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What's with the user titles beneath our user names?
The user titles change the more that you post to the forum. There are 10 different tiers. Each is a sonic youth song title, but the order of their introduction creates a sort of narrative story. So far, the tiers that users on the forum have reached include: 1) empty page 2) little trouble girl 3) bad moon rising 4) children of satan 5) stalker 6) the destroyed room 7) 100% 8) the end of the ugly .........

These reputation point things... what the fuck are they?
After you've made at least 20 posts to the forum, you can add to or subtract from the reputations of other users for whatever reason you want--good post, lame post, traded something with you and it went well (or it didn't), made you snarf bong-water on yr laptop... you know... anything.

Is the "hey!/*-/*-/-*/-/*-/-//--**-.." thread broken? It has no page links.
Silly internetter... that's a feature, not a bug.

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