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sarramkrop 08.21.2007 03:48 AM


Originally Posted by Florya
Remko Scha - Machine Guitars

Guitars are played by machines - hilarity ensues!

Thanks to all of you, and yes, the doorstep blog is one the best out there. Florya, you floored me again with the above. Again, thanks a billion.

sarramkrop 08.21.2007 07:19 AM

Damned - Dodgy Demo


1979 Dodgy Demo Company

The Damned's "Love Song" has to be one of the best punk rock songs of all time and, in my estimation, qualifies as one of the best "rock" songs of all time as well. It's really a perfect song; great melodies, great guitar parts, attitude to spare, speed, and a perfect arrangement. The fact that they were able to inject some clever humor into the whole mess via Vanian's tongue-in-cheek lyrics is an added bonus as well.

According to the excrutiatingly detailed Damned Discography, this 7" "was given away free at the bands gigs at the Croydon Greyhound, London on 7 January 1979 and the Electric Ballrom, London on 23 January 1979" several months ahead of the official release of the "Love Song" single on the Chiswick label. Both tracks are demo versions. The b-side, "Burglar", is pure novelty and features drummer Rat Scabies on vocals.

I remember reading somewhere that a certain Damned performance in D.C. had had a profound impact on that city's then fledgling scene. Makes sense to me. You can really hear the echos of "Love Song" and some other Damned tunes, such as "Melody Lee", in material from bands like Scream, Minor Threat, and Black Market Baby.

Damned - Dodgy Demo
Love Song (demo)
Burglar (demo)

sarramkrop 08.21.2007 07:33 AM


it was very hard to find info about this record (i don't even remember where i got it from). it's considered to be a fluxus compilation, containing 8 takes on the lullaby by: doris hays, annea lockwood, ilhan mimaroglu, daniel goode, tom johnson, pauline oliveros, alison knowles, ann silsbee.

i 'm pasting from the inside cover:
"emotion has an old definition: being moved in cooscillation with another being. caring enough to take the time to soothe, console, urge, comfort, cajole - impulse of the lullaby, and of the love song. singer, sung and sung - to become one in the mind congruent with the urges and surges of the body chatting to oneself and to the world. In the desire for peace, lull music is the nonviolent person's basic song."


sonicl 08.21.2007 07:55 AM

Head of David - Dustbowl


Head of David were an experimental heavy metal act whose sound helped pave the way for the subsequent industrial, grindcore, and noise rock genres. Hailing from the town of Dudley, just a few miles outside the city of Birmingham in the heart of England's so-called Black Country, Stephen R. Burroughs (vocals), Eric Jurenovski (guitar), Dave Cochrane (bass), and Paul Sharp (drums) were clearly influenced by the region's heavy industry and depressed economy during the mid-'80s when formulating Head of David's grimy and oppressive sound. This sound was potent enough to make an immediate impact upon the release of their first two efforts in 1986: September's Dogbreath EP and October's simply named LP, which remarkably climbed to number three on the U.K. indie charts and was followed in July of 1987 by the live Shit Hits the Fan, which made it to number 21.

That year also saw then-Napalm Death guitarist - and future Godflesh and Jesu mastermind - Justin Broadrick become Head of David's drummer, joining them on-stage and in the studio for the Saveana Mixes EP, 1988's Steve Albini-produced (and, amazingly, Americana-influenced) Dustbowl album, and 1989's John Peel Sessions collection, White Elephant. Unfortunately, the group's tense internal chemistry finally gave way to an implosion at this point, with Cochrane decamping to join God and Broadrick launching his signature project, Godflesh, while Burroughs and Jurenovski soldiered on with new bassist Bipin Kumar for one final Head of David album, 1991's Seed State. In the aftermath of their demise, the group's legacy has regrettably been reduced to a cult level, but Head of David's influence remains alive and kicking in countless subsequent industrial metal acts like Pitchshifter, Fear Factory, Rammstein, and beyond.


1 - Tequila - 2:25
2 - El Supremo - 1:18
3 - Dog Day Sunrise - 3:59
4 - Bugged - 2:35
5 - Great White Heart - :49
6 - Cult of Coats - 4:18
7 - Ditchwater - 3:46
8 - 108 - 5:24
9 - Roadkill - 3:58
10 - Snake Domain - 2:55
11 - Grand Rift Faultline - 2:20
12 - Adrenicide - 2:52
13 - Pierced All Over - 4:31
14 - Skin Drill - 3:39
15 - Ink Vine - 3:40


Justin Broadrick - drums, vocals
Dave Cochrane - bass
Stephen R. Burroughs - guitar, vocals,
Eric Jurenovskis - guitar

jico. 08.21.2007 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
I have this record and I have to say it is mostly cheeseball fusionprog and pretty disappointing overall.

it's a nice literary recording. are you interested in selling it?

Florya 08.21.2007 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

I was listening to the John Balance tape that you've posted on this thread a while ago. Total gold, and unique to match.

At last the mystery is solved! Wassonii has unearthed a Coil gig from 1983. It was at the Magenta Club 0n August 4 1983 and features the exact same version of Red Weather as is on the tape that Jhonn sent me all those years ago.

The guy was a genius. It's just not right that he's not around any more.:(

ondskan 08.21.2007 05:15 PM


Desert Sessions - Vol. 6 - Black Anvil Ego
Spent four years collecting all the Desert Sessions volumes (to realistic costs)

This is absolutley the best volume with the fuckin' awesome track "Teens of Thailand".
Been listening to this in a week now, on computer, iPod, vinyl and CD.

the ikara cult 08.21.2007 07:52 PM

Has anyone heard of The Divine Brown or The Parkinsons? Short lived punk bands from about 5 years ago. Good fun one and all. Ive not uploaded before but i feel i should seeing as how much ive got from people on here.

krastian 08.21.2007 11:36 PM


Originally Posted by hat and beard

Tony Oxley - Ichnos (vinyl rip) (rca 1971)


Tony Oxley : Percussion & Amplified Percussion
Kenny Wheeler : Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Evan Parker : Soprano & Tenor Saxes
Derek Bailey : Guitar
Paul Rutherford : Trombone
Barry Guy : Bass

(vinyl rip - popcorn included )

[ password : im that paranoid ]

Wow, thanks!!

sarramkrop 08.22.2007 03:21 AM


Originally Posted by the ikara cult
Has anyone heard of The Divine Brown or The Parkinsons? Short lived punk bands from about 5 years ago. Good fun one and all. Ive not uploaded before but i feel i should seeing as how much ive got from people on here.

I know The Parkinsons and I've seen them live playing with The Libertines. Not my thing, but they were good fun live.

jimbrim 08.22.2007 06:16 AM

Bone Awl - Magnetism of War (2002, Klaxon Productions Cassette)




jico. 08.22.2007 11:31 AM


Ex-Loop Post-Punk


Ground Zero
(Situation Two, 12" EP)
England 1992


Bicorn Halfelven 08.22.2007 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
Bone Awl - Magnetism of War (2002, Klaxon Productions Cassette)




I've been looking for this!


jimbrim 08.23.2007 09:02 AM

No problem!

Florya 08.23.2007 03:33 PM

Oh, I'm so good to you!

Have a bit of this, why dontcha!

Throbbing Gristle - The Desertshore Installation

Between June 1 and 3 this year, TG set up a recording studio in the ICA and invited the public to come and watch/listen to them recording the raw material for their next album, which is going to be a cover of Nico's 'Desertshore' album.

I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the last of the six, two hour sessions (wish I could have been at the rest -couldn't afford it). So when I heard that TG were going to release a limited run of a recording of all 12 hours I just had to have one. Ebay had been kind to me in the preceding couple of weeks and I had the required 100 in my Paypal account, so it felt like I was getting it for free!

This is the first hour of the first session. If you like it, I'll put the rest up - eventually.


Disc 1 of 12

Savage Clone 08.24.2007 08:55 AM

Wow, now I know where the reference for Stereolab/NWW's "Simple Headphone Mind" was taken from.

Florya 08.24.2007 09:01 AM

NWW - Live Paris Trabendo 8 June 2007

Same place, same night.

Mike Patton/Fennesz.

Praise be to :

FruitLoop 08.24.2007 11:05 AM

Okay, so I've been grabbing a few of the records in here for a while, so here's the giving back. Found out this was out of print, which is a shame, really.

Taken from the label's page



Robert Normann, String Swing, Syv Muntre, Frank Ottesen, a.o.

Discover one of the best kept secrets in the history of jazz; the guitarist Robert Normann! This CD contains the higlights from the four CD’s with his complete jazz recordings 1938-1989, in digitally remastered sound. A must for any guitar aficionado or gipsy swing collector. 28 tracks. Total time 69’51.

Part one (1-14)
Part two (15-28)

PS - It's my first attempt at ripping and uploading, please notify me if there's any screwups!

Florya 08.24.2007 03:31 PM

ZEROpumpkins 08.24.2007 08:41 PM

Ok guys, as promised:


Unrest - Perfect Teeth
1. Angel I'll Walk You Home
2. Cath Carroll
3. So Sick
4. Light Command
5. Food & Drink Synthesizer
6. Soon It Is Going To Rain
7. Make Out Club
8. Breather X.O.X.O
9. West Coast Love Afair
10. Six Layer Cake
11. Stylized Ampersand

Other Information:
Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Label: 4AD/Teen Beat
Year: 1993
Format: .mp3
Compression: .rar

Pretty sure it's out of print, if Hand it Over made it here, then this would.
Anyway, enjoy!

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