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I can't sign in to the forum, what happened?
This is a brand new forum. The old one is dead. Neither posts nor user accounts have been transferred to this forum. In order to experience the full functionality of this forum, you'll have to register again. In order to insure that your registration is successful, we suggest that you **NOT** register with a yahoo mail account. These accounts filter out mail from our server.

I just posted something and it didn't show up. WTF?

This forum uses several layers of anti-spam filtration. One of these layers refuses new users the ability to post URLs in either signatures or the body of their posts. After a reasonable number of non-spam posts are made, the filter automatically disables itself.

To solve the issue, either make a few sincere contributions to some active threads or post your URLs in a way that the system won't delete them, but that a reader can still make enough sense of them to type them into their own browser, i.e.: somedomain dotcom/mypage dot html.

A separate layer of antispam filtration comes in the form of automatic akismet post/thread filtration. if the system decides that you have enough spam keywords or links to commonly used spam sites, your post may be dumped by the system into a moderation queue.

I registered, but my account won't let me on anymore. Why?

If at any time during your membership to this forum, your email address changes from the one you register with today, you MUST update the address in your profile. Failure to do so or intentional obfuscation of this address by a user is grounds for account termination. We use automated software for account purging. If your email address is spoofed, the software may delete your account and set all of your posts to "Guest".

We're pretty good about not abusing your email address, so there's no reason not to keep it valid. If you choose to obfuscate it, you do so at your own risk. While we may feel bad about the predicament that leaves you in, we accept no responsibility for it.

You never got yr registration confirmation email?
If you registered for your account and used a Yahoo, Hotmail or GMail account as your listed email address, you may not receive your confirmation email. The first thing you should do is to check any junk mail or spam folders that your email account provides you with. There's a good chance that your confirmation email will be in one of these folders. If it's been longer than an hour or so since you registered and you've checked all of your mail folders for the email, contact us and we'll help to get you sorted out.

I can't view the Sonic Sharing section. What's up with that?
If you haven't registered, you should. If yr already registered, just sign in. After signing in, the content of that section will be visible to you. Lurkers are creepy.

Are you being logged out automatically?
Try all of the following: **Clear all cookies, using **delete all cache files **add our website to the trusted sites and set IE to accept all cookies from the site **log in and check the Remember me box (if you still have that option) **if you have this problem in firefox, before logging back in, you should check one other thing. firefox keeps cookies in the profile folder instead of in cookies.txt. if you have a file named cookies-1.txt, delete cookies.txt and rename cookies-1.txt to cookies.txt.

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