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ddv 06.10.2007 04:58 PM

Various Artists - Equinox Event (C-90 cassette + A5-booklet)


A-01 - Ramleh - Return to Slavery
A-02 - Ramleh - Ramleh
A-03 - Dogs Blood Order - Cease to Exist)
A-04 - Death and Beauty Foundation - Speech
A-05 - Death and Beauty Foundation - Whore of Babylon Parts 1 & 2
A-06 - Jill Westwood - Music for Performance
A-07 - Ake - Rape
B-01 - Pure - Ripped Out of the World
B-02 - Krank
B-03 - Club Moral - Exces Kontrol
B-04 - Club Moral - Pinta
B-05 - Club Moral - Buig Nooit en Buig voor Niemand
B-06 - Club Moral - Jack the Ripper in Heaven

The "Equinox Event" was the first major UK/European extreme noise music festival. It was organised by Mary Dowd and ProduKtion on 21 june 1983 at the Musicians' Co-op in London, United Kingdom.
There were a whole bunch of bands scheduled to play, and the event was widely publicised in quite a few noise music magazines at the time. Many die-hard fans from all over the UK, Germany, France, Holland flocked to London to witness it. However, lack of organisation skills and money caused some bands to fail for appearance. Etat Brut only played 'hit and run' concert that would allow them to drive up, play, and drive back to Brussels the same night. A 4-hour ferry crossing was not an option. V-Side, barely surviving in their Gent quarters had no funding at all to travel. So that left only Club Moral to represent the mainland.
As mentioned in the previous episode of our podcast, the Equinox Event was initiated with an exhibition by AMVK and performance by Club Moral at ProduKtion-HAIR on 20 june 1983.
We spent a whole week in Mary Dowd's basement apartment, where every room including the kitchen and even the refrigerator was painted in black. Every day we went out it was as if came out of a nightclub, the only living being that supposedly survived there, apart from Mary Dowd, was a huge dog, living on a can of tinned food a day.
The Equinox Event. Well it looked a lot like a Wasp synthesizer event, since almost every band was using one. And yes, the Equinox Event attracted quite some strange folk. While most of you probably weren't even born, spending some innocent youth in the country, or hey, daring the first steps of a certain punk attitude, these bands were proclaiming violence, perverted sex, torture and wicked magick. But on the other hand there were also 15-year-old Philip Best, experimenting with beer and a shortwave radio, William Bennett, experimenting with more beer and pseudo-political activism, and Steven Stapleton aka "Nurse With Wound", experimenting with even more beer. The "Mystery Guest band" announced on the flyer were to be Whitehouse. They couldn't be named on the flyer because they were 'banned' at the Musicians' Co-op. Supposedly Best was dumped by Mary Dowd in an unsatisfying love affair, subsequently he joined Whitehouse and wrote "Tit Pulp" (dedicated to Mary Dowd), and so both were banned from the Equinox Event. Best nevertheless got lively once in a while whining and screaming "Disco Shit!" (see also our "White Power" podcast episode), Bennett might have thrown an empty beer-bottle towards the stage (but there is no evidence of that), and Stapleton got into an argument with a drunken fellow who pulled out his private parts at a certain point and started pissing all over the place, including Steven's pants. All three were not ready for that kind of Aktionism, so they soon turned their heels to the Musicians' Co-op and headed for the bar across the street to rant further on.
The Equinox Event nevertheless continued. I remember (the late) Ross Cannon having a chair cracked on his head, and using another chair to wear off more bottles while we played, but yes, the mood was on. Ramleh performed their classic "Return to Slavery", Dogs Blood Order happened to be the first performance of what later would be Current 93 (on this occasion with David Tibet, John Murphy and Roger Smith - their track was later renamed "Maldoror Ceases to Exist"), the Death and Beauty Foundation delivered quite a speech and Jill Westwood presented and early performance piece in chains. Ake set the standard with "Rape" and Pure continued to "Rip Out of the World". Krank aka John Murphy performed an agonising soundscape and finally Club Moral set out some stunning versions of "Exces Kontrol", "Pinta", "Buig Nooit en Buig voor Niemand" and "Jack the Ripper" (while AMVK played the organ, DDV placed an axe in the Musicians' Co-op's floor and left the stage, marking the end of the Equinox Event) finalising "In Heaven".
Throughout the recording you can hear the occasional bottle flying through the air, some serious arguments going on with members of the audience, and over & over again Ross Cannon throwing off would-be offenders from the stage.

The cassette came with a 12-page A5 booklet of photographs by Toni Rogerson. Some of these were also published in Force Mental 7. The cover of both cassette and booklet sport a picture of DDV in the performance of "Buig Nooit en Buig voor Niemand", setting fire to some equipment with a blowtorch in an attempt to weld a piece of metal around his leg.
The tape was mastered by R.T. Smith.

There is a noteworthy bootleg release of the Equinox Event by noteworthy member of the audience Graf Haufen. It's a double C-90 cassette in a special package and it has the complete recordings of all the bands' performances.

In the years after this landmark event, many have tried to recapture the spirit of the Equinox Event, but none have succeeded. In spite of all the chaos and the panic and the smalltalk and the brawls and the riots and the discomfort and last but not least all the pissing around, the Equinox Event has remained a landmark in the era of noise music. Either you were one involved or either you just weren't there.


jico. 06.10.2007 05:00 PM

welcome to the board. thanks.

ZEROpumpkins 06.10.2007 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by king_buzzo

Dinosaur Jr-Hand It Over. Out of print.

Ya sure? I've seen copies here and on eBay, all new.

pbradley 06.10.2007 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by king_buzzo

Dinosaur Jr-Hand It Over. Out of print.

Password, jerk.

Пятхъдесят Шест 06.10.2007 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

Giving rep is meaningless and all that, regardless it won't let me do it right now, but this is making me happy.

jico. 06.11.2007 11:42 AM

Nurse With Wound - Santoor Lena Bicycle

Released in 2000 by United Dairies, Santoor Lena Bicycle marks the second collaboration between Nurse With Wound and Aranos.

Track Listing
  1. Sparking Cloud (Outing)
  2. Marbles
  3. Gongs + Wood
  4. Mary Jane
  5. Bathing In Air
  6. Two from Half's be Cracked
  7. Sunset Belly Mother
  8. Generally Regarded as Safe
  9. Peak of Purified Dream
  10. Dusty Bella
  11. Knife Knows his Doing
Get it HERE

Savage Clone 06.11.2007 11:48 AM

That's a good one. These two great tastes really do taste great together.
I have one of these at home; very cool to have my hands on even a couple of fragments of original art by these people (the cover is cut from two collaborative paintings on wood, held together with a metal hinge).

king_buzzo 06.11.2007 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by ZEROpumpkins
Ya sure? I've seen copies here and on eBay, all new.

Uhh no? I only see posters of Hand It Over on ebay.


Originally Posted by pbradley
Password, jerk.

At least thank me, or I'll have to cyberspank you. Its

king_buzzo 06.11.2007 02:21 PM

Anyone got some fucking hardcore shit like Last Rights?

ZEROpumpkins 06.12.2007 06:46 AM

I have Simple Plan, they are way hardcore

Only joking

king_buzzo 06.13.2007 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
And now, to Finland, for a super-rare EP from the legendary Oz. "Turn The Cross Upside Down", they urge; no doubt "mayhem" will ensue if you follow their advice. Great stuff; guitars that stun, vocals that soar, drums that thunder, lyrics that beggar belief, all present and correct.

OZ - Turn The Cross Upside Down EP (1984) Finland


Haha thanks for this, turn the cross is in my head now.

jico. 06.17.2007 12:03 PM

i didnt feel like starting a new thread, so i decided to put this here.


Koji Tano 1961 - 31.07.2005

Koji Tano is one of the most respected Japanese artists in contemporary electronic Music.
additionally to countless great releases, he ran a record-store for experimental arts in Tokyo.
he was also publisher of the famous Denzatsu magazine.
besides his hard work for his ideas, he was a respectable and very fine person - and a friend.
after only 2 months he lost his struggle against cancer.
- we will never forget him -


on 1.08.2005 I was told about Koji Tano's death. I was completely shocked, although I knew since a while that Koji's life was going towards a unavoidable end. At the moment he passed, there were too many words unspoken, too many plans destroyed and I felt I would explode if nothing happens. so I began to work on a concept for a last goodbye, a musical gravestone for my friend from the other side of the planet. From the beginning on I found a lot of people who joined me and on 9.08.2005 the message about the tribute compilation was spread into the worldwideweb. I want to thank all the labels, all the artists and all my friends who supported me in doing this hommage to a person we all will miss forever.

within only 23 days this compilation was finished and
154 artists from 31 countries
took part in this final

Tribute to Koji Tano

this compilation is for free download and was released one month after Koji Tano's death, on 31.08.2005.

CD1 74,6MB
CD2 91,3MB
CD3 79,8MB
CD4 91,3MB
CD5 79,5MB
CD6 87,5MB
CD7 80,8MB
CD8 94,5MB
CD9 79,4MB
CD10 79,8MB

COVER outside / inside (with bandlist)

after downloading and zipping these 10 CD-folders, each folder can be burned as a audio-CD.
the audio-content of each CD-folder is between 73 and 80 minutes.

as far as we know, all tracks are unpublished (except Emil Beaulieau), most of them are exclusive for this tribute and the very main part was especially recorded for Koji Tano, after the message of his death.
all tracks are in chronological order,; as we received them.

the loudness of the tracks can differ in several cases, because we wanted to keep each work original, as the artist wanted it to be. we did no additional mastering on the tracks, except to increase the volume of a few very quiet ones.

the reason, why we decided to do a free download compilation and not a CD or LP release is, that we do not want to make any profit from a friend's death. we only want to set a artistic monument for a great man and his unforgetable lifework. another reason was that everybody, who wants to say goodbye to Koji Tano, could do this on a online-compilation. a CD or LP release would just have been a limitation in artists and in spreading.

my special thanks are for the artists for their great contributions and for all the people who helped me in spreading the message about this project. a special thanks to M. / Institution D.O.L, who helped me in many situations, another thank You is to Tadeo from Gearwear / Mexico, who did the CD coverdesign and the final special thanks goes to
Sjaak Jobses / Rtek of, without whom this tribute would have failed in the very beginning.
following a few labels, who helped us to make this project work:
Amplexus / Silentes / Vinyl on Demand / Sdim Org. / Vrihaspati Rec. / Atacama Records / Clear Spot
War Office Propaganda / Soleilmoon / Torpor / Reduktive Musiken / Divine Comedy / Eternal Soul / Ant-Zen
Loki-Foundation / ColdSpring / Nail Records / Nuit et Brouillard / Hagshadow / O.P.N.
Steelwork Maschine / Ambimorpheous / Athanor
/ Butcher's House Prod.
(if You feel to be forgotten in the credits, please tell me and I will add You)


a picture and the complete audio recordings
from one of Koji Tano's last concerts on 3.02.2005 in Maastricht/Netherlands.
MSBR (mp3 / 32,2mb)
MSBR vs Culpis (mp3 / 44,2mb)


hat and beard 06.17.2007 03:20 PM


Roman de Fauvel

42 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR file 69Mb


Written by several authors between 1310 and 1316, the Roman de Fauvel is a virulent pamphlet against the corruption that reigned at the royal court of France, and at the Papal court in Avignon. But the story of the donkey Fauvel is also a fascinating manifesto concerning music and literature at the dawn of the fourteenth century. All the main genres current at the time are to be found in it, mixed together in a most appealing way. There are gregorian chants, and complex motets of the Ars Nova, not to mention courtly love songs, and scatological street cries.

01.Fanfare (00'24)
02.I Favellandi vicium (01'45)
03.(Narration) (00'20)
04.II Quare fremuernunt gentes et populi (00'58)
05.(Narration) (00'34)
06.III Mundus a mundicia dictus per contraria (00'53)
07.(Narration) (00'41)
08.IV In mari miserie, maris stella (00'39)
09.(Narration) (00'31)
10.V Quasi non ministerium - Trahunt in precipicia - Ve, qui gregi dificiunt (01'55)
11.(Narration) (00'34)
12.VI Ad solitum vomitum (01'02)
13.(Narration) (01'22)
14.VII Porchier mieuz estre ameroie (01'17)
15.(Narration) (01'01)
16.VIII La mesnie fauveline - J'ai fait nouveletement amie - Grant despit ai je, Fortune (01'03)
17.(Narration) (01'34)
18.IX Ductia (00'57)
19.(Narration) (00'44)
20.X O varium Fortunae lubricum (01'00)
21.(Narration) (01'18)
22.XI Douce dame debonaire! (02'08)
23.(Narration) (00'36)

24.Fanfare (00'55)
25.XII Servant regem misericordia - O Philippe, pelustris Francorum (02'04)
26.(Narration) (00'36)
27.XII Pour recouvre alegiance (03'35)
28.(Narration) (00'36)
29.XIV Fauvel est mal assegné (01'37)
30.(Narration) (00'45)
31.XV Quante je le voi ou voirre cler - Bon vin doit l'en a li tirer (01'13)
32.(Narration) (00'24)
33.Danse royale (instrumental) (02'32)
34.(Narration) (01'09)
35.Fanfare (01'15)
36.XVI Thalamus puerpere - Quomodo cantabimus (01'42)
37.(Narration) (00'45)
38.XVII Celi domina - Maria virgo virginum - Porchier mieuz estre ameroie (01'00)
39.(Narration) (01'00)
40.XVIII Garrit Gallus flendo dolorose - In nova fert animus mutatas (01'58)
41.XIX Omnipotens domine - Flagellaverunt Galliam (01'29)
42.(Narration) (00'45)

ZEROpumpkins 06.23.2007 04:46 AM


ZEROpumpkins 06.23.2007 08:45 PM

Would anyone consider Everclear by American Music Club suitable for this thread? I got it off soulseek and it's a pretty good slowcore album.

Sonic Youth 37 06.23.2007 08:56 PM

Would anyone be interested in Machina II by the Smashing Pumpkins?

It was never officially released.

ZEROpumpkins 06.24.2007 02:29 AM

Smashing Pumpkins aren't too popular around here... also you can just google Machina 2. Mashed Potatoes might be of more interest.

king_buzzo 06.24.2007 06:25 AM

anyone have any of the discontinued MBV ep's?

Bicorn Halfelven 06.24.2007 08:26 AM

I think they were already posted in this very thread...

If you keep digging, the links might still be valid.

king_buzzo 06.24.2007 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by Bicorn Halfelven
I think they were already posted in this very thread...

If you keep digging, the links might still be valid.

haha i posted the ones that are on here. Feed Me With Your Kiss and You Made Me Realise were the ones i uploaded

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