring eternal confusion). In 1988, it was released on a 2-CD set, which also quickly went out of print; copies today sell for $50–75.
I’ve had the LP set for some time, but I was trying to track down a copy of the CD for the last few years. I finally found a reasonably priced copy, and the sound was awful. It’s one of the worst mastering jobs I’ve ever heard. They didn’t go back to the original masters, but clearly just copied the LP, and didn’t even do a very good job of that. The copy I made off my LP sounded much better. So that’s what we have here. Be sure to at least check out “Housewives’ Choice” and “The Great Wuga Wuga”. Also Jimmy Cliff when he was just 14!

find it here:

sarramkrop 12.14.2008 03:49 PM

Birdland - 6th June 1989


Well I have to say it's good to be back and over the coming months this site will (all being well) become bigger and better than ever with sessions and programs all available side by side.

This is the first of two sessions Birdland recorded for the Peel program and captures the band at the peak of their powers. I remember seeing their blond moptops on the cover of NME around this time and thinking they just LOOK like their going to make a great noise, and of course they did. Their self-titled debut album was released the following year and think I've got a very attractive white vinyl copy somewhere in the collection. I do remember being somewhat dissapointed by the album because it sounded a bit over produced and polished taking away alot of the spirit of the band which undoubtedly comes shining through in this session.

Robert - Vocals
Simon - Bass/Backing Vocals
Lee - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Kale - Drums

Download Here

1. White
2. Sugar Blood
3. See No Evil
4. Paradise
this site is a goldmine for peel fanatics:

sarramkrop 12.14.2008 04:38 PM

UFO or Die - Cassette Tape Superstar (1996. Time Bomb)


Tokyo City
UFO or Live (Fugs)
Dog Wave
Ghetto DNA (Motorhead Mix)
Kendo Machine Smokin'
My Germ is Big
We are Rice
Barny Love Tape (Big Frame)
Exploding Toilet Action
MC5 or 6
Karate Party
Radar Eyes (Gods)
Ant is Super Ultra Big Giant
Osaka Moonlight Combo
Fly Photo Session
Instant Touch
No Amp
0 or 1ers
Hell Boat
Old Cold Meat
Live Dog ESP
Anti-Full of No Empty
Demo Tape Time

Shock Shoppers 7" (1994, Skin Graft)

sarramkrop 12.14.2008 05:07 PM

Corrupted/Cripple Bastards - Split 7"


Corrupted and Cripple Bastards. Yet another great split. Nuff' said. I heard there's a lot of controversey among Cripple Bastards' fans. Not sure what that's all about. Their tracks on this split are pretty damn good, a little slower than usual from what I've heard, but they're my favorite ones from CB. I don't really like Cripple Bastards musically other than this split 7" and the Life's Built On Thoughts album. You can find lots of their stuff on the web, simply look. I'm too lazy to put a bio from them, sorry, but 7 Inch Crust definitely has one I think. The Corrupted track, Empty, is incredible. A little more melodical and slightly faster this track is, but towards the end it slows and fades into noisy, doomy, Corrupted ambience. Brilliant stuff.


sarramkrop 12.14.2008 06:50 PM

Buba & the Shop Assistants - Something To Do 7''


Genre: Indiepop / Noise Pop / Twee
Based in...: UK
Label: Villa 21
Year: 1984
My Rate: 10/10

For those who don't know, this was the very first Buba & the Shop Assistants' 7" which later had become simply Shop Assistants after Aggi (aka Annabel Wright) left the band to join The Pastels and was replaced by Alex Taylor. The single was produced by Stephen Pastel (who also contributed backing vocals) and now it's a highly-collectible for all C86 lovers. You must have this one!

Florya 12.19.2008 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
it can be bought only from

- im not sure. maybe its proper to delete this post after a couple of days or sooner!-


I was just listening to this the other day! Thirlwells Manorexia stuff is really good! Not at all Foetus like tho.

sarramkrop 12.20.2008 09:44 PM

Motiffe - Motiffe (1971)

This super rare early '70s UK progressive psych private pressing was only recently located and raved about in Record Collector.... Long tracks with guitar, flute, percussion bass, sax etc. similar to King Crimson, Colosseum... Freak Emporium

sarramkrop 12.20.2008 10:37 PM

The Jacks: Live 24-7-1968 (Japanese Psychedelic Garage)

More psychy than garage, but nice raw `n fast tunes garagey`style, the sound quality is not the best thou, but still a great live recording.

The Jacks played in a distinct musical style fused with ambient psychedelic, surf, folk and jazz. The group had a dark, introspective sound with an exploratory, improvisational edge and sometimes headed into moody instrumental excursions. The Jacks typically employed reverb, tremolo and subtle fuzz-guitar and also utilized the vibraphone, organ and wind instruments such as the flute. Lead singer Yoshio Hayakawa sung in Japanese and typically ranged from a low, calm and tranquil voice to throaty, desperate sounding wails. Similarly, drummer Takasuke Kida would follow suit, going from subtle jazzy sounding fills to complicated, offbeat rhythms and manic cymbal crashes.

ˇˇˇ THE JACKS LIVE 1968 (2nd Show) !!!

sarramkrop 12.20.2008 10:52 PM

The Bachs: Live at Skokie Valley Jr High (US,1967)


Chicago garage combo the Bachs formed in the fall of 1965. Singer/bassist Blake Allison and guitarist Mike DeHaven first collaborated in a high school group called "the Phases" -- DeHavenJohn ("Ben") Harrison and drummer John Babicz in another teen band, the Apollos. In time, Allison also joined the Apollos, and following the addition of singer/guitarist John Peterman, the quintet renamed itself the Bachs. Gigging steadily across Chicago's North Shore area, the group also performed in Battle of the Bands competitions, once beating the fledgling Amboy Dukes, led by guitarist Ted Nugent. Although Allison and Peterson proved a prolific songwriting duo, the Bachs never recorded any commercially released singles -- they did, however, privately press 150 copies of a 1968 LP, Out of the Bachs. Comprised of 12 Allison/Peterson originals, and recorded in one day for $400.00, the album is something of a Holy Grail for garage collectors, prized for its sheer scarcity, as well as its fuzz-laden psych-punk sound. With its members poised to attend college, the Bachs split in April of 1968.

ˇ ˇ ˇ THE BACHS LIVE ! ! !

sarramkrop 12.21.2008 12:32 AM

The Morticians - 1987 - Freak Out with the Morticians
Tin Soldier TIN-1

Punk Side
Now She's Gone
Action Woman
Don't Need Your Lovin'
Blackout Out of Gretely
I Need You There
Sweet Young Thing

Psych Side
Spiral Bat
Song of a Baker
Section 44

Bonus Tracks
I Don't Care
Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)
(Originally recorded for inclusion on Psychedelic Psauna compilation but didn't make it in time for the release)

Redfern Bros. began to play in the mid-80s as The Giant Sunhorse; at the beginning of 1986 they found bassist Ben Jackson and changed name to The Morticians, releasing this delicious sweet at the end of next year. An explosive punk side (those who don't know one original at least, lift up their own hand) and a visionary psych-side made few lucky owners happy... the first pressing of 500 ran out very soon and so did the second one of little more than a thousand, but Ben's leaving caused dissolution. At the end of 1988 a compilation of early recordings (demos and live sets) titled "She's like heroin" came out on Distortion Records.
~Roberto from the wrong way

✌➬ 12.21.2008 12:44 AM

Thanks porky.

sarramkrop 12.21.2008 01:01 AM

you're welcome

Jamie Muir, Derek Bailey - Dart Drug
Label: Incus Records
Catalog#: CD 019
Format: CD, Album

Country: UK
Genre: Jazz
Style: Free Improvisation
Credits: Artwork By [Layout Design] - Karen Brookman
Artwork By [Photographs And Title] - Jamie Muir
Guitar - Derek Bailey
Percussion - Jamie Muir
Producer - Derek Bailey
Notes: Recorded at Crane Grove, London in August 1981

sarramkrop 12.21.2008 01:07 AM


01. (Intro:Pop Five Music Incorporated) - Overture (0:46)
02. Os Tártaros - Tartária (2:49)
03. Quinteto Académico - Train (2:22)
04. Daniel Bacelar - Tema Dos Gentlemen (1:4
05. Pop Five Music Incorporated - Fire (2:29)
06. Conjunto Académico Joao Paulo - Sue Lin A Minha Chinesa (2:20)
07. Victor Gomes & Sideriais - Mama (2:1
08. Paulo Machado - Hoje Mais Feliz Do Que Nunca (2:1
09. Conjunto Ruy Manuel - Fuga (2:30)
10. Conjunto Mistério - Tired Of Waiting (2:33)
11. Os Morgans - Opus (1:50)
12. Conjunto Académico Joao Paulo - Hully Gully Do Montanhes (2:2
13. Os Titas - Tema Para Titas (3:04)
14. Sheiks - Try To Understand (2:04)
15. Os Chinchilas - I`m A Believer (2:3
16. Quarteto 1111 - Bissaide (3:13)
17. Jets - Let Me Live My Live (3:10)
18. Os Blusoes Negros - Tequilla (2:37)
19. Os Ekos - Esquece (2:45)
20. (Outro:Eusebio) - (Outro:Eusebio) (0:32)

sarramkrop 12.21.2008 01:43 AM



DEMO 1984 (self released)
Legion of Parasites were a great thrash band from London, England circa the early 80’s. This was their first release. They went on to put out 3 solid 12′’s and a handful of comp apperances before calling it quits. Their earlier material (this demo and the 1st 12′’ “the undesirable guest”) is their most brutal stuff. Years later, some members went on to various UK bands such as SICK ON THE BUS. This band has always been a bit mysterious(at least to me) therefore I don’t have alot of info on em’. I’ve included a great song from the “Bullshit detector vol2″ lp on Crass records. This song was also on 2 or 3 other comps including “We don’t want you fucking war” on the famous Mortarhate recs. Go HERE for a discography.
01.Dying World

03.Death Watch
04.Condemned To Live in Fear
05.Death in The City
06.Sea of Desecration (from V/A bullshit detector vol. 2)

noisereductions 12.23.2008 03:54 PM

sarramkrop 01.11.2009 06:00 AM

Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Prince Of Parrot Shooters

Spencer Clark of The Skaters

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