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FruitLoop 09.28.2007 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by rapaz maldito
really? i could never tell.

calm down,
that record is out of print, but that's not my upload so i credited the uploader post.

Sorry about that, mate. Rereading it it sounds harsher that what I wanted to say.
I've edited my previous post accordignly. I'm calmer now with my foot deep in my mouth :p

takatita 09.30.2007 09:02 AM


sarramkrop 09.30.2007 10:53 AM


Workout Wars - Fonda Vs. Kendal!

Two women, two workout records- but which is best? Fonda has two records, but she uses the same music for both. It makes good business sense as the royalties are cheaper, but Kendal (Britain's answer to Goldie Hawn) does even better by re-recording the tracks using hired help! This is a master stroke which leaves Kendal just paying publishing- and good for us too as the result is so bad- it's good!

Contrast the competent sound-alikes with Kendal's posh & prim accent saying " with your legs open.." and you'll be too busy rolling on the floor to do any exercise at all.

Jane Fonda's Workout Record-

01- Can You Feel It
02- In Your Letter
03- Stomp
04- Bridge Over Troubled Water
05- Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)
06- Can You Feel It
07- The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter

Jane Fonda's Workout Record - Beginners 64mb
Jane Fonda's Workout Record - Advanced 99mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps

Shape Up and Dance with Felicity Kendal-

01 - Isn't She Lovely
02 - Being with You
03 - I Will Survive
04 - YMCA
05 - Making Your Mind Up
06 - Can't Stop the Music
07 - Dancing Queen
08 - In the Navy
09 - Running Away from Love
10 - Rhythm, Movement and Throbbing
11 - Relaxation Theme (Gina's song)

Shape Up and Dance with Felicity Kendal 80mb

Ripped and Encoded by Slothy@256kbps

The blog above saved me from having to upload my copies of these two gems.

Savage Clone 09.30.2007 10:55 AM

Well, you just saved us all 50 cents.
Actually, I had no idea Ms. Kendal made a workout record.
Good god.

sarramkrop 09.30.2007 11:19 AM

Oh my god, this is too good to be true!

Slothy returns with the final instalment of that legendary OAP... (Although a remix project is possibly on the cards in the future!)
Old Lady Playing Badly Volume 6

Finally we come to the final helping of the Old Lady Series, a volume I was sitting on in the vain hope that this lost treasure would capture the public's affection and be amazingly popular. I was going to sell it and buy my own old lady, but since it's such a crap plan I'll just give it away instead.

OldLadySeries-6 69mb
Music for Pain OLPB5
Ripped and encoded by Slothy@128kB/s (mono)

For those of you who like bad organ music, look here for previous volumes in the Old Lady Series-

vol 1 71mb
vol 2 68mb
vol 3 65mb
vol 4 65mb
vol 5 67mb

The Usher 09.30.2007 11:32 AM

There's definately a reason why these are out of print!

sarramkrop 09.30.2007 11:47 AM

The Fonda one was given to me as a present because I love that sort of trash. The Kendal one I got for £1 years ago in some charity shop. If anyone can't contain their enthusiasm, I can always up the flexidisc that came with the Jane Fonda lp. Kidding.

Torn Curtain 09.30.2007 12:15 PM

On purelivegigs:

K - K - K - Kooks: Another Hunky Dory

Oh! You Pretty Things
Eight Line Poem
Life on Mars?
Fill Your Heart
Andy Warhol
Song for Bob Dylan
Queen Bitch
The Bewley Brothers

Alternative takes and mixes from the Hunky Dory sessions

the ikara cult 09.30.2007 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly
you have to quote him now (or it looks like yr talking to yrself).

clever schtick if I do say so myself.

PS: thanks again for the ups. I have some downloading to do tonite.

PSPS: wherethefucksthetindersticks?? (that's german for c'mon).

Whats this Tindersticks stuff?

Tokolosh 10.02.2007 05:07 AM

Thanks for that Nefeli.

atsonicpark 10.02.2007 06:03 AM

*the mp3's are encrypted inside the rar, you have to type in the password "" when prompted)

Found this on that blog a few weeks ago... it's John French of Captain Beefheart doing mostly Beefheart (and some original compositions) songs on JUST drums; yes, the entire album is a solo drum recording. Very interesting and amazingly-produced. For hardcore fans of Beefheart or of inventive drumming. Lots of cowbell!

pokkeherrie 10.02.2007 09:47 AM

For Sarramkrop, Glice and other RACISTS.

January 17, 2007 05:41AM
Various Artists - White Power (C-60 cassette)
A-01 - intro
A-02 - Ramleh - Fist Fuck
A-03 - Consumer Electronics - Penisator
A-04 - Maurizio Bianchi - Menstruum
B-01 - Sutcliffe Jugend - Pommerencke
B-02 - Club Moral - Eating Limbs
B-03 - Krang Music - Uro

"White Power" was released in march 1983, it was the 11th release on the IPHAR label, compiled by Philip Best.
On 31 oct 1982 he wrote:
dear DDV,
hi! i'm afraid i haven't written to you before but i wonder if you'd like to contribute to a compilation cassette i am at present working on. i am 16 and have a group called consumer electronics; we were on the fur ilse koch album, as were you. i sell cassettes + my magazine Intolerance and have included a sample issue; i'm afraid its a quite old issue (there have been quite a few advances since then) and i now have 9 tapes available.
as i'm still at school i'm afraid i can offer you no payment if you decide to contribute but of course you will receive free copies. i already have contributions from RAMLEH (fist fuck) MANNINGHAM (whore hunting) CHARLES MANSON (tv interview) ASH (penisator) and i have approached many more well-known music workers; most of whom are interested in contributing.
release will be DEC/JAN. and if you want to contribute please send it on normal audio cassette tape.
i've only heard your track on fur ilse koch so i don't know if you also make more musical tapes BUT if you decide to contribute please make your piece as extreme as possible; brainfucking electronics are one of my major passions. i hate TG and their disco-shit.
please send me a list of what you sell as well since i've read great reviews of your work.
consumer electronics should be playing live with whitehouse again soon, please write back again soon,
philip best.

"White Power" created quite a stir, both due to it's title and it's cover bearing nothing but a swastika. It fueled the line of thought from some people and bands that despised noise music and accused noise bands of sponsoring right-wing political parties. There was a large debate when we published "The Most Violent Music of the New Right" by Come Org. in our first issue of Force Mental, and later in the US magazine Unsound. Generally spoken most of it was based on envy and attempts to have gigs cancelled and bands banned. In an interview from 1991/1992 Gary Mundy (RAMLEH) had this to say about it:
GH: All Ramleh's releases, with the exception of one tape, were released on Broken Flag. The exception being ONSLAUGHT on Philip Best's Iphar label. He described this as "a cassette of agonizingly dominant hate, sheer contempt.... The first in the new Iphar era of White Power." How did this association come about and what did he mean by "the new era of White Power"?
GM: Again, I know what you're getting at here but there was no right-wing viewpoint to any of the stuff -- we made an error in judgment in testing out the bounds of offensiveness. There was certainly no "movement" of any kind. Since those days, we have made sure that we do not fall into that trap again and go out of our way to avoid being promoted by magazines and record labels as any kind of political band -- we never were, and never would be. It is interesting to point out that the kind of organizations we were accused of supporting would certainly never tolerate the kind of people we really are. Having said all of this, I still stand by our music of that era as being genuinely unique and exciting.

(read the full interview here)
Gary Mundy (RAMLEH) continues to play as a guitarist in the Heavy Metal band Skullflower and Gothic band Breathless. Philip Best played with Whitehouse for a considerate time, and recently has taken up Consumer Electronics on stage again. He also has a blog. Maurizio Bianchi spent some time in religious limbo but returns with new productions. Sutcliffe Jugend have also recently taken up music production again. John Murphy (KRANG) is one of the oldest noise veterans, he played in SPK, Whitehouse, Current 93, Death in June and as an excellent drummer for many pop bands in the studio. Most recently he plays in KnifeLadder.


Send to Friends | Download | Permalink

sonicl 10.03.2007 05:25 AM

Inspired by the talk of Labradford on another thread earlier in the week, I thought I'd share the ambient DJ mix by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) featuring artists who took part in their "Second Festival of Drifting" in 1999.

This is "drifting a.f.u." - a 46:45 drifting dj mix by Robin Guthrie, mixed at september sound in April 1999.

At certain times artists become more prominent in the mix.

These are:

@ 05:34 Silo
@ 14:28 Silo
@ 16:11 Labradford
@ 20:20 Labradford
@ 20:31 Charlemagne Palestine
@ 23:34 Tony Conrad
@ 25:54 Caspar Brotzmann
@ 36:11 Sonic Youth
@ 38:10 Tony Conrad
@ 41:25 Silo
@ 43:34 Chris & Cosey
@ 46:00 Sonic Youth
Pan American and Rothko are also in there.
All other sounds are Robin Guthrie.

sarramkrop 10.03.2007 05:44 AM

Thanks to all of you. Pan American and Labradford are beauty itself. Jico, that Moore, Ranaldo, Shelley and Gustafsson that you've posted is ace. I've listened to that last night and I particularly liked the second part of the file.

Bicorn Halfelven 10.03.2007 09:16 AM

Thanks for the Labradford weirdness.

I had the fortune to tour with Bobby Donne's new band, Cristal, twice in the last couple years and he's an amazing gentleman. I'm sure he'd be amused to see this.

A Thousand Threads 10.05.2007 08:29 AM

I uploaded this for Mr.Tigerbalm Slavo

Tigrova Mast


" TIGROVA MAST is one of the most welcomed instrumental avant-garde rock band on the Central European scene. The group’s unique basic instrumentation of bass by Gut, drums by Heart, and microcorg by Brain is no less than an urban revolt against the proto-classical and pseudo-intellectual rock-music as well as the established role of the rhythm section and keyboards. Fed up with experimental-rock and minimal-noise, the trio was seeking to incorporate rural-folk elements into traditional rock schemes.

It's fucking awesome. Listen to it. One of the best live bands I've seen.
One of my favourite records lately.


hat and beard 10.06.2007 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
Hans Frisch - Levend Objekten Sjoo: Paradiso 4/1/69

Hans Frisch
"Levend Objekten Sjoo :
Paradiso 4/1/69"

No idea about the lineage of this record or the artist involved. Picked it up in Europe about seven years ago. Very little in the way of info on the actual record. What I can say is this sounds like a monster of post-Fluxus/free-hippie flotsam. Recorded at the famed Paradiso in Amsterdam circa 1969- this one sounds like outtakes from Cherry's sessions for Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain. Flutes, insane tribal drumming ala Psychedelic Underground, electronics. All you could ask for in a record, right?


Hans Frisch - track 2

Download here,

This is really great. Too bad there isn't more information on it.

jetengine 10.06.2007 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by rapaz maldito
Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley and Mats Gustafsson - New York - Ystad


"New York - Ystad"
Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth with Mats Gustafsson, reeds.
"Without Kim I"
"Without Kim II"
Total time 62:03
Recorded April 12 1999 by Wharton Tiers
Mixed May 2 2000 by Jim O´Rourke
Recorded and mixed at the Echo Canyon, NYC
Graphic form Karin Almlöf
Produced by Mats Gustafsson and Thomas Millroth
Limited edition 100 for Black Box + HC.
Heavy free rock´n roll with improvised sounds and lines by one of the most intriguing saxophones on stage today. The recorded music is one of the earliest examples of the collaboration between Mats Gustafsson and the members of Sonic Youth. The record was edited when Ystad Art Museum arranged its Open Music Festival during the first Kultubro Festival, 2000.


Could you or anyone else possibly upload regular/lifesize images of the front and back covers of this, so that the rest of us could download and print as a booklet for CD-R burnings? It would be greatly appreciated by all, I'm sure. After all, unless someday they decide to reissue it as a SYR title or something, there's very little chance the majority of us will ever own this ultra-limited title fair and proper--might as well burn a nice copy and file it away with our official LPs and CDs.

By the way, this really is a great SY album. It truly deserves an SYR or some other form of larger re-release.

ddv 10.11.2007 07:35 AM

Club Moral Stocklist 043 - Propagandum
Various Artists - Propagandum (C-90 cassette + xerox booklet)


A-01 - 19 Keys
A-02 - Interview Geert-Jan Hobijn
A-03 - Club Moral
A-04 - ProduKtion
A-05 - Didi de Paris
B-01 - DDV
B-02 - Angst
B-03 - FistFuck

Propagandum was an event organised by Club Moral at NL-Centrum, Amsterdam on 25 feb 1984, in cooperation with ProduKtion, and with the full support of the NL-Centrum, De Kapel and Staalplaat.
The big colonnade of NL-Centrum was rebuilt into a great cathedral, consisting out of a main altar Propagandum wherein casts of parts of the bodies of AMVK and DDV and 400-year-old Monk skulls. This surrounded with broken glass and heavy chains. On this altar also a pot with boiling pork fat mixed with engine oil. The room was divided in different fields, each field mastered by an altar, or wall-paintings, towards the activity that took place in it.
A short report of the events on 25th february 1984:
Club Moral started with the showing of 39 Steps/19 Keys with live sound and calling of the Keys in Enochian. Then a short but powerful concert by Club Moral. Second on the programme were V-Side/Dirk Paesmans - Koen Theys. For them 2 stakes, in memory of the inquisition, the TV as a fire under the crackling straw, the accused chained to poles. Dirk Paesmans chose not to come, he was replaced by the usual straw puppet. Koen Theys was put in the chains while underneath him his tape "Diana" was the fire. After this time for ProduKtion, a small cinema, in Auschwitz-style on gravel standing cinema seats flanked by two Kings' graves on which the figures of Paul Hurst and Christine Glover in stone with casts of their hands and faces. The films projected over the heads of the spectators, sound: shortwave distortion played live by Paul Hurst. Then: "Now I am Death, the Destroyer of the World". DDV hung upside-down and screaming loud "Now I am Death" with film and slides and sound distortion by AMVK. Midnight: time for Angst/God to celebrate a one-hour-long Holy Mass. Cut-ups of schlagers, interviews, sounds and music in hellish tempo, all this on an almost classic simple altar, with family slides above the head of the high priest in Marks & Spencer outfit. Until now everything was roared fluently but with certain dirtiness to each other by The Beast, Didi de Paris who coloured the events with selected texts. In the end, by surprise: Alsatan Dogs aka FistFuck. Roger Rogerson small crying on organ, fist-painting on the wall, a dog. Roger is the dog, grawling and crying. Crystal Belle wants everybody out. Exciting in rubber she hits greedy spectators with a leather belt. "Go away! It's over! Go away now! Go home! We want you out of here! Go away! All lights out: Go home! Go away! It's over! Go away! Go away!"
(report in Force Mental #9)

Propagandum was available in three versions: one in a plain cassette box with cover + photographic booklet by Club Moral, one in a plastic bag with black and gold printing in the Live Series of Staalplaat, and one in plain cassette box by ProduKtion.

On the occasion of Propagandum, Club Moral and ProduKtion also played in De Kapel in Den Haag.

The building of NL-Centrum at Rozengracht has been destroyed, their activities have been documented by a number of Staalplaat releases and excerpts of all bands that played at NL-Centrum appear on the double vinyl lp compilation "Q.E.D." (1987) by Play It Again, Sam (later re-released as cd). Appearing on the vinyl edition are Laibach, Die Form, Z'EV, SPK, Radio Rabotnik TV, Der Plan, Chris & Cosey, Non Toxique Lost, Het Zweet, Sprung Aus Den Wolken, Michel Banabila, The Hafler Trio, Konrad Becker:Monoton, Einstürzende Neubauten, Kleg, P16 D4, Peter Zegveld, Etant Donnés, Code Public, Club Moral, Zero Kama, S.B.O.T.H.I. and Test Department, on an additional 7" vinyl were The Legendary Pink Dots, Blurt and Marie Kawazu.
For a number of years the activities of NL-Centrum were continued by Triple X.
The main initiator and leader of NL-Centrum Franz Ferdinand Feigl died in september 2001 of cancer at the age of 43.


auto-aim 10.16.2007 07:49 PM

Does anybody have 12 point buck / little baby buntin' by Killdozer? I've been having trouble finding either of those albums.

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