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ZEROpumpkins 05.19.2007 07:20 PM


sarramkrop 05.20.2007 09:07 AM

Raymond Scott: Manhattan Research, Inc. [1953~1969]


Manhattan Research, Inc.
Raymond Scott

Release Date: May 16, 2000
Recording Date: 1953-Dec 16, 1969
Label: Basta
Genre:Jazz, Experimental, Electronic, Avante Garde, Rock, Space Age Pop, Obscuro.
Moods: Ironic, Carefree, Earnest, Sophisticated, Stylish, Clinical, Exuberant, Quirky, Hypnotic, Cheerful, Playful Complex, Intense, Energetic, Irreverent.

Review []
Subtitled "New Plastic Sounds and Electronic Abstractions," Manhattan Research, Inc. is an excellent compilation of electronic pioneer Raymond Scott's works from the '50s and '60s. Nothing that has been recorded since within the field of electronic music has obscured the originality and genius of these works. Even the amusing tracks of corporate advertisements for the likes of cough drops, fragrances, and Twinkies demand repeated listening for their fascinating use of electronics. Tracks like "Bandito the Bongo Artist," "Cindy Electronium," and "The Pygmy Taxi Corporation" are just as intriguing as their titles. And the packaging ó from the compilation of tracks to the exhaustive liner notes, photographs, and interviews (including a fascinating one with Scott associate Robert Moog) ó is a clinic in reissue presentation. Not only detailing some of the instruments he developed for use in his compositions (the Clavivox, Circle Machine, etc.), it also documents other inventions and aids, like the Videola, which enabled him to score films conveniently as he watched them. Absolutely essential for any electronic music fan, and completely out of this world, regardless of century. Every library should own a copy of this as well ó Scott's name should be just as well-known as Beethoven.

01 Manhattan Research, Inc. 0:11
02 Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. 1:14
03 Bendix 1: The Tomorrow People 1:06
04 Lightworks 1:52
05 The Bass-Line Generator 3:10
06 Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night! 1:44
07 B.C. 1675 [The Gillette Conga Drum Jingle] :16
08 Vim 0:59
09 Auto-Lite : Sta-Ful 0:47
10 Sprite 'Melonball Bounce' 1:01
11 Sprite 'Melonball Bounce' 1:01
12 Wheels That Go 0:53
13 Limbo : The Organized Mind 4:33
14 Portofino 1 2:13
15 County Fair 1:01
16 Lady Gaylord 1:02
17 Good Air [take 7] 0:38
18 IBM MT/St : 'The Paperwork Explosion' 4:31
19 Domino 0:33
20 Super Cheer 0:34
21 Cheer: Revision 3 [new backgrounds] 0:39
22 Twilight in Turkey 1:34
23 Raymond Scott Quote/Vicks: Medicated Cough Drops 1:36
24 Vicks : Formula 44 0:46
25 Auto-Lite : Spark Plugs 1:00
26 NescafÈ 1:06
27 Awake 0:35
28 Backwards Overload 6:06
29 Bufferin : 'Memories' 1:01
30 Bandito the Bongo Artist 1:30
31 Night and Day Porter, Scott 1:45
32 Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. '395' 1:07
33 K2r 0:19
34 IBM Probe 1:56
35 GMGM 1A 1:49
36 The Rhythm Modulator 3:37

01 Ohio Plus 0:17
02 In the Hall of the Mountain Queen 0:49
03 General Motors : Futurama 1:04
04 Portofino #2 2:14
05 The Wild Piece [aka String Piece] 4:07
06 Take Me to Your Violin Teacher 1:40
07 Ripples 0:59
08 Cyclic Bit 1:04
09 Ripples [montage] 4:06
10 The Wing Thing 1:00
11 County Fair [instrumental] 1:00
12 Cindy Electronium 1:59
13 Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night! [instrumental] 1:45
14 Hostess : Twinkies 0:32
15 Hostess : Twinkies [instrumental] 0:32
16 Ohio Bell : Thermo Fax 0:24
17 The Pygmy Taxi Corporation 7:11
18 Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. 0:29
19 Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. 0:44
20 Lightworks [slow] 1:40
21 The Paperwork Explosion [instrumental] 3:39
22 Auto-Lite 'Ford Family' 1:03
23 Auto-Lite 'Ford Family' [instrumental] 0:54
24 Raymond Scott Quote/Auto-Lite: Wheels 1:50
25 Bufferin: 'Memories' [demo version] 0:44
26 Space Nystery [montage] 5:11
27 The Toy Trumpet 2:15
28 Backward Beeps 1:05
29 Raymond Scott Quote/Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful 1:36
30 Lightworks [instrumental] 1:29
31 When Will It End? 3:14
32 Bendix 2 'The Tomorrow People' 1:03
33 Electronic Audio Logos, Inc. 5:23

king_buzzo 05.20.2007 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by ZEROpumpkins
It's actually Realise, according to Wikipedia. And thanks, man.

Ohh yeah

king_buzzo 05.20.2007 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by SYRFox
Plus Instruments - Plus Instruments (1982)
Lee Ranaldo, Dave Linton, Truss De Groot

01. Big Man
02. Things
03. Freundschaft
04. Rush Hour
05. Cannot
06. Vom Ertrunkenen Msdchen
07. Between The Wars
08. Manhattan

Thanks a lot!

pokkeherrie 05.20.2007 10:33 AM

I'm listening to this at the moment

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

When George A. Romero's zombie classic Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968, its straightforward documentary style and gruesome black-and-white imagery shocked audiences. It was perhaps the first time that such a fantastic concept was handled in such a realistic manner. It's a completely effective film that is a must-see for everyone, not just horror or genre fans.

Check out the theatrical trailer for Night of the Living Dead:


Shot on a shoe-string budget in Pittsburgh, PA, this production didn't have the luxury of hiring a composer to create a soundtrack. Instead they used library music. Library music generally consists of various soundtrack cues created by production houses to be used in movies, TV shows, commercials, whatever and pressed to vinyl. By purchasing the record itself, you are paying for the right to use any of the cues or background music in your production. Using pre-produced library music was a cost-effective way to add production value. These limited run library music LPs have become sought-after collectibles. There are several full-album music blogs online that offer rips of library music vinyl. They're well worth pursuing as the music is often quite eclectic, particularly as you enter the late-60s and early-70s.

The filmmakers for Night of the Living Dead went with cues from Capital Hi-Q 1950's Production Music Library. In 1982, Varèse Sarabande compiled the various cues used, added some dialogue bits and released it as an LP soundtrack. This has never seen an official CD release. I grabbed this excellent vinyl rip off Usenet years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of who did the rip (or they didn't say), but I did place the following info in the "Encoder" tag: Vinyl Rip - Sound Forge 5 w/Vinyl Restoration - Lame 3.88. The original poster went a little overboard encoding these single-channel mono MP3 files at 192kbps, but I appreciate the desire to keep the quality as high as possible.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)
1. Spencer Moore - Driveway to the Cemetary (Main Title) (2:18)
2. William Loose / Loose-Seeley - At the Gravesite / Flight / Refuge (3:42)
3. George Hormel - Farmhouse / First Approach (1:17)
4. Ib Glindemann - Ghoulash (JR's Demise) (3:29)
5. George Hormel / Loose-Seeley / Ib Glindemann - Boarding Up (2:59)
6. Phil Green / George Hormel - First Radio Report / Torch on the Porch (2:26)
7. George Hormel - Boarding Up 2 / Discovery: Gun 'n Ammo (2:07)
8. Spencer Moore - Cleaning House (1:35)
9. Ib Glindemann - First Advance (2:41)
10. George Hormel / Jack Meakin - Discovery of TV / Preparing to Escape / Tom and Judy (4:19)
11. George Hormel - Attempted Escape (1:30)
12. George Hormel / Karl Hardman - Truck on Fire / Ben Attacks Harry / Leg of Leg (3:39)
13. George Hormel - Beat 'Em or Burn 'Em / Final Advance (2:51)
14. Karl Hardman / Spencer Moore - Helen's Death / Dawn / Posse in the Fields / Ben Awakes (3:05)
15. Spencer Moore - OK Vince / Funeral Pyre (End Title) (1:08)

56.86MB RAR archive
MP3: Constant bitrate (192kbps)
Sound Forge 5 (Vinyl Restoration plug-in) w/LAME 3.88

Grab it.

king_buzzo 05.20.2007 10:36 AM

Thanks, I'm downloading. Okay, soundtrack man, got the Good the Bad and the Ugly soundtrack???????????????????????????????????

king_buzzo 05.20.2007 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

BBC Sound Effects

Vol13 - Death & Horror
(1977) (vinyl rip)

A1. Execution and Torture
A2. Monsters and Animals
A3. Creaking Doors and Grave Digging
A4. Musical Effects and Footsteps
B1. Vocal Effects and Heartbeats
B2. Weather, Atmospheres and Bells



sarramkrop 05.20.2007 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by king_buzzo

king_buzzo 05.20.2007 10:55 AM


king_buzzo 05.20.2007 10:57 AM

Have fun, its another MBV thing. Incidentals and a cover.

pokkeherrie 05.20.2007 11:11 AM


Originally Posted by king_buzzo
Thanks, I'm downloading. Okay, soundtrack man, got the Good the Bad and the Ugly soundtrack???????????????????????????????????

Google has everything, young man. I'll take your word for it that it's out of print though:

Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo
password/heslo = Matthew
11 skladeb
33 minut

Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo [rozšířená verze]
21 skladeb
58 minut

There are a lot of other soundtracks on that blog as well, ranging from spaghetti westerns to non-spaghetti non-westerns.

king_buzzo 05.20.2007 11:12 AM


sarramkrop 05.20.2007 11:20 AM

An early tape from Einsturzende Neubauten, recently bootlegged on LP. Burned directly from LP version.


sarramkrop 05.20.2007 01:11 PM


13 Recordz présente Vrai 2 Vrai (1-2ground Prophecy)


Acee Ghetto Luv
Volcan C Urgent
Eddy featuring Serge B Woto (Zoasongo)
King Ade featuring El Primo Vas Leur Dire
SQN 1-10pensable
Shaaka featuring Malto Faya Pump
Aramiss featuring El Primo Vrai 2 Vrai
Ravayak featuring Golgo13 Laru

This is a hip-hop compilation from Burkina Faso. Looks like a label mixtape. It contains many bangers. The implications of a tape like this to someone who likes rap are mind-boggling. How many people even know where Burkina Faso is?? And these kids are rappig in French, English and local languages like this? And this is from back in 2004? Imagine what their shit sounds like now. Maybe globalization ain't all that bad....


Wax Tond B.K
Kidam G Vu/Interlude
La Korektion Assez
Vagabond Squad Laroute
Wem-Tang-Clan Lapreuve*
Fleck-C L Mec 2 Bloc
Zone 1 featuring Aramiss Born To Do It
Acee featuring Anie Ghetto Luv Remix
Fleche Feno featuring Sikira & Aramiss Ach7 La/Outro

* Don't miss this track

Here is Side B of Vrai 2 Vrai. Take note of the beat on the last track, the phrasing of the sweet vocal sample feels so right. Unfortunately, the rest of the song is not particularly interesting (to me). That Wem-Tang-Clan track, however, is a certified banger.

king_buzzo 05.20.2007 02:00 PM

Here's a Mudhoney blog someone sent me.

jico. 05.20.2007 06:41 PM


The Residents


You Yesyesyes
Santa Dog '78
Excerpt from Rest Aria
The Spot
Excerpt from Never Known Questions


Laughing Song
Excerpt from The Making Of A Soul
Good Lovin'
Blue Rosebuds
Excerpt from Six Things To A Cycle
The Electrocutioner

sarramkrop 05.20.2007 07:30 PM

Jico, I've already posted that on this thread.

jico. 05.21.2007 10:37 AM

oh... i'm sorry, i didn't noticed that.

Florya 05.21.2007 03:12 PM


this is the story of two people that were not brothers, and the things they got up to in basements when not reading strange books. how did the dead walk again? how did such things get hidden and swept under so many carpets? well, there we have it. and you can too. all dusted off and eloquently rendered in non-real time for your dancing and drinking pleasure. go easy on the tincture of opium.

the tapes for the project that was to be David Tibet 93 and Andrew M. McKenzie (variously discussed and planned as 'DOG BLOOD RISING', finally becoming mooted as 'DO' when the first title was used for an appearance at the Equinox Event) are all that is left of a friendship and collaboration that started when David Michael Bunting, as he was then known, would come into the Newcastle branch of Virgin Records where McKenzie then worked, and get discounted records in exchange for rare esoteric books and other information. it was here that McKenzie introduced Tibet to the work of Nurse With Wound and other luminaries, and when Tibet moved to London, McKenzie would stay with him, where on one occasion they finally recorded raw material and planned their project. previously, McKenzie had supplied backing tapes for the first Current 93 performances, which can be heard on the now deleted but often bootlegged Staalplaat release of C93 live at NL Centrum, mixed by Steven Stapleton.

due to never explained circumstances regarding the termination of their association by Tibet, the tapes were never worked on until now. they consist of various ethnic ritual instruments and voice recordings, made with a variant of the well-known Binaural Stereo technique in the squat that Tibet was living in Vauxhall (with Annie Anxiety, D&V, and other Crass associates), in between the first and second Current 93 albums, and reflects his concerns both textually and sonically at the time.

the tapes have been worked on in ways commensurate with the ideas then being discussed, which fit well into the series of pieces investigating voice, 'essence' and language currently being processed by McKenzie within the framework of The Hafler Trio.

this project reflects a genuine desire to square a circle, and tie the shoelaces of a pair of boots that should have been fastened years ago.

nomadicfollower 05.21.2007 03:25 PM

Whoever wishes credit, thanks for the Residents. It looks to be interesting.

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