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I hate this board. Give me back the old one.
Sucks for you, eh? Well, we couldn't keep the old one. You can sort of emulate the anarchic, unsegregated feeling of the old forum by viewing the site after clicking on the "New Posts" link in the forum navigation bar. If yr a hyper-anal minimalist, you can take the additional steps of disabling avatar and signature viewing. That's the best we can do to satisfy nostalgia. Sorry...

I hate all of the clicking on this new board. Can't it be easier to navigate?
It's not really that bad. Stop complaining. If yr in a forum reading posts and you want to quickly check out another forum, go to the forum navigation bar and click the option that says "Quick Links / Forum Jump." In that list, you'll see a section called "Forum Jump" which has 4 options beneath it. Click on one of them to be transported to that forum. Easy as pie.

These stupid signatures suck. Turn them off!
No. You turn them off. 1. Click "Your Settings" on the forum navigation bar at the top of the page (left side) 2. Click "Edit Options" on the left 3. Scroll down and under the frame labeled "Thread Display Options" uncheck "show Signatures" 4. Go to the bottom and save

This board sucks. I can only put 4 images in each post. Lame...
Oh. So sorry. We'll just give you an infinite ability to effortlessly monopolize bandwidth. You know... a lot of people still use dialup. Imagine that? Yeah. It's true. You know what else? Most people who post images to forums are completely insensitive to this and have no idea how to size their images for use on the web. You can find out if yr one such person by looking above any image you post to this forum. If there's a tag above the image that reads, "image size changed to X% of the original. click to view it at actual size," you should re-examine yr compression technique. A good rule of thumb is that all images posted to this or any other forum should be saved as 72dpi jpg files with dimensions no larger than 5 inches high by 7 inches wide before you upload them to whatever site you host yr images on. Most forum tables have a width of about 9 inches at 72 dpi, so if you absolutely need the biggest image possible while still catering to human decency, don't exceed 9 inches on the width. That said, 5X7 or smaller is still better for everyone. In any event, you actually can post more than 4 images in a thread if you make another post to that thread. The limit is on images per post--not images per thread.

There's a user whose posts totally suck. BAN THEM!!!!
Yr so fucking lame. Relax. Take a breath. IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNET. EVERYONE SUCKS. That said, why don't you just ignore them? If you can't do it via yr imagination, we have a handy "ignore user" function. 1. Click "Your Settings" on the bar at the top on the left 2. Click "Buddy / Ignore Lists" on the lower left 3. Add the user name of the person you hate or who hates you 4. Click the "update ignore list" button Then you'll be blind to their posts, but everyone else will still see them and laugh at you right under yr nose! Hooray!

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